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Dwayne POV

Mom came into my room before bed that night. I ignored her while I watched as I made my toy airplane swoop around my head. I gently held onto its glossy painted body, not wanting to break my favourite toy. I knew that one day I would be up in the sky flying a real plane myself.

"Dwayne…" my mother began. "I have something very important to discuss with you."

Her voice was shaking. Taking a deep breath she continued:
"Your father and I… are getting a divorce."

I looked at my mom with a confused expression. It wasn't that I do not understand what happens when people get divorced, it was just that I never thought it could actually happen. Well not in my family anyways. I guess looking back on it we weren't exactly the perfect, happy family my parents bickered often enough but they always took me for ice cream on the weekends. What more could a nine year old want?

I loved both my parents, especially my dad. He could be a bit of a bully sometimes but he loved that I wanted to fly. Both my parents were supportive of this, though my dad was the one who always bought me everything airplane related that I wanted.

"Dwayne, I know this hard for you to hear," my mother interrupted my thoughts. "But it's for the best. You and I are going to be moving to New Mexico since I got a job there. We'll be leaving in a couple days."

She kissed me on the forehead as she tucked me into bed. I could swear there were tears in her eyes as she said goodnight and left the room.

My dad ended up staying behind in Florida, while mom and I left for a new life. Dad phoned often at first, and even came to visit a couple times. I think he wanted me to go back with him but I never begged my mom to let me go. Eventually though after a couple months the phone calls had stopped almost completely and by the time my mom met Richard, I hadn't heard from dad for ages.

Then mom and Richard got married, the worst day of my life. Olive came along – she wasn't all that bad. But all in all, life sucked.

Before the divorce, I always loved my family and thought it was the best thing in the world but now I hate them almost more than anything.

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Even though this is from Dwayne's POV most of the story will be from my OC's POV, except for the occasional Dwayne chapter

Also if there are any errors that have to do with details from the original movie, sorry about that since I haven't seen the movie in the while. I can't seem to find my DVD