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Chapter 40


"This is Red Fox checking in, I repeat, this is Red Fox checking in." Valarie Grey quickly scanned the readouts on her ghost-hunting suit's helmet screen, making sure she was safe where she was hiding. If she was caught now she wouldn't get another chance in her task. "How's it looking, Command?"

"Looking great, Red Fox." Valarie managed to just stop herself from rolling her eyes at the overly excited and boyish tone. She supposed she couldn't blame Tucker for being so happy, it was a tiny bit cool that they were living their life like a very cheesy spy movie. "The security guards in the control room are switching off right now so if you want to get into that production room now's your chance."

"Understood, Command. Red Fox moving out." Pressing a button on her helmet to silence her mic she gracefully ducked into a hallway, scanning for the security cameras and quickly running past them. With the guards changing they wouldn't be watching the cameras, although she still had to be careful about any hallway patrols that were out. Luckily she had their routes and schedules on her screen, thanks to her unsuspecting father.

Following the on-screen map in her helmet she grinned as she saw the access shaft she need. Skidding to a halt she used a small wrist ghost ray on the screws, melting them to nothing. Moving the vent out of the way she shimmied inside, safely closing the vent behind her. Breathing out slowly she turned on her helmet's lights and started crawling, pressing another button to activate her mic again. "This is Red Fox, entry has been successful. I'm on my way to the production room with the virus in hand."

"Good. Make sure to enter the access codes perfectly, otherwise you'll be kicked out of the system entirely and the scientists, and guards, will get a message alert."

"Yeah yeah, I got it," Valarie rolled her eyes, picking up a small metal bar from a pouch on her side and letting it slide open into a staff before securing it on both sides of a large drop in the vents. Using the bar she deftly swung across before detaching it and sliding it back into her pouch. "What's this thing supposed do anyways?"

"If the code I used is right, which it is, it's a virus that messes with the assembly of the ghost guns. They even try to fire these things and all it does is send out some light, nothing but an oversized and complicated flashlight."

"That's actually pretty brilliant," Jazz laughed over their speaker line, Valarie just picturing Tucker preening at the praise. Judging by the yelp he let out Sam had put a stop to it. "Princess, please don't hurt our tech geek until we finish. Then you can torture him all you want."


"Getting back on track," Valarie spoke up over the squabbling, taking another turn in the vent and frowning as a rat scuttled past her. Must have gotten out from the science labs the poor thing. "What do we do about the guns that have already been assembled and boxed up?"

"Ah, I actually have something for that. Go ahead and check your right side pouch, Red Fox." Blinking the teen did as told, grin widening at seeing what she was holding in the dim lights she had on.

"Command you have just redeemed yourself in my eyes. Is this what I think it is?"

"Well, if you think it's a high-powered EMP that will destroy any and all mechanical equipment with a specific signature in a three-mile radius then, yes, it is. And don't worry, I already registered your suit in the signal so it won't effect any of your things."

"Remind me how you're failing half of your classes and yet you still manage to make stuff like this?" At Sam's accusing tone Valarie snorted, frowning at her map and the hole in front of her. Joy. Digging in her left pouch she pulled out a small metal sphere. Placing it on the side of the vent and magnetizing it she pulled on the cable, happy with the tension strength.

"Hey, I'm a geek not a nerd. Cut me some slack- We're here, by the way."

"How's that dress suiting you, Princess?" Valarie snickered, lowering herself down the fifteen foot drop slowly. "Too pink for you?"

"When this is over I'm killing Command first and then I'm going after you, Red Fox." Valarie only laughed as she touched metal ground again before pressing a small button at the end of her cable and catching the sphere as it fell down the shaft and into her hand.

"I'll be sure to watch my back then."

Across town Samantha Manson, daughter of the wealthy and upper class Mansons, walked towards the main office of Amity Park's Guys-in-White branch. Taking a calming breath, and checking herself in a small hand held mirror to make sure her headphone and speaker were hidden, she nodded to herself and entered the building.

