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"Are you sure she is in the Junkyard?" Asparagus asked the grey tabby. Munkustrap nodded, but he didn't know for sure.

"Take Jerrie into the clinic, I think I know where they might be." Munkustrap ordered the others. "Oh, I really need to go alone." The Jellicles nodded as they took Jerrie over to the clinic.

Now Munkustrap had to find Demeter. He remembered that Macavity used to have the secret hideout, it was on the other side of the Junkyard. When Munkustrap saw the hideout, it was falling to pieces. Macavity hadn't used this den in a long while. But Munkustrap saw what he never wanted to in his life. Macavity and Demeter were there, but what he was doing to her wasn't that nice. He was raping her, Munkustrap heard multiple cry's come from Demeter. He couldn't take it anymore, he needed to stop Macavity.

"MACAVITY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Munkustrap glared at the ginger tom. Macavity looked up.

"Ah, Hello Munkustrap." Macavity greeted the tom, he moved closer showing the scared Demeter. "I'm taking back what is rightfully mine." The tom glared at Munkustrap. Munkustrap ran forward to attack Macavity. Macavity countered attacked. Munkustrap jumped onto Macavity in attempt to pin him to the ground. But instead Macavity pinned the tabby down. "You can't win Munkustrap." he sneered.

"Actually you haven't won yet." Admetus and the other Jellicles came into view, Macavity laughed. He wasn't going to be beaten by some weaklings.

"GET HIM" Tumble shouted to the tribe, and that they did. All of the Jellicles bolted towards Macavity. Macavity on the other paw was frighted for the first time, he had loads of cats running towards him with angry looking faces. Demeter saw this as her chance to run. So did Munkustrap, he ran over to where Demeter was and huddled up to her whilst the Jellicles fought with Macavity. Within minutes Macavity had disappeared from the Junkyard.

"Are you okay Demeter? I'm sorry that I let that happen." Munkustrap told the shaking queen. She didn't answer. Munkustrap knew that she was too shook up to talk, so he continued to hug her.

"We're better than the great Rumpus cat." Tumble then shouted while jumping up and down.

"SHUT UP." All of the Jellicles said back. Tumble looked down, maybe he did say it at the wrong time. Munkustrap held Demeter up and took her to the clinic.

When they walked into the clinic they saw that Jelly was treating Jerrie, Jenny was no where to be seen.

"Where's Jenny?" Munkustrap asked the elder queen.

"She upset so i sent her to get some rest." Jelly told the grey tabby. "Is Demeter okay?"

"I don't know, when I got to her Macavity was raping her." Munkustrap spoke as he started to cry.

"It's okay, Just lie her down on the bed over there. I'll be over in a bit." Jelly ordered the tom as she continued to treat Jerrie's wounds. She put a wet towel over one of his cuts on his stomach, Jerrie flinched. "Don't be a baby Jerrie, Its only cold water. Anyway I have to go check on Demeter, I'll be back in a minute." Jerrie nodded his head as she walked off.

She told Munkustrap to step away while she helped Demeter.

"How are you feeling Jerrie?" He asked the calico.

"Fine, still a little sore but fine." Jerrie told the tabby back as he yawned. He was really tired.

"I'll let you sleep then. Bye Jerrie." Munkustrap waved the tom and left the clinic. Jerrie fell asleep within seconds, Teazer came up to her bruised brother. She was so glad he was alive.

"Teazer." Jenny and Skimble walked into the clinic. They both came round Jerrie's bed. Teazer saw that Jenny had been crying and put her arm round her mother. Jenny smiled, she had the perfect family.

"Is Jerrie alright?" Etectera came bouncing in. Her mother nodded and picked up the kitten. They all stood round Jerrie's bed in silence. They had there family altogether, there was nothing more perfect.

"Alright, Demeter you can go but please go careful." Demeter nodded as she walked out of the clinic. Munkustrap was waiting outside for her.

"Come on, Its been a hard day. You should get some rest." Munkustrap told his mate, she walked straight up to him and gave him a kiss. "Whats that for?" Munkustrap laughed as they parted.

"For saving me." She giggled back as the walked off to their den.

Cassandra and Alonzo were sat on the tyre, Cassandra was humming a lullaby to Felicity.

"Aren't they a cute couple." Alonzo told Cassandra as Munkustrap and Demeter walked pass.

"Yeah. But I feel sorry for what Demeter had to put up with." She said back. "Can you take Felicity back to the den, she looks tired." Alonzo nodded and took the kitten off Cassie. After a while Alonzo came back. "Is she asleep?"

"Yes, she fell asleep on the way there." He laughed, "So, what should we do now?"

"I don't know," Cassandra said as Alonzo sat beside and cuddled her. "Look a shooting star, make a wish Alonzo." Cassie pointed out the star.

"My wish has already come true." He told the brown queen and kissed her.

"Mine too." She whispered into his ear.

Tanto walked passed the pair of cats. Her mind was with Jerrie , she needed to know if he was alright. She walked into the clinic and saw that Jerrie was surrounded by his family. Jenny saw her walk in and motioned her family away from the bed. Tanto nodded her head in approval. "Jerrie?" She spoke to the sleeping tom as she sat on the side of his bed. "Jerrie, I know that the Jellicle ball was ruined but I still think of you as my mate. I hope next year we will be able to do the mating dance together." She told the tom.

"I hope so to." Jerrie opened his eyes. Tanto smiled and hugged him. This was going to be her future mate, the tom she loved since she was a kitten. "And I hope Macavity never shows up ever again. For his sake, i'm ready to beat him up for hurting my family and friends." Tanto laughed at the tom.

"Get some sleep, I'll be waiting for you in the morning." And with that she left for her den. Jerrie closed his eyes again hoping tomorrow would come faster. This was how he liked his life, in the hands of his family and queenfriend. Macavity could never ruin this, sure he could kidnap us but when he did, all the Jellicles would team up and take him down.

Thank you so much for reading. I'm not really good at endings so it might not be that good. :( My next Multichapter is called Forbidden Love, its a Teazer/Macavity one.

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