I Choose You

Ash's Snivy= Ivy

Trip's Snivy= Whip

Pikachu= Volt

Emolga= Emi

Ash's Tranquil= Dove

Sceptile= Razor

Trip's Tranquil= Trance

*I don't own Pokémon. I just watch it and play it. Also, I added some moves I think they should know. Don't look forward to seeing them. Pikachu forever!*

Ivy watched as her trainer gobbled down his food in record time, beating the record he'd set last night. She hopped down from her perch on the seat next to him on the Pokémon Center's bench. "Hey, Snivy, don't go too far!" she heard him call after her.

She noted this as she went to find a quiet place to work on her moves. She needed to perfect her Leaf Storm variation and improve her Vine Whip power. "Hey, Ivy, wait up!" She turned to see Volt, Ash's Pikachu, scurry over.

He smiled at her. "You're going to practice right? Want a practice partner?" he asked.

Ivy smiled back. Volt was cute and cool Pokémon. He didn't annoy her and he was pretty fun to battle, when she didn't use Attract on him. "Okay, but I won't go easy on you."

"I would expect nothing less from you, Ivy." As they moved to leave, Ivy heard the most annoying voice ever.

"Volt, wait for me!" Emi, Iris's Emolga, cried. The pesky, high-flying Pokémon swooped over. "Where are you heading, Volt-y?" the annoyingly cute flying-mouse Pokémon demanded sweetly.

"We're going to practice our moves. Want to come?" Volt offered.

Emi pouted. "And get all sweaty and smelly? No thanks. Any self-respecting girl worth her salt wouldn't dare—but then Ivy's a little different isn't she?"

Ivy resisted the urge to practice her Vine Whip on Emi's face. "Then since you're not interested… Bye." Ivy started to move again.

Emi caught Volt's arm. "But I'll still come and watch. I'll be your cheering section."

"Then let's go before our trainers finish eating." Ivy snapped. Suddenly her day was less quiet and more annoying.

Ivy narrowly dodged a Thunderbolt, head on from Volt. She attacked with a Vine Whip that also missed and turned the rock Volt had been on to pebbles.

"Go, Volt!" Emi cheered from the nearby tree.

Annoying rat, Ivy thought. Why Ash had decided to bring Iris and Cilan along on his trip home was beyond her understanding. She had barely met Ash's other Pokémon and heard their stories before Emi came waltzing in and ruining the cheery, calm mood with her flirting.

Ivy lashed out with Leaf Storm, catching Volt in the vortex and tossing him back a few marks. He shook it off and used Quick Attack to get into close proximity with her. He then used Iron Tail, which she deflected with Leaf Blade.

Ivy took minor damage from it and used Vine Whip to escape Volt's follow up move of a Tackle. She smirked at him. "You're using all your stamina."

"I'm just getting warmed up." Volt charged at her in a powerful Volt Tackle. Ivy countered with a Leaf Storm that barely slowed the Electric-Mouse. He hit her dead on and she cried out as she sailed out of the battle field and over to a pile of rocky ground.

"Ivy!" Volt called out.

Suddenly, Ivy felt herself enveloped in someone's arms. She looked up to see Ash's Sceptile, Razor, from the night before. "You okay," he asked.

Ivy nodded and he set her to her feet. "Thanks, Razor." Ivy faced Volt. "Let's continue."

Volt scratched him head. "Okay…"

"And don't hold back this time." She hustled over to the field and took her stance.

"Atta girl," she heard Razor say. He seemed genuinely proud of her.

"More like foolish girl," she heard another voice chuckle. Ivy whirled around to find the culprit and found herself staring into the eyes of Whip, Trip's Servine.

"Whip…" she hissed. Jumping back from close proximity she bared her Vine Whip at him. "What are you doing here?"

Whip smirked. "Trip's taking a trip through the boonies. We didn't think we'd see you guys around."

Ivy hissed out. "And I didn't think I'd meet the world's biggest jerk here, either." Too bad being the world's biggest jerk doesn't stop you from being so cute, she silently added.

Emi chose that moment to swoop over. She landed in front of Ivy and right on her vines. "Hi, Whip, you're so green today."

Ivy huffed out a tired breath and retracted her vines, uncaring if she unsettled Emi. "I'm going back to Ash. Volt we'll finish this later." Ivy promised.