"Hello, you must be Samantha Manson, correct? ...Will your parents not be joining you on the tour?"

"No, I'm afraid Mother and Father were called out of town unexpectedly," Sam smiled politely, blond hair styled elegantly across her shoulders as she looked the picture of sweet and innocent daughter. "It will be just myself today, I hope that is alright?"

"Of course! We would be honored to show one of the famous Mansons around! On the phone call you said your family was interested in backing us, I believe?" Nodding at the receptionist Sam shyly tucked a lock of hair behind her ear.

"Yes, well, my family and I care for the safety of this small town we've made our home, and what better way to contribute to our community than by backing one of the most powerful and successful ghost-hunting organizations in the world?"

At that point Sam could hear Tucker doubled over with laughter in her ear piece. She was making small notes on just how to kill him as she followed the receptionist down a corridor, waiting in the room she was gestured into. "If you wait here Miss there will be someone along shortly to show you our establishment and explain what we do here and how."

"Thank you very much," Sam smiled, waiting a few seconds after the door closed before she swore words under her breath that would make a sailor kneel down and pray to God. Walking over to the computer they had stupidly let her near Sam sat down heavily, pulling a small USB drive out of her bra and placing it into the computer. "This is Princess, I'm hacking into the mainframe now. Oh, and Command? You're dead after this."

"So. Very. Worth. It." Sam could hear him wheezing between breaths and that just made her rage all the more. Calming herself with difficulty she entered the codes she had to, searching for the ghost drives Tucker had instructed her to find. The Guys-in-White may have been good at covering things up but she and her friends were even better at uncovering things.

"Alright Command, enough laughter. Keep an eye on things and let us know if anything goes wrong." Jazz looked around from her position in the laboratory she had sneaked her way into. Long black wig firmly in place she nervously fiddled with the security badge that identified her as Tiffany Winters, a science intern who was in reality out sick.

"Fine fine, just make sure to stay away from anyone who might notice you, Blue Ghost."

"Don't worry, I'll be fine." Turning back to the computer she was supposed to be entering information into she tried to breath evenly, hiding behind her bulky glasses. If she could just get into their files and find out the specifications on their portals she might be able to find a way to close them down. Hopefully for good.

"How's it going over there, Tuck?" As Sam and Jazz hacked their way through the system Valarie, deep inside Axion Labs, found the exit vent she needed. Absently listening to the conversation between Tucker and Danny on the secure line she could faintly hear Andrew in the background. Honestly, those two never let each other out of their sight.

Pulling out the small ghost ray again Valarie melted the vent's edges, catching it before it could fall and make any noise. Poking her head down to see she was in a small storage closet she lowered herself down silently and retracted her suit into her backpack, reaching for the disguise inside.

Changing into her scientist outfit, and tying her hair back so she wouldn't be noticeable, along with putting glasses on, she rolled her eyes at hearing Danny had forgotten to mute his microphone. Slipping the EMP and virus into the large pockets, and anything else she might need, she peeked her head out, nudging her backpack behind a shelf of bath tissue. It would be safe here until she could retrieve it.

Casually stealing a clipboard from an empty office she made her way to the production room, flashing a stolen and photo shopped badge at one of the guards. Once she was in she smiled, although she had to force herself to stop from laughing at hearing the boys over her speaker.

"I feel now is a good time to interrupt and say that you left your mic on so that me and everyone else heard everything." Tucker figured interrupting now would at least save his friend from suffering an overdose of embarrassment. "Seriously, how are you guys so sappy?!"

"Tucker, when next I see you I am going to attempt to kill you with my scythe. Just warning you now so I won't feel guilty."

"Hey-!" Seeing a corner screen showing their disconnection Tucker pouted, grumbling under his breath. Try to warn a friend and he gets threatened with death. How sweet. "That was just rude."

