This is a birthday fic for PigsFlyWithEleanor. She's a good writer. You should check out her stuff.

Can LxCake rival Drapple from the Harry Potter fandom? Hell yeah. It beats Drapple. There's the tragedy aspect where L never finishes his cake, so the love is never full.

Please don't take any of this seriously :')

Sugar was his poison. The sweetest poison he ever knew. Every bite, every morsel, it consumed him just as much as he consumed it. He wanted more. He craved more.

This time. This time you are mine.

A shudder of thrill rippled through his body. He steadied the fork in his hand, breathing rapidly. The cake before him stood tall on his plate, enticing. A perfect balance of tastes; the delicate hints of fresh cream, the bittersweet tang of the strawberries, and that sweet, sweet poison. Sugar.

Calm, L. You can't go too fast. You know what happened last time. You can't let that happen ag—

"Ryuuzaki, are you going to eat that cake or marry it?"

Light. The bastard. He doesn't understand.

"My only intentions are to eat, Light. However, I see no reason for you to be concerned about my sexual orientation, whether it's for a human or a cake."

L pushed the plate away, his attention now focused solely on Light – or so it seemed. Though his appetite was killed, still his love's sugar-filled goodness swam through his mind. Taunting him. One step ahead, never reachable, their meetings always interrupted and never completed.

I'll finish you one day, love. I promise.