The Attack

Disclaimer: I don't own either forms of Sonic. Sorry for the Mix up with SatAM and Archie Versions.

Sega Robotnick opens his eyes slowly. Then they bug out and he sits upward. He turns is head to the left and sees a Swatbot. He turns to the right and sees a roboticized rabbit. For one of the few times in his life Dr. Eggman Robotnick was more than scared. He was Terrified.

"Welcome new comer. Welcome to Robotropolis." Came a voice. (Note: I personally think the two Robotnicks from the Archie comics sound like the SatAM voice.) Sega Robotnick looked and saw HIMSELF.

"What is this? Where am I? Who are you?" Sega Robotnick yelled.

"I am Dr. Ivo Robotnick. Well, sort of. Who do I have the honor of meeting?" Robotnick asked.

"Dr. Eggman Robotnick." Sega Robotnick said with a stutter. (Note: I may be wrong about this, but I'm sure it's Eggman in Sonic Adventures 1 or 2)

"Ah, so we don't have the same first name, that'll make things a lot less complicated." Robotnick said. "As you've probably guessed this is not your home world, or should I say your home Dimension. You are still on Mobius just another version. I know exactly how you feel."

"HOW CAN YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL?" Sega Robotnick yelled.

"Well, I am not from this dimension either. The original Robotnick of this universe is dead. I defeated my dimensions Sonic and came to fill the void. I must say that you have quit a build compared to the other Robotnick." Robotnick said.

Sega Robotnick noticed a bandage around his arm. He removed it and noticed a small hole that indicated a shot was given to him. "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?"

"It was to give you immunity to my touch. For anyone who touches me will be roboticized. In other words, make them physically robot forever and completely under my control." Robotnick said.

"Tell me something, does this universe have Emeralds?" Sega Robotnick asked.

"Yes, unfortunately, since the Floating Island was destroyed we have not been able to find it." Robotnick said.

"I may have an idea where." Sega Robotnick said with a grin.

In Knothole

"Man, and I thought our Robotnick was evil." Sega Sonic said after hearing the history of the Freedom Fighters.

"Well your Robotnick has made more deadlier machines than either of ours, except for the Roboticizer that is." Sally said.

Just then Tails flew in. "Guys, we've got a distress signal from Knuckles, he's under attack by Robotnick."

"But how, Buttnick never had a clue to look in the ancient Encieda (probably spelt wrong) village (This is a guess, I never truly read the comics, just from various web pages.). Sonic said.

"Ah no." Sega sonic said.

"What?" Sally asked.

"There's an ancient Encieda village in our world and our Robotnick knows where it is. That must mean he's alive and with your Robotnick." Sega Sonic said.

"This is not good." Sally said.

"Yeah not only is it just two Robotnicks, but one is deadly and one makes deadly machines. Those two make a totally uncool mix man." Sonic said.

"Still, we've got to help Knuckles, those two might be after the emerald." Sally said.

"I hear ya Sal. You guys care to join us." Sonic asked.

"We'd thought you'd never ask." Sega Sonic said.

At the Ancient Encieda Village

Knuckles is blasting some of the Swatbots but they keep on coming. "Man, how could they have figured this out, and why. This Robotnick hasn't been able to figure out a way to harness the emeralds power." Just then he saw a sight that gave him a shock. TWO ROBOTNICKS! 'What Impossible.'

"I shall deal with that green abomination." Sega Robotnick said.

"I how, may I ask, can you survive an attack from him, whose power is near that of the emerald itself?" Robotnick asked.

"Don't forget, I know how to deal with the emeralds and their energies." Sega Robotnick said. He jumped off the ship and landed on the ground near Knuckles. He walked slowly towards him.

"I don't know what you are but take this." Knuckles said and he blasted several energy beam of some sort at Sega Robotnick. Unfortunately it didn't work, it seemed to have no effect. "WHAT NO WAY!"