"I don't know, he obviously loves you more than I do since I would have killed you before now," Sam snickered over the line, Tucker huffing and staring at the screens in the back of the van he had finally convinced his parents to buy. Of course the first thing he had done was turn it into a covert spy machine, something which was now turning out very handy he found.

"Just keep searching for those drives, Princess, otherwise we're going to have a hard time closing the portals," Tucker instructed, leaning back on the box he was sitting on and crossing his legs over the console. Moving the keyboard into his lap he grinned as he switched screens in Axion Labs and the GiW Warehouse, keeping an eye on Jazz and Valarie. "You know, after this we should all go out to the Nasty Burger and celebrate. A sort of 'hey-we-survived-breaking-into-government-buildings' celebration."

"You don't know the term radio silence, do you?" Sam asked, Tucker rolling his eyes at hearing the other two girls snicker. Honestly, try to lighten things up a little.

"No, I do not. Tell you what, I'll ask you when you get back." Hearing the swearing Tucker grinned, looking at the cameras around Jazz' location. "Hey, Blue Ghost, any sign of the Fentons yet?"

"No, why?"

"Mm...might just be me being paranoid," Tucker sighed, scratching the back of his head and reaching for his PDA for more information. The Fentons were supposed to have come in to the Warehouse by now. It's not like they had anything else to do but work on the portals, after all. Shaking his head he looked back to the Axion Labs camera, readjusting his headset. "Alright Red Fox, you need to insert that virus disk into the main computer frame, otherwise it won't work."

"I know Command, you've been over all thisalready," Valarie smirked, nonchalantly walking around the production room, making a show of checking the machines and making notes on her clipboard. "Give me a few minutes and these weapons might as well as be nothing but kid's toys."

"Ghost gun flashlights. You know, we could actually market that. I mean, it's not something that would make us rich, but it would at least be a good start-up venture."

"You don't think before speaking, do you?" Seeing the console Valarie grinned, walking around the bank of computers and taking a seat. Glancing around, and making it look like she was adjusting her hair, she smiled and inserted the desk. "Alright, the disk is in, screen loading now." In a second the cheesy ghost background had been replaced with something fit for a hacker movie, a pop-up screen showing a blank bar.

"Alright Red Fox, here's the code you need. Delta-Alpha-Beta 157892 Gamma-Vector-Niner, no spaces."

"That is the weirdest code ever." Pressing enter Valarie waited five minutes until she saw the cheesy ghost on screen, moving around and saying 'Boo', before she shook her head. "You dork." Finished with the code the teen picked up her clipboard, slipping the disk out of the machine and back into her pocket. Following the signs for storage she kept an eye out for the guns she needed to destroy. "Hey Command, I'm using a few of yours and Ghost Boy's inventions, any way this EMP will short them out?"

"Uh, not that I'm aware of... But hey, I can always check with Ghost Boy just to be sure." Tapping the right keys Tucker pulled up the program he and Danny had made to communicate between the worlds, with a few added touches of bypassing the lock Danny has used to keep him out. "Hey Danny, you there? I need-"

"No, I'm not!" Blinking at the watery tone Tucker slowly frowned before Danny spoke again. "I'm busy having an emotional conversation with my boyfriend!"

"Are you- Are you crying?!" Okay, now Tucker could panic. Danny did his best to never cry, the fact he was now, well... "What happened?!"

"What?! He's crying?!" Tucker didn't get the chance to tell Jazz to keep her voice down before Danny spoke up again.

"Nothing! Shut up! I have to confess my undying love."

"Wha-" Seeing the screen shut down Tucker blinked, looking confused as all hell. "What...what just happened..."

"I'm not sure but I give it five seconds until Blue Ghost starts badgering you to call him back." It was three seconds but Valarie gave herself credit for at least predicting the stunned pause. Mentally blocking out Jazz's frantic and motherly tone of worry she followed the hallway she was in until she found the door to the storage warehouse. Seeing a thumbprint pad she cursed before slowly grinning.

