Gentle Hands and Warm Eyes

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113/? of the "Immortal Janto" series.

And I'm back again. I hope you all enjoy this new installment of the series and the adventures of our two lovely immortals, as they go about their daily lives and all that goodness.

Just because neither one of them died during their latest adventure with the Doctor didn't mean that they didn't get hurt.

It had been long and rough on everyone. Ianto was more than ready to forget that the whole thing had happened, that's how unsavory their latest Doctor-related escapade in saving the world had been.

This time, they had been halfway across the galaxy about two centuries in the future, dealing with a waylaid human ship that had managed to crash onto a jungle planet. The Doctor actually hadn't planned on getting them involved, but it was a combination of the ship's distress signal and a tractor beam buried beneath the planet's crust that had gotten them pulled in and, well, things usually went pear-shaped when the Doctor decided to get involved.

As it turned out, there was an ancient civilization that lived beneath the surface of said jungle planet. They had been driven underground by an on-going, millennia-long dispute that no one remembered how it had started. The crashing of the human vessel ended up serving as the catalyst that ended the warfare and brought along peace.

Well, the crashed vessel and the sheer outlandish stubborn nature of the Doctor.

Jack and Ianto just happened to get involved because they were with the Doctor and, as always with the Time Lord, got pulled along for the ride when he decided to intervene.

It actually wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.

That being said, Jack and Ianto had to drag themselves home from this adventure, bruised, bloodied, and thoroughly sore from solving a crisis. Jack had suffered the brunt of the injuries, which, despite his advanced healing abilities, were still present when they arrived at home.

It was only by the grace of the TARDIS that they got dropped home in the middle of the day – and they were lucky that it was a school day at that. There were far fewer prying eyes that might catch them in such a tattered state and then subsequently ask the questions that neither one wanted to answer right now. For the most part, they were able to divorce their adventures with the Doctor and their work with UNIT from the everyday humdrum life in the neighborhood. Both thrived from such a separation and it meant that Fred had something stable and normal to come home.

Still, they were extra cautious as Ianto helped Jack limp through the house. They paused briefly as Jack shrugged off his greatcoat, throwing it over the banister. Ianto managed to work his own coat off moments later, tossing it overtop Jack's coat. He honestly didn't even care to hang them up at the moment. There were other – more important – things on his mind than their coats.

Jack winced as Ianto helped him settle down into a chair in the kitchen.

"We really have to set guidelines for the Doctor," he said, opening his shirt to inspect his injuries as Ianto retrieved the first aid kit from the cabinet. His entire chest was bloody, mostly dried though, from a few long and rather nasty slashes that he had gotten from a violent confrontation prior to the opening of the peace treaty. The shirt was utterly ruined though with no chance of being salvaged, but that was a small price to pay in exchange for neither one of them dying. "Especially if there's a good chance that we might get injured or killed."

Ianto gave him a brief smile. "Or at least patch us up before dropping us off at home. He left in quite the hurry."

Jack arched an eyebrow and smirked.

"Maybe he really wanted to see Donna? She did get left behind to deal with that negotiation with the UN. You know how she is when she's right and gets to shout at a bunch of idiots."

Ianto rolled his eyes, but didn't argue that point. Instead, he opened the kit and pulled out the antiseptic, moving closer to Jack for better access to the wounds. As he began to attend to Jack's injuries, he said, "I'm worried about these though."

"Why? Afraid that my perfect skin will be disfigured." Ianto laughed and lifted his eyes to meet his husband's. Jack reached down and laid a hand on Ianto's. "I'll heal up. I always do." There was confidence in his voice, but it didn't quite allay Ianto's nerves. Jack leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss onto his lips. "You know I don't always bounce back immediately. This is just one of those times, love."


"Cross my heart."


They were quiet as Ianto finished cleaning up Jack's injuries. Once that was done, the Welshman rose and went to put away the first aid kid. Jack caught his arm, stopping him.

"Where do you think you're going with that, Yan?"

"To put it away. I'm finished with it."

Jack gave him a stern look. "Not quite yet." He got up from the chair, some energy coming back to him. "Your turn."

"Jack, I'm fine. Really."

An arm looped around his waist, strong and gentle. With very little force, Jack turned Ianto and pushed him down into the chair, dropping a kiss onto his lips and then his forehead, before taking the kit from his hands.

"Don't think so." Jack cupped Ianto's face with his free hand, thumb rubbing circles on his cheek. "Let me take care of you, love."

There was love and conviction in Jack's eyes and Ianto felt his heart melt. He didn't argue.

Jack was gentle as he tended to and cleaned Ianto's wound. He was not as badly injured as Jack had been, but enough to warrant some attention. There was very little blood, but enough to stain through his shirt to his waistcoat. His shirt was damaged almost as badly as Jack's and his waistcoat was in far better shape, though the stains were set in and there was one particularly bad cut along his left shoulder. It was going to take a lot of effort to repair it. Ianto winced internally. This was not going to be explained easily to the cleaners. He was just lucky he had decided to forgo the suit jacket.

Ianto felt Jack's hands bobble as he got to the last wound, a long slice over his heart.

"Jack?" Ianto asked, drawn out of his thoughts.

"I didn't realize you were hit here," Jack said, pressing the pads of his fingers lightly against the edges of the cut.

"It's not that bad, Jack."


Jack choked back a sob and, in a flash, had Ianto pulled into a tight embrace, his hands fisting Ianto's shirt. Ianto folded his arms around Jack as his husband pressed his face to the side of his neck. He felt the moisture of tears against his skin and heard the gentle sobs that escaped Jack's throat.

"I'm fine, Jack," he whispered, burying his nose into Jack's hair. "I'm alive. It didn't kill me."

"But it might have."

Even after all these years and with their matching abilities, death was still something they didn't treat lightly. Ianto knew that and so did Jack.

Still, he couldn't dwell on what might have happened.

"Jack Harkness," Ianto said, his voice commanding, "you listen to me. It could have been a killing blow, but it wasn't. I didn't die this time. I'm here and I'm alive." Jack pulled back to look at him, his mouth opening to say something, but Ianto stopped him with a smile and a hand on his cheek. "I know you worry every time I come close to dying. I'm the same way with you. But we both know how we are with death and, today, we didn't have to go to that place. We both got lucky and I don't want you worrying yourself silly for something that didn't happen. Do you understand me?"
There was a pregnant pause, but Jack nodded.

The other immortal slid a hand to the wound. It had been a clean cut and hadn't needed much tending to.

"Next time, please don't hide something like from me, Yan," Jack pleaded in a weak voice. "I'd like to know."

Ianto leaned forward and smiled. "Only if you promise to do the same thing."

That earned him a smile from Jack.

"Yeah, I can promise that."


Jack let his eyes slide over Ianto. "Fred's not due home for another few hours, so how about I help you out of those dirty clothes and we can take a nice long shower to clean up properly?"

Ianto laughed his agreement.

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