Snivy Love Story Part 2

AnimeKitty: Has anyone ever noticed that any starter Fire-type Ash gets, it was abandoned? It's like he's drawn to them. Sorry for the wait on Part 2.

Pokémon's POV:

If Ivy's centered concentration was anything to go by, then Volt guessed that Emi would be meeting her doom by breakfast tomorrow. He absently cheered for his old friend Razor, as he dodged a Flamethrower and retaliated with a Razor Leaf and Bullet Seed combo.

"Now, hit 'em with a Leaf Blade!" Ash, his human partner, cried.

Razor nodded and followed up with a powerful Leaf Blade that made a direct hit on Misty's Gyarados.

"I'm not giving up yet, Ketchum!" Misty taunted. "Gyarados, use Blizzard!"

Volt turned his attention back to Ivy who was now watching the battle. After relocating to a quieter place, he'd found out that Ivy loved Whip. Freakier still, she was trying to battle her emotions into submission and cushion the fall she knew her leafy heart would take when Whip eventually found a girl.

But that he would choose Emi of all people. Whenever Volt saw her, she was flirting or using Attract on some unwilling male Pokémon. He was glad he'd found a girlfriend*.

Ivy was slowly beginning to engross herself in the battle; her eyes losing that sad sheen that made Volt's chest tighten with grief.

Volt sighed with relief then went back to cheering for Razor. "Go, Razor! Knock that guy back!"

Ivy' Normal POV (Because you don't want to know this girl's thoughts):

Ivy sat under the tree, watching the moon rise. "So perfect."

"I know." Whip said, appearing beside her.

She tensed. "Look, I don't have the appetite for your bitter words so just leave me alone."

Instead of listening to her plea, he took a seat next to her. "The stars are so wonderful around here. You can really see them clearly, without all the city lights."

Ivy nodded. "You can. And now, you can enjoy them alone." She made a move to leave and he shot out a Vine Whip to restrain her. She frowned and called on her own vines to disentangle herself from the hold. She wouldn't sit here with her defenses down.

"It's getting cold; I'm going inside. Razor says I have an early day of training tomorrow; he's asking Infernape to help me." She didn't know why she felt the need to tell him. She just did.

Whip frowned at Ivy's retreating back. He wanted to follow her, ask her what was wrong, hug her and then—and then what? Have Emi spew his secret all over the Unova region and then some? He wanted to use Thrash on himself, he was too confused.

"I thought I said this was private area, moss-brain." The voice of Razor caught the usually calm Grass-type by surprise.

Whip stared at the Forest King Pokémon as he sat beside him. "I heard you…" he mumbled beside himself.

"You do realize sulking won't get you the girl right?" Razor suddenly said.

Blushing, Whip turned his head away. "I-I have a girlfriend…" he defended weakly.

"That was pathetic. And your little plan to make Ivy admit she likes you first by dating Emi is even more pathetic." Razor advised.

Whip winced. Was it that obvious? Heck, he couldn't believe he'd talk to Emi if it weren't for Ivy.

Taking his silence for a leeway, Razor went on. "If Emi likes Volt, she should have told him so. Not that it would make much difference. He has a girlfriend."

Whip digested this. "Emi doesn't know?" Because if she did, then she was just stringing Whip's feelings for Ivy along like ribbon in a Pokémon Gymnastics Tournament.

Razor pondered this for a while. "Probably not; Volt's girl is a celebrity in the Sinnoh region. He has no reason to flaunt. Volt's never been one to brag, even about having a model girlfriend like Bell."

"So… Does Ivy like me? Since you know everything." Whip taunted to keep up appearances.

"Your insults aren't improving your standing point, and that's all I'll say. Try to be positive."

Whip sighed. "I was kind of harsh. I mean, her moves are impressive, and she's faster than most Pokémon I've fought… I guess… I dunno, I don't want her to outclass me."

Razor's amber eyes widened. "You're afraid she'll become better than you. What an inferiority complex…"

Whip hastened to explain. "I just meant that… Well, you've seen her moves. What if she becomes so good she rejects me? Tells me that I'm too to be with her? I've got my pride too, you know. I don't mean to put her down. But that's just the way I put it. I never mean it all. Her carving was great. I couldn't have done it. But when I see how great she is, and then I look inside… I just feel like I don't deserve her. I don't deserve walking on the same battlefield as her; being the same type as her. She's just so full of spunk, and spirit, and so mature… And I'm still not as powerful as her, even as a Servine… It was a waste of time evolving, if she won't take note…"

Razor was silent for so long Whip feared he'd put the Sceptile to sleep. Sighing with defeat, Whip got and started to leave.

"I only have this to say, moss-brain: if you don't move quick, some other Pokémon will snatch her up." Razor's voice sounded distant.

Looking back up, Whip saw that the Forest King was gone; vanished into thin air.

"You what?" Emi screeched. It was early the next morning, and after thinking things over for most of the night and catching three horrific hours of sleep in his Pokéball, Whip had decided to end the charade.

"I said I'm breaking up. This game of hearts has to end." Whip sighed, eyes heavy with sleep. He had yet to eat yet too. Trip had been dragged away by some kind of Electibuzz fan who wanted him to take pictures of her team, just before breakfast.

Emi was sputtering mad. In retrospect, he guessed she was taking things better than he expected.

She crossed her paws over her chest and pouted. "Why now? Volt is so close to asking me out."

Whip winced at her disillusions. Volt probably hadn't given the Flying Squirrel the time of day.

"I thought about it, and hurting Ivy isn't the way I want her to notice me. I want her to like me for me. Even if I am a total jerk, it's better than being a jerk that's so insensitive he can't see past the point of his own nose."

Emi raised a brow. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Whip sighed raggedly. Was she really the mastermind behind this scheme? He was starting to doubt her brain capacity. "It means I'm done hurting her to frustrate her into admitting she likes me. And our deal is off. This couple is through." With that, Whip turned and stalked off.

Emi watched her only ticket to Volt's affection walk away. She was stumped. How could he not want be with her? She was cute, her fur didn't stand on end and she was sassy. How could she not be the perfect girl for all? Her mother had taught her all the right moves since she'd hatched.

She always complimented the boys and made sure that she looking better that the girls in anything they did.

Ivy's words from after that Pokémon Musical came back to haunt her. "Next time you try and steal the spotlight, try and make sure your vanity isn't on public display. You look so desperate."

Those words had been the focal point in Emi's plan to humble the Grass-type while earning the love of Volt.

She frowned. Now it was all dashed since Little Miss Vine Whip's boy-toy had gone and left her high and dry. Spotting Ivy walking past with Volt, with their heads close and voices low, made Emi growl low in her throat, anger boiling in her like a Hyper Beam. They were too close for her comfort.

Suddenly, a brilliant idea etched itself in Emi's mind. It would humble the Grass stains and make them rue the day they both snubbed noses at her. And all it would take is her Fake Tears routine…

AnimeKitty: So yeah, Thought about the two-shot thing… Not going to work. Might need a chapter or two more. And an abrupt scenery change. Thank goodness for the Legendary Bird Pokémon or I'd have no scenery changers. Confuse about Emi's scheme? Think you know it. Try and guess. Review with what you think. No flames please!