"Why do you even bother? You know Volt's stronger than you." Emi pointed out.

"Emi's right, you'll only hurt yourself. Why can't you be a good Snivy and just leave the fighting to a stronger Pokémon, like me?"

Volt shook his head. "You did not just say that to Ivy…"

Ivy seconded that. "If you bested Pikachu and I bested you, doesn't that make me the stronger one, green-boy?" she snapped.

With that she left.

Ivy sat by a tree and watched as Ash battled with his old pal, Misty. It wasn't a Pokémon battle, but a battle of nerves. Misty, who was holding a Togepi Egg she'd told him she had received from their old buddy, Togetic.

"But why should I go fishing with you?" Ash argued. "I want to catch up with Gary on the phone and then go training with my Pokémon!"

Misty, an orange haired hot-head who Ivy was quickly coming to respect, simply grabbed hold of Ash's ear and dragged him away, saying "Gary can wait. I've only got two more days, Ash, and then I head back to my Gym. And as for training—if you're Pokémon are anything like you they'll train themselves silly before the morning's over. Now let's go!"

"At least let me get Pikachu!" Ash cried.

"No Pikachu," Misty shot the Electric Mouse and smiled. "Bye, Pikachu."

"Good luck, Misty!" Volt called, but Misty only heard his Pokémon call.

With that gone, Ivy surveyed the area. Iris had left to explore with all her Pokémon. Trip had gone to do some field work with Tranquil and Servine. No annoying Pokémon in sight.

"Hey, Volt." Ivy called. "Want to finish up our battle from this morning?"

Volt's mousy ears twitched. "I'm ready when you are!" He led the way to the makeshift arena Ash's other Pokémon had set up to train themselves when all the humans were busy.

Naturally, Razor refereed the battle, and the Taurus stomped all the rocks and boulders into dust. "Just in case," Razor had informed them.

Once it was all said and done, Ash's other Pokémon took a position as the peanut gallery. And so began the rematch.

Dove, Ash's Tranquil soared high above the Pokémon center. She swooped low and gazed at the forest scenery. Suddenly, a familiar Servine caught her eye. It was Trip's Whip.

He was practicing his Razor Leaf while Trip was taking pictures of the scenery. Dove swooped closer.

"For the boonies, it has its charm," she heard Trip admit. "I got a lot of Crabby shots and some sweet Pidgeotto pictures too."

Trip's own Tranquil, Trance, noticed her and silently took to the sky. "Hey, you're that bumpkin's Tranquil, right? Dove…" he greeted.

Dove bobbed her head stiffly. "Yeah, that's me. And he's not a bumpkin. He's way better than you're trainer."

Trance cocked his head to one side. "…Doubtful, but, to each his own. That Ash kid's got a lot to learn before he can hold a candle to my trainer."

"Say that to his Pokémon down at Oak's lab and you'll be flopping around like a Magicarp." Dove retorted, feeling uncharacteristically hostile. Just being around Trance, or any of Trip's jerky Pokémon made her edgy.

"I could probably take them all down. See you later," Trance replied, haughtily.

"Wait," Dove wondered. "Why? I'm not done talking to you yet!" She gaped at the descending Tranquil.

"No offense, but I can't be seen with you. And besides, in a few, Trip will be looking for me to scout ahead for a great photo op."

Dove steamed at his nerve. "Are all Trip's Pokémon mirrors of him or is it just those two?" she demanded of no one.

Ivy grit her teeth (If she has any) and assessed her new opponent, Razor. Her battle with Volt had produced nothing and she was still seething from Whip's comment. Razor had obliged and handed his corner over to Volt, who now stood judging the match. A quick Synthesis and she was rearing to go.

"Begin!" Volt called.

Razor launched a Leaf Blade at Ivy, which she dodged with barely an inch to spare. He's fast, she thought, like an Accelgor. She launched an Energy Ball at him, which he promptly dodged.

"That's the way, Ivy!" Dove called from above.

Ivy barely spared her friend a glance as Razor attacked with Bullet Seed. She intercepted it with a Leaf Blade of her own and fell into a Leaf Storm. Razor couldn't dodge it, but it did little to the Forest Lizard Pokémon little damage. It only made him lose his twig.

He launched another Leaf Blade at her, but added in a Quick Attack which put him in close proximity. She took the attack full force.

