Snivy Love Story

AK: The long awaited Plan... Hope you enjoy!


Emi sobbed loudly on the rock by the lake, making sure she was in full view of all the Pokemon. As she cried and sobbed and pouted her little head off, she watched from the corner of her eye as the gullible Corphish, Claude, scrambled up to her along with a couple of Tauros. Great, she schemed, muscle and a passionate plight voice.

"What's wrong, Emi?" Claude asked.

"Whip broke up with me!" she wailed.


"He said- he said he was only playing with me, and that no one would really date a girl like me..." Emi cried.

"That's not true! Plenty of guys would date you!" one of the Tauros defended.

Ah, and they're already loyal to me... Perfect. "Thanks... But it won't do any good now! I'm ruined for any other Pokemon!" Emi lied.


Emi exposed the berry stains she'd painted on herself to look like Vine Whip wounds. "All I did was ask why he could love me..."

"That no good moss-eater..." Claude seethed.

"Oh, but I'm sure I'll be fine, a few Oran berries and the wounds will fade. But not the wounds on my heart. He's so savage. And he said he'd hurt me if I told anyone else." Emi faked a gasp of concern. "I may have put you at risk too! Oh, please be careful."

Claude puffed out his chest. "Don't worry about us. We'll teach that grass type a lesson."


Ivy was listening to the migrating Cottonee Grass Whistle when Whip found her.

"What do you want?" she sighed, not really in the mood.

"I was wondering if we could talk." Whip suggested.

She sighed again. "Fine; but try anything, and I'll throttle you."

They sat peacefully in the shade. Ivy eyed Whip from the corner of her eye.

He looked tired, like he hadn't slept at all. That made her worried.

"Ivy!" The way he said her name made her almost jump. "I've been thinking about you..."

"Yeah," Ivy prompted.

"And I get it."


"I get it." he repeated. "You're strong for a Pokemon like you. And you're cute too."

Ivy frowned. "What are you getting at?"

"But this training... You don't have to do it. You can't beat genetics. You have plenty of stronger Pokemon who will protect you."

Ivy's mood went from hopeful to sour. "Like you?"

"Exactly; just rely on us more and maybe you'll be able to catch a strong type, like me, with a little feminine polish."

"Like Emi?" she seethed.

Apparently, her temper went over his head. "No, you could never be like Emi; she's too far ahead."

Ivy saw red, again. She stood. "So what your saying is I'm undatable?!"


"That I have to act weaker than you to catch your eye, is that it?! So I'm too strong to be attractive?!"

"Well, let's not be crazy. You're not all that strong."

"Well," Ivy hissed. "No one asked you!"

"I don't get it, what's your problem? I try and ask you something nicely and-"

"This is your idea of nicely?!" She snorted. "I've seen nicer with Regigigas... You primitive Primape in Grass type colors!" Ivy started to walk away.

"What is your problem? You see, this is why you're never going to catch a guy."

Ivy resisted the urge to turn around a use Pound on his face. "One day, Whip, you're going to rue the day you insulted me. One day soon..."


Whip sat under the tree Ivy had left in under, cursing his faults. He'd just insulted her, when he'd meant to compliment her. He ran through everything he'd said. "Oh, Ho-Oh, she'll never date me now..."

He couldn't even find the first place in the conversation where he put his foot in his mouth. Once again, he wished he knew Thrash.

"How long has it been since I got here? I don't even care anymore... I feel horrible." Whip sighed.

"Well, get ready to feel worse!" a voice ordered. Whip looked to see a Corphish and two Tauros glaring at him.

"Who are you?"

"Your worst nightmare, heartbreaker!" the Corphish seethed. "Get ready to regret every word you said!"

As they closed in, Whip readied a Vine Whip attack to defend himself.

"Get 'im!" the Corphish ordered, charging.

"What else could go wrong today?" Whip wondered.


AK: The fight will continue in the next chapter. I feel that Iris is a little too smart to fall for Emi's Fake Tears routine, but Corphish is gullible enough. And since he's always charging head on, no hassle. The second part of Emi's plan will be geared towards Ivy.