Give In To Me – Garrett Hedlund & Leighton Meester ~ V, Jack/Erica

~ My heart is set on you/ I don't want no one else/ And if you don't want me/ I guess I'll be all by myself/ Come on, come on/ Into my arms/Come on, come on/ Give into me

She had a plan.

A good plan.

One she'd put time and effort into crafting. Spending most of their waking hours in Project Aires underground bunker did not make it easy.

After all, despite their unspoken connection (and the fact that he'd been able to throw off Anna's bliss at her pleas), Jack had spent the better part of the past two decades devoted to his calling as a Catholic priest. Though he'd been defrocked, she couldn't expect him to be the one to initiate anything further than hugs or loaded, lingering touches between them.

So it came as a surprise when, after spending an evening in her quarters discussing how they were going to track down and punish whoever thought it would be funny to give Syd access to the military version of caffeine pills, Jack leaned into her personal space and pressed a hesitant kiss to her lips. For a moment, she froze before returning the attention and wrapping an arm around his shoulders to pull him closer.

Plans…never seemed to work out well for them, Erica had long since learned to adapt and, for once, this was a pleasant surprise that she felt no inclination to fight.

Just A Kiss – Lady Antebellum ~ V, Joshua/Lisa

~ No I don't want to mess this thing up/ I don't want to push too far/ Just a shot in the dark that you just might/ Be the one I've been waiting for my whole life/ So baby I'm alright, with just a kiss goodnight

Re-establishing relations with human kind hadn't been easy after Anna's deception, but Lisa knew it was well worth the effort. The very public video that showed Joshua and herself standing with members of Project Aires during the final battle that had ended Anna's reign went a long way toward that goodwill, but she understood their reticence.

Lisa found herself spending endless hours in discussions with understandably unhappy heads of state, assuring them that she was not going to be Blissing anyone. Joshua spent most of his time helping organize efforts to get medical aid out to all those who had been affected by the casual cruelty of Anna's rule. Jack was helping him while Erica tried to guide Lisa through the treacherous waters of human politics.

The months passed swiftly and things finally began to settle down. Meetings finished for the day, Lisa sat in one of the observation lounges, looking out at the moon.

A quiet whoosh announced Joshua's arrival. He was the only one who tended to seek her out, as most other V's were still reeling from lack of Bliss and new found free will.

Joshua though was her constant.

She turned to look at him as he sat, noting that his hair had grown slightly and curled a bit at the nape of his neck. Her fingers twitched with the increasingly familiar urge to touch him and she sighed.

"Lisa? What's wrong?"

At her request, he addressed her by her name. She needed to have at least one of her people who did so and there was no one she trusted more. He was peering at her, eyes soft and concerned for her well being….

Before she could talk herself out of it, Lisa leaned toward him, one hand coming up to touch the back of his neck while the other gripped the front of his shirt. When her lips touched his, Joshua went still for a moment before tentatively returning the kiss.

It was simple and sweet, soft and perfect and, when Lisa finally pulled back, she searched Joshua's face. He looked slightly dazed and his cheeks were flushed and, to her relief, he smiled at her and initiated the next kiss himself.