She flew back a few feet and used Leaf Storm to cushion her fall. Getting to her feet she used Vine Whip to lash out at him.

Razor dodged the lashes and jumped high. With the sun at his back he used Solar Beam and blasted her full on. Ivy briefly lost conscious and fell to her knees. Then, with rigid determination, she attacked again with Razor Leaf.

Razor dodged and just as he was about to counter it, he paused and glared into the trees. "This is a private battle," he snapped.

Some brief rustling later and Whip leaped out of the trees. "Sorry, didn't know I needed a ticket to watch you cream a pre-evolutionary girl."

Ivy cut him a glare. "You heard him, moss-for-brains: beat it!"

"Why should I?" Whip demanded. "I'm just as much Pokémon as you!"

"Leave, or would you rather battle someone's who's gone up against the Battle Frontier and the Ever Grande Conference?" Razor repeated, amber eyes unwavering.

Ivy felt respect bloom from her every molecule for the hardened fighter. She also had more respect for Ash too. To have raised an awesome Grass-type…

Whip visibly stiffened. Then, he lashed out. "Then why aren't you fighting her full-power? You could have creamed her in seconds."

Ivy tensed and then her anger let loose. She lashed out with Vine Whip, slapping Whip several times before exhaustion got the best of her. "You pompous, lily-livered, moss-for-brains, low to the ground Magicarp! I'm steamed now!"

Whip picked himself up, rubbing his cheeks. "You wanna go small fry?"

Ivy glared at him, her cool composure lost to the winds of Ho-Oh. "It's on, stinkweed-breath!"

Just as they were about to collide, Razor stepped in. "Enough! Charger-" (Ash's Bulbasaur) "may not be here to play peacemaker, but I sure and Suicune am not going to watch you two seedlings go at it like a couple of Snubulls!"

Whip relaxed then smirked. "Fine… Next time our trainers' battle; I hope we get paired up, cupcake. Because I'll cream your clock and make you admit who's better."

Razor made his way to the lone tree near Oak's lab. There, he found Ivy, who was still sulking about what had happened two hours ago. "Found you," he said by way of greeting.

Ivy jolted slightly then shot him a glare. "I see… Bye." She turned back to watch the sky.

Razor sat down on the branch next to her. "So… you like this Whip-guy?"

Ivy colored, the pale green-cream of her cheeks hued pink. "N-no- I-"

He shook his head. "I can tell. It hurts when the person you love won't acknowledge your power, doesn't it?"

He knew the feeling. His own brief romance had taught him a lot, even if all he gained from it was the heartbreak that he wasn't as handsome as a Tropius. He winced as he remembered the beauty that had rejected him like May's Purple Surprise.

"Don't tell anyone about this!" Ivy demanded. "I don't want anyone to know."

Razor sat back a little and looked up at the clouds. "So… Is this why you want to get stronger—to prove to Whip you're just as great as him?"

Ivy numbly nodded. "My older brother, Pine—he was a great Snivy! It only took him a few days to evolve into a Serperior. And Whip's already a Servine. I just feel… I feel like I have to be stronger. And having Whip call me a weakling doesn't exactly help…"

Razor smirked. "Then, they rushed. They missed out on discovering the full extent of their power as pre-evolutions. Me, I had to wait a couple of months before I evolved into a Grovlye. And then another set of months until I became a Sceptile. And when I did, I couldn't use any of my moves. I was useless for a while until I realized I needed to be strong to protect those around me and myself; not because I had to prove myself to any moss-brained Servine. You should do the same. Be strong for you."

Ivy nodded pensively. "Thanks, Razor, you sound like a brother. My real brother left before we could bond. All I know was what I heard on the circuit from Professor Juniper."

Razor pat her head. "Tell you what, if you really want to get strong, I'll train you for real tomorrow."

"Really?" Ivy peered at him with sharp brown eyes filled with apprehension, earnest and restrained joy.

"Really; chances are Misty will drag Ash on another forced date until she's satisfied he's learning enough on his journey."

Ivy half-smiled at that. "She's strong-willed."

"You remind me of her. Now meet me by this tree after breakfast. I usually finish first because of Corphish."

Ivy smirked. "Will do, coach."

With that, the two Grass-types made a pact and went back to the lab for dinner.

Ivy aimed her whirring vines at the wood and lashed out. The vines sliced the upright log like blades cutting through an Oran berry.

