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Summary: All he can do is watch him from afar, like a distant admirer longing for him to notice his lingering presence that never leaves his side. Howard/Vince and very angsty

Title: Distance

Chapter 1

I stood across the room from him, the darkness stretching between us seeming like a never ending black hole. All I wanted was to reach out and touch him just one last time. His skin, a perfect porcelain colour became as precious as a diamond to me and I had never wanted him more. He rolled over in his sleep, a tiny moan escaping his mouth as he did. God I had missed that sound. His eyes finally opened, bright, as blue as the clearest ocean, beautiful. I was captivated. I lingered in the nook of darkness, praying that I'd become visible to him. Yet, I was unseen, a mere dark shadow creeping along the wall. Hidden. For a moment, the slightest and most insignificant of moments, time stood still. Everything seemed to stop. I considered moving just one step closer. I considered making the dream of lying next to him become a reality. I considered breaking every rule just to be with him. We were in two worlds. He was in a world of morning coffee and pancakes, sleepy phone calls and goodnight kisses. I was in a world that shouldn't have even existed, unseen and hidden. I was unknown. Just another name. Just another memory. I was fading into the never ending nothingness. I was falling into the abyss of darkness. He was only thing keeping me there, in that room. In that flat above that shop I used to work in with that shaman and that gorilla. I was caught between what my mind told me to do and my heart. My heart longed for his sweet kiss. I needed to feel those soft lips brush mine. I needed to feel those beautiful, perfect cheekbones on my stomach. I knew I could change it all; I could make him see me. Yet there was something so bittersweet about admiring him from afar. There was something like a sweet irony that I wanted it so bad yet I didn't. In that darkness, in that silence, in that room, I felt my heart ache for him. I wanted to change it. I wanted to be seen. I wanted to hear his sweet voice but I knew it would compromise everything I stood for. The moon slipped through the curtains and cascaded its light onto his face. The moonlight was like a spotlight pointing him out to me, dragging out my pain, my need, my ache for his attention. It was taunting me, reminding me I could never have what I used to have. Him. And yet in that small slip of light, he'd never looked so beautiful. His eyes and managed to fall shut again and his mind had drifted back into his dream world. I imagine he was dreaming of unicorns and all the magical times spent at the Zooniverse. I reached out and attempted to break the shield that kept him from me. The distance between us had never seemed so vast.

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