"A reformed A-Lister but an A-Lister none the less," Valarie grinned, ruffling through her pockets until she brought out a small pouch. Pulling out a container of blush she carefully blew the powder onto the scanner before reaching for a make-up pore strip. Next time she saw Paulina she would have to thank her for drilling into her to always carry make-up supplies.

Door opening Valarie grinned and walked inside, taking one last look around to make sure she wasn't seen. Once she was in she had to bite her lip to keep in the frustrated scream as she ducked behind a stack of boxes. Of course. Of course her dad would be the one on security detail down here. Pressing her earbud closer she sighed, "Red Fox here, we might have a bit of a problem."

"Bound to run into trouble eventually," Sam snorted, pulling up another file and cursing. This computer didn't have the access or drives she needed. "Trouble here too, I need to find a main console, they've completely wiped anything off the common ones."

"Great... Alright Red Fox, get ready to throw that EMP, I'm about to pull an alarm in the security booth that will have your dad running to see what's up- Princess abort! Someone's coming to you!" Swearing Sam jerked the USB out and stuffed it down her bra just in time for the door to open and show a smiling, well-dressed and dark-skinned woman, who had make-up that was just a bit too thick.

"Hello, Samantha Manson. We're so sorry for the wait but we're a bit understaffed today with so many of our workers having been transferred to another facility."

"I understand," Sam flashed a small smile, holding her hands clasped in front of her. "It's perfectly alright. If we may begin the tour?"

"Of course. I'm Abigail and I'll be your guide for today. If you'll follow me this way we'll get started." Sam smiled and followed after the woman, eyes scanning the doors they passed. "The Guys-in-White have a proud history of protecting people from any supernatural threats, in the recent years we've mainly dealt with ghosts, ectoplasmic entities, and the like, especially around Amity Park. As you may know this place seems to be one of the many hotspots for paranormal activity, like those found in other places around the country.

"A few of our other branches would be in places such as Dimmsdale, Gravity Falls, Beverly Heights, Norrisville, and a nondescript desert town, just to name a few." Turning down a hall Abigail smiled, looking amused as she continued the explanation. "The reason we accept financial backers as well as government funding is due to other government-funded organizations that often overrule our authority in a given area. One example of such would be a small town we had our eye on but was taken over by a group called 'the Swollen Eye'. A terrible and childish name but at the time we didn't have the resources to purse the matter.

"Now, is there anywhere you would like to start?"

"Actually I was very interested in seeing the laboratories, just to see at what level your technology is currently at." Abigail nodded and lead the way while Sam mentally scrubbed her tongue with a bar of soap. She hated talking this way but she supposed she should be somewhat grateful her mother's lessons had stuck with her.

Nodding along to the chatter from her guide Sam was at her wit's end by the time they made it to one of the main computer rooms. Seeing it was empty, with everyone on a lunch breath, Sam snapped and knocked her guide out with a well-placed jab to a pressure point. "Damn don't you guys ever shut up?"

Dragging the limp body into a nearby closet, and locking the door, Sam sat down at the higher tech computer and immediately went to work, kicking her heels off as she did so. Impractical torture devices is what they really were. "Oh, by the way, Command, if you want to keep your manhood I need you to contact Ghost Boy and tell Ghostwriter that if he ever makes him cry again I will make him suffer very painfully and with no mercy." Because no one made her friends cry but her.

"...Fine. But just so you know you are very mean," Tucker huffed, keeping an eye on the security feeds as he tried to get into contact with Danny again. Getting nothing for a few minutes Tucker finally sighed in aggravation, "Danny would you just pick up already?!"

"Good boy Cujo. Alright Tuck, I'm here, what is it?" Well at least he didn't sound like he was ready to cry again, thankfully. Otherwise there would have been at least three people heading over to destroy the Ghostwriter right then. Tilting his mic down Tucker grinned, keeping an eye on the three girls.

