a couple of lonely hearts



Bolin swings into her window at eight in the morning, wearing the biggest smile she's ever seen. He pokes at her, yanking her blankets off, "C'mon, Sato! We've got a busy day ahead of us! Get up!" and she shoves her head under her pillow, mumbling.

Bolin laughs loudly, shaking her out of her sleep, and she shoots up, glaring at him, "What do you want?" she asks, a bit irritably. No one's spoken to her, save for Bolin, since they'd gotten back from the South Pole. Mako's still tiptoeing around her, and Korra's tried, but Asami doesn't really want to hear it quite yet. She loves them both dearly, but she's still a little bitter that they both got their happy endings, and she's still alone.

His expression doesn't change, despite her tone of voice, "It's a surprise." he tells her, "Just get dressed, don't even worry about your hair or anything." and he pushes her up, tossing her some clothes before leaving the room, yelling, "Hurry up!" over his shoulder.

An hour later, they're in Republic City, and he's grabbing her elbow, leading her through the streets. He's excited, jumping around, and she laughs, surprising herself, "Bolin!" she cries, "Where are we going?"

He just shakes his head at her, taking her down another street, and another, and then another. Finally, they pause at iron gates. Asami's eyes widen, "Bolin, no." she whispers, pulling away from him, but he grabs her hand, pulling her through the gates. He pushes her through the headstones, on and on and on, until they reach the only name she knows.

Tears prick at her eyes, and she sucks in a breath. Bolin's hands are on her shoulders, holding her steady. And she doesn't know why, but the dam breaks, and the tears she's trying to hold back spill onto her cheeks. Her mother's grave looks lonely, maybe just as lonely as Asami feels. She presses her fingers to her mother's name, and Bolin steps back.

It's quiet for the half hour they spend there. Asami pulls away from the headstone, wiping at her eyes, "Why?" she asks Bolin.

"I just…I thought you might be feeling a little lonely, you know, ever since your father…" he trails off, bashful. "I thought you might like some company, and not just mine." he scratches at the back of his neck, and even though tears are streaming down her cheeks, she smiles. She throws her arms around his neck, sinking into him. She's taller than him, but somehow, it works. She presses her face into his neck, sniffling, and his arms wrap around her back, holding her tightly. She hears him murmur 'it's okay, it's gonna be okay' over and over again.

And somehow, standing there, not alone for the first time in days, she's starting to believe it.