"Now, try carving something into it." Razor ordered from next to her.

Ivy focused her vines to carve a Sakura pattern—a favorite of hers since it was on the blanket she'd had as a newly hatched Pokémon. She smiled to herself at the finished carving.

"Nice; a Sakura pattern. Now, let's work on your Leaf Storm-" Razor began.

"What's this, a Pokémon woodshop?" Whip sneered, coming into view. He waltzed up, with Emi in tow.

What's Emi doing with him? Ivy wanted to know. But she wouldn't ask; not for the life of her would she ask. Moltres would have to start courting Articuno before she asked.

"Oh, it's you two. No threat… Now back to your Leaf Storm. Do you think you can store up power for it and then release it?"

Ivy started. Then remembered she was doing this purely for herself. Not for Whip's approval. "Yes, I can."

"Good, try it." Razor nodded toward some trash littering the ground. It was far apart and plentiful. "Sweep it all up into one pile with one hit."

Ivy glanced at Whip and Emi, who were snickering at her predicament.

Razor gave her a meaningful stare. "Are you camera-shy? Go!"

Ivy reluctantly began to charge her inner storm. She let it build until it was just a little under wild and let it loose, directing it at the trash. It swept them into a pile and dispersed.

"Nice," complimented Razor, "but not perfect."

"Yeah, she didn't sweep them into a trash can." Emi snickered.

Whip smirked. Razor glared and went over to and nearby tree and leaped into the air. He used Leaf Blade and did something and came back with a few Oran berries. He handed her one. He gave her a half smile. "Your reward; now, let's go focus on overcoming type-disadvantage…"

Ivy glanced back at the flying battery of a pest and the arrogantly handsome moss-brained Servine. I don't care.

Whip watched Ivy leave, a million questions in his mind. He turned to leave only to come face-to-snout with Emi. "Oh, you're still here…" he muttered.

"You had no problem hanging out with me around Ivy." Emi pointed out.

Whip shot her a look. "That's only because we agreed to this stupid thing. Be seen together a lot. Make Ivy and Volt jealous then part ways when our crushes finally notice us."

"Well why aren't you acting like you like my company?" she demanded.

Whip groaned. "Listen, doll face, you're cute and all, but… I need a girl who's more substance than Flash. She's got to have a brain, and a good personality. Who else is going to deal with my flaws except a good Darmanitan [pun on the Good Samaritan]?"

"But we aren't really dating. And who says I'm not good!" Emi fumed.

"You're scoffing hard work in favor of backstabbing your trainer's friend's Pokémon. I see Ho-Oh smiling down on you…" he sarcastically hyped.

Emi blistered at this. "You're not exactly an innocent Ducklett in this!" then she cooled and smiled evilly at him. "Then again, I can always plead that you Sweet Scented me into his whole thing."

Whip froze and glared at the annoying Emolga. Now he knew he was in deep…

"So how can I make my Attract strong enough to power through another attack?" Ivy asked her mentor.

Razor paused and thought hard. Then he smiled. "Try really layering on the feminine charm."

"Does it work?" she asked.

"Does what work?" Volt replied dashing up. "Ash wants you two, pronto. He's itching to battle Misty and he wants Ivy to watch your battle combos, Razor."

Ivy nodded. "I'll be there. Watching someone who beat a Darkrai in battle with a Gyarados that knows Flamethrower should be interesting."

And so they scampered off, only to come to a complete halt when they reached the recently abandoned training ground. Ivy visibly paled. "No…" she moaned. She stepped back, seeking comfort in the King of the Forest Pokémon and the Electric Mouse Pokémon.

"Ivy…" Razor started.

"Are you okay, Ivy? You look a little pale." Volt asked. He put a hand to her forehead. Ivy stepped willingly into Volt's aura presence. It was calm and soothing, tinged with concern, but it didn't make the scene go away.

There, underneath the Pecha berry tree, were Emi and Whip—kissing.

AnimeKitty: I know it's long, but I want it to be a two-shot. I know Emi is palying the mean girl in this but I'm pissed at all Emolga at the moment. Long story short: I found a wild one, and it fainted on me. And now I can't fulfill my end of a bargain without hatching the Emolga Egg I got. Ugh! So yeah, review please. I know everyone wanted to watch Volt and Ivy battle… I'll try and include a full battle soon!