"Sam threatened me into telling you to tell Ghostwriter that if he made you cry she's going to make him suffer. Painfully. And without mercy." Hearing his friend's snickering Tucker rolled his eyes. Danny always did underestimate Sam's rage.

"He didn't make me cry, I'm just emotional. Although I do appreciate the sentiment, Sam-" Hearing a strangled noise over the headset all teens raised an eyebrow, Tucker biting his lip as he finally realized what had happen. "Goddammit Andrew!" They all heard Ghostwriter say something vaguely but at that point they were too busy trying not to laugh.

"Command, ask Ghost Boy if he's alright...and if I won the bet." Snorting Tucker did as told.

"Danny, Valarie wants to know if you're okay and if she won the bet."

"What bet? Are you guys still making bets on my love life?!" Hearing the anger Tucker held his hands up defensively even though he knew he couldn't be seen since Danny was out of frame of the screen.

"Tell him it's the sleeping bet, I want to know if I'm winning."

"Hey not me, them. Sam and Val made a bet on when you would finally sleep with your boyfriend, she wants to know if she's winning." Hearing his friend's groan of despair Tucker snickered.

"I hate you all. I hate you all so-" Hearing something closer to a moan than a groan Tucker choked on a laugh before covering his mouth.

"Yes! I'm wining!"

"Goddammit you can not win again you won last time!"

"Tell him to use protection!"

"Yeah. Val's winning. Jazz says to use protection, by the way." Seeing something on Jazz's security screen Tucker felt his blood run cold as he cursed, biting his lip. Of course something like this would happen with their luck. Vaguely hearing Danny's rambling he shook his head, "Uh...guys, you might want to hold off on the couple stuff because we just ran into a slight problem."

Seeing Danny and Andrew finally show up on screen, both looking ruffled, Tucker sighed and transferred security footage over into the Lookout. Danny frowned, not sure what he was looking for yet. "Tuck? what's wrong?"

"Well, depends. How upset would you be if you found out the Fentons are officially part of the Guys-in-White?" At the stunned look and shocked silence Tucker sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. "We have the worst luck ever... Alright Blue Ghost, time to get out of there. If you're seen then we can kiss this mission goodbye."

"Hold on, I almost have the data, just a few more seconds."

"No way, you can't afford to be seen!" Tucker snapped, sitting up properly and flying through security override protocols. "I'm opening a back door, about fifteen feet down the corridor to your left, exit on the right. You need to get out of there now."

"Command's right, Blue Ghost," Danny spoke up, switching to the not-so-secure channel they were using. They all knew to use code names over a line that could be hacked or traced. "If you're seen well...not good. Just, please get out of there?"

"Alright, alright. I'm going so just calm-"


"Oh dear..." Seeing multiple scientists and a room full of guards staring at her Jazz did the first thing that came into her mind. And that was to jerk the USB out, place it in her pocket, let out a high-pitched shriek, and tackle the nearest guard. After that chaos descended. Running to the door Tucker had mentioned Jazz saw a janitor and quickly grabbed the broom from his aged hands. "Borrowing this, sorry, bye!"

Seeing two guards in front of her and two behind her she skidded to a stop. Breathing deeply she twirled the broom and shifted into a fighting stance, eyes dark. "Bring it on."

"I have the feeling something just went wrong," Sam spoke up, pulling her own USB drive out now that she had the information and ghost drives needed. "Should I be worried by that screaming? I feel like I should-" Wincing as the door to the room she was in banged open she blinked up at Agents K and O and the plethora of guards behind them.

"Anything to say, ghost lover?" Sam opened her mouth, closed it, leaned over, picked up her high-heels, and then threw them at the two agents with deadly accuracy. Running over to an open window, and absently noting they were on the second story, she laughed loudly.

"REVOLUTION!" Jumping out the window she managed to catch hold of a branch and quickly climb her way down, running to the van Tucker was in a few dozen feet away. "YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE GOVERNMENT DOGS!"