"Ha ha ha ha! I know more about your emeralds then you think." He ripped off his shirt and showed a mechanical device of some sort. "This device absorbs any for close to that of a Chaos Emerald, upon this it combines it and can send it back." He fired it at Knuckles, a direct hit, Knuckles was down. "MWA HA HA HA! What, are your emerald powers no use." Sega Robotnick laughed.

"What about non emerald power Buttnick." A voice said. Sega Robotnick turned around and saw Sega Sonic and his friends along with Sonic and the Freedom Fighters.

"Well, it appears my counterpart has his hands full. Snivly send in the Swatbots to help." Robotnick said.

"Yes Sir." Snivly said. "All troops report to the ground station Robotnick."

All of the Swatbots came in.

"Aw man." Sonic said.

"No problem, Knuckles." Sega Sonic said. "Show them you live up to your namesake."

"You got it." Sega Knuckles said. He jumped up and used his glide attack. Then he rammed his knuckles into the Swatbots in front of him and impaled each of them. He continued until he got to Sega Robotnick and slashed his machine before getting uppercut by him. He landed next to the other Knuckles.

"Ah, you'll pay for this hedgehogs." Sega Robotnick said. He ran at them with his fist in the air.

"Wow, I've never seen Buttnick with such a build before. Bunny." Sonic said.

"You got it sugar." Bunny said. She grabbed Sega Robotnick with her robot arm and threw him into the a bush.

"Care to join me in taking down some Swat Trash." Sonic asked Sega Sonic.

"You know it." Sega Sonic said. The two revved up and dashed around all of the Swatbots. Destroying them all.


"Blast, we didn't get that emerald." Robotnick said, ramming his fist to the wall, making a dent.

"Don't be so sure." Sega Robotnick said revealing a BLUE Emerald (This worlds is green).

"Can it be?" Robotnick asked.

"Yes, apparently the emeralds from my dimension survived and are here on this planet. Once we find them, we will be unstoppable."

The two laughed.

In Knothole

"Chalk one up for the good guys." Sonic said.

"Yes, think of what would have happened if both Robotnicks got the emerald." Sally said.

In Amy's Hut

"So Amy, how long have you been with the Freedom Fighters." Sega Amy asked.

"Since I was Six." Amy said.

"Ah, twelve years eh." Sega Amy said.

"No, two years." Amy said.

"Wait, that would make you eight, yet you look like me, about eighteen." Sega Amy said.

"Well, I may look eighteen, but I'm not. You see, I wished upon a magical acorn and I grew up so I wouldn't be treated like a kid anymore. It was, if I recall, right before the Chaos incident." Amy said.

"Wait." Sega Amy said. "You mean there was a Chaos incident too? That happened in my dimension too, and that was the first time Sonic saw me since I was Six. Strange, it's as if some events are still connected to both dimensions."

In Sonics Hut

"So there used to be Rings in this Dimension too." Sega Sonic asked.

"Yep, they sped up my speed and everything." Sonic said.

"Way past cool, the ones in my dimension didn't do anything as far as I know." Sega Sonic said.

"Too bad there aren't anymore." Sonic said. The two nodded.

"Still you told me that you can become Super Sonic and Hyper Sonic Almost at will? You don't need the emeralds?" Sega Sonic asked.

"Yep, that's about it. I can past threw things and go super fast and I'm invulnerable." Sonic said with pride.

"Well can you go so fast you destroy all enemies in a flash." Sega Sonic said sarcastically.

"No." Sonic said slowly.

"Ha, I can." Sega Sonic said. "So I guess I'm more powerful."

"No Way." Sonic said.

"Yes Way." Sega Sonic said.

The two continued to bicker for hours.

Meanwhile in Robotropolis

"At last a creation we both have made before. Made by us they were equal to Sonic." Robotnick said.

"But now, together, we have made him perfect, surpassing Sonic. The Ultimate Robo-Sonic." Sega Robotnick said.

We see Robo-Sonic and his eyes are glowing red.

Will this Robo-Sonic really beat Sonic, both of them that is? Who will get all of the Emeralds? Who will win? Find out, after a lot of reviews (A TON THