Marry Me – Train ~ Law & Order UK, Matt/Alesha

~ Now that the weight has lifted/ Love has surely shifted my way/ Marry Me/ Today and every day/ Marry Me

Nearly dying had a way of putting things into perspective, of making you appreciate every moment you had with the people you loved.

Matt Devlin found that out the hard way.

His memories of the first few days post-surgery were vague and drug addled, but he knew Alesha had been with him when he woke. He could clearly see her relieved smile and happy tears, remember how she kissed his cheek.

She was there almost as often as his mom (who made no bones telling Matt that she heartily approved of Alesha, thought she was such a lovely, smart girl) and once he was out of intensive care, brought take away and announced they were having a date night.

A first date in a hospital. It wasn't romantic, but it would make a good story to tell any potential children.

Several months later, after completing the physical therapy that helped him rebuild lung capacity, they shared another dinner, this time in a real restaurant.

When he got down on one knee, small velvet box in hand, she didn't hesitate to say yes.