"I guess that means our time is up," Valarie snorted, pulling the pin from her EMP bomb and throwing it behind her. Ducking back into the hallway she grinned at the screams and electrical sparks she could see from under the door. Seeing two guards point to her she cursed and quickly ran back to the storage closet she had entered from, picking her back-pack up as soon as she was in and darting back down the hall.

"Stop! Intruder!"

"Just try and catch me!" Valarie laughed, slipping her backpack on and activating her suit. Taking a page from Sam's books she leaped out a three-story window, activating her jet board and quickly zooming into the clouds and towards their van before anyone could get too close a look at why the Red Huntress had been breaking into Axion Labs.

Sitting in his van Tucker went limp in his seat, absently noting Danny was leaning against Andrew from the force of his laughter. "How...why... Ghost Boy, Ghost Boy why are all the woman we know institutionally insane? I mean- Really?!" Danny only laughed harder, Andrew rolling his eyes and nudging the teen into the computer chair.

"See- See! This is why I have a sweet and gentle bookworm!" As if remembering something Danny tilted his head to the side, "Albeit one who can throw knives and probably kill you without even trying but still! Sweet and gentle!"

"Come on Ghost Boy," Sam smiled, hopping her way into the van. "We all know writers are just one step away form being murderous psychopaths." Seeing Sam was in safely Tucker immediately went up the wheel, starting the van and tearing away from the armed guards that had followed Sam out of the building.

"Sometimes not even a step," Andrew snickered, Sam rolling her eyes as she saw Danny bite his lip to keep in what she was almost sure to be hysterical giggles. That meant Danny was close to breaking from stress, and soon. "How are Blue Ghost and Red Fox doing?"

"Well, Blue Ghost has stolen a broom and is now using it as a karate staff...she's managed to defeat about ten guards so far and still going strong."

"Borrowed! I borrowed the broom, I didn't steal it!" Jazz panted, sweeping a guard's feet out from underneath them and then ramming the end of the staff into their stomach. "And it's thirteen guards, thank you." Sprinting for the door she skidded to a halt, throwing the broom back to the confused janitor, "Thanks for letting me use it bye!"

"See, this is what happens when our whole team is filled with ghost hunters!" Brushing off Danny's amused comment Jazz put as much speed into her run as she could, sighing in relief when she saw the black and green van pull up, a small, friendly, and green ghost on the side.

Back doors opening she took a running leap and landed in the still moving vehicle, Sam moving to shut the doors and Tucker speeding off towards Sam's house. While Jazz readjusted herself and waved at Danny they heard a knock on the van doors, Sam opening them once again to let Valarie fly in.

"Hi Danny!" Jazz smiled, switching to the private and secure line as Valarie sat next to her, suit retracting into her backpack. "See, told you there was no need to worry!"

"Yeah, as if you three almost didn't get caught all at the same time," Danny snorted on-screen, shaking his head. "You look weird with black hair, by the way."

"Good thing I didn't dye it like Sam wanted then," Jazz snickered, slipping the wig off and throwing it towards the front seat where Tucker grumbled something about his van remaining clean. "So, how have you two been?" Putting emphasis on the words she grinned, "Well?"

"...You just...you just- I don't even-" Feeling Andrew pat his back sympathetically Danny sighed and wondered what they must have looked like. Probably pretty disheveled if their expressions were anything to go by. "No, Jazz. No. Just- Just no." Feeling Andrew prod him to stop rambling he sighed again. "Alright, subject change, everyone get everything done?"

"I got as many files about the portals as I could," Jazz smiled on screen, holding up a small USB device. Sam pulled her own out, grinning.

"I have all the ghost drives they tried to hide." When she came in view of the screen Danny has to slap his hands over his mouth to keep from laughing. "Yeah yeah, it was the only plan we could think of to get me in. Go ahead and laugh ghost boy, see what happens."

