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"Please, tell me your joking. Mom, please!" I cried as I fell onto my bed.

"Prim, I'm so sorry. They sued us months ago. Coop and I have fought tooth and nail against them. But we lost. We didn't want to involve you in the trials and the judge said we weren't to tell you in case you decided to run. We lost, and now they have full custody of you," my mom cried onto my dead.

Hi, my name is Rosary "Primrose" Potter Halliwell. I was born on July 31, 1980 along with my twin brother Evan James Potter. My parents were excited about having twins but then we were attacked on our second Halloween. Evan was thought to have killed the darkest lord of the century Lord Voldemort. After that night my biological parents decided I wasn't good enough anymore and gave me to my biological mom's sister Petunia Dursley to raise. I was then abused till I was six. At that point I was rescued by distant relatives. The Charmed Ones; Piper, Phoebe, and Paige. Phoebe adopted me along with her husband Coop or Cupid. They had two more daughters that adored me. I finally had a real family. Then when I was 12 my Wiccan powers activated. I was a fire and water elemental. The first dual and opposite elemental in centuries. It was easy for me to control my water powers but fire wasn't. The Elders then decided to send me help. Help in the form of Cole Turner, my mom's ex-husband and a demon. He made a truce with my mom and now I can control my magic. It's been 10 years since my biological parents gave me up and now they want me backā€¦.

"Prim, we will keep fighting for you. You know that. But for now you have to go with them. They gave us till tonight to have you ready to go. Your sisters are packing a duffle bag with some of your favorite outfits, books, and other items you should take. Once they are done the five of us will join the rest of the family ate Piper's restaurant for a dinner together," my dad said. As he pulled me into his lap like he used to do when I first came here. "You'll always be our daughter."

The rest of the day was filled with goodbyes. I called all my friends and told them what happened and promised to write as soon as I could. Dinner with the rest of the family was full of tears and small goodbye presents to me. My sisters gave me a photo of the three of us together attempting to make an anniversary dinner for our parents last year. Piper, Leo, Wyatt, and Chris gave me a new guitar to replace the one I had caught fire last month due to anger over my ex-boyfriend. Paige, Henry, and their kids got me a few books I was wanting and a new collar for Korra my Shadow Wolf. My parents though gave me the best gift in my opinion. They gave me my own Book of Shadows. I was dreading going back to the house. But I would have too.

"Are you ready, Prim. The Potters should be here soon. I want you to write us every week. Remember to practice you magic. Cole will find you when it's time for your next lesson. Take care of Korra. Don't let her attack anyone. Finish-" my mom rambled on.

"Mom, I will write, and everything else you spouted of in like .3 seconds," I laugh. I love my mom but sometimes she could be a little weird. As we sat around talking the doorbell rang. "I guess that's them." I cried as tears started flowing down my cheeks.

My family walked behind me as I grabbed my duffle bag and headed towards the door. Next, to the door my guitar stood in its new case and Korra waited for me. I attached her leash and grabbed my mom. I gave some last minute hugs before I turned and opened the door. On the other side weren't the people I thought were the Potters.

"Hi, I'm Sirius Black and this is Remus Lupin. We are here to pick up Rosary. Sorry, her parents couldn't come. They had something to do," the men on the left said as he looked past me to my parents.

"I'm Rosary. But I prefer to be called Primrose since I was 8. Prim for short. It's a Halliwell tradition to have names starting with P," I said as I walked out the door with my family crying behind me. "Prue, take care of Penny. Penny, try not to phase into any walls again. I'll miss you two. Bye mom, dad. Love you. Remember Dad, I want a good looking husband." I laughed as I walked past the two men. "Well, are you coming. I can't travel long distances without know where I'm going!"

"Coming!" The first man yelled as he grabbed the other one's arm and dragged him forward. "We will take you to Hogwarts. All you need to do is grab ahold of the portkey and off we go."

With that I touched the portkey keeping a tight hold on Korra and my stuff. I felt a pull in my stomach and off we went. My life changing forever.