"I really don't think you should laugh," Andrew murmured, kissing the top of Danny's head, who was taking deep breaths to calm himself. "I've grown used to you actually existing."

"I'm- I'm sorry, Sammy, but I just- Sorry. Right, okay, Val? Virus?"

"Loaded in and taken care of," Val saluted, twirling the disk around on the tips of her fingers. "I'd like to see their expressions when they realized what happened though- By the way, any chance I could get more of those EMP bombs? They'd be great for dealing with Skulker and Technus."

"Huh...they would, wouldn't they," Danny hummed, thinking on the possibilities. He had never actually thought of an EMP for fighting those two, he relied too much on his ghost powers. Valarie was the one who had learned the proper way of ghost fighting by studying her interactions with ghosts and asking Danny questions once they both knew who the other was. "Alright, all-in-all well done Team Phantom!" Danny could only snicker at all the groans. "Make sure Tucker doesn't kill you all with this terrible driving while getting home."

"Yeah, uh, getting home may be a slight problem," Jazz mumbled, Danny tilting his head in question. Seeing his screen flash with someone moving a camera Danny blinked at the sight that came into view.

"Is that...is that a freaking hole in the middle of the road?!" It was at this point Tucker was repeatedly hitting his head into the steering wheel, trying to lose consciousness. "It looks like the street is missing!"

"Wow, you can even see all the way down to the sewers," Valarie commented, moving to sit in the front seat with amusement. "Suppose we'll have to take a detour to Sam's place- Tucker, please stop trying to give yourself brain damage."

"I only wanted to make video games for a living- That's- That's pretty much it. Just video games and maybe a few software pieces I could sell for millions. How- How did this happen to me." Every few words were punctuated with a hit to the head, Sam finally snagging him by the back of his shirt and keeping him from doing any more damage. "Just why?!"

"You're best friend since preschool was from a family of ghost hunters who then received ghost powers when he turned fourteen, what did you think was gonna happen after that?"

"Cartoon fun," Tucker deadpanned, Sam giving him a dull look. "No. Seriously. He already has the magical girl transformations down."

"I heard that!" Danny shouted over the line, Jazz noting that Danny looked annoyed. "It was not a magical girl transformation! It was a serious- Um..."

"You have to admit it was pretty anime-ish," Jazz pointed out, sitting back in her seat as the van started moving again. "I mean, bright lights, costume changes, and you always made it as show-off-y as possible, and you didn't even realize it!" With each word Danny had sunk lower and lower in his seat until he was whining and trying to hide inside Andrew's coat, who was biting his lip to keep himself from laughing.

"Pick on Val, her change is magical girl-ish too!"

"Nope," Valarie smiled from the front seat, fixing her hair in the mirror. "I got the cool villain transformation. Heroes may always win but the antagonists get the best transformation scenes." It was at that Danny finally threw his hands up in exasperation and floated towards the ceiling, refusing to look at the screens as he pouted. "He's pouting, isn't he?"

"I do not pout!" While the younger teens bantered back and forth over the com line Jazz switched to the private channel her and Andrew had set up in case of emergencies.

"He's trying not to think about it, isn't he?"

"I'm afraid so," Andrew sighed over the chat, sounding worried. "He'll talk about it eventually but for now he's trying to distract himself however he can...he'll be alright, though."

"Let's hope," Jazz sighed, ending the conversation. She had expected she might see her parents there at the Warehouse but she hadn't expected to see them in white suits and loaded down with even more deadlier weapons. She hadn't expected them to actually join the Guys-in-White.

"Leaving the friendly banter for another time," Valarie's voice cut into Jazz's thoughts, pulling her back into the conversation. "Let's hurry and get back. I'm curious as to how a portion of the street suddenly goes missing."

"With our luck it most likely will end up involving us."

"When doesn't it?"

Ahahahahaahahaha Danny that missing street leads to something crazy. If you knew you'd probably be trying to hide in a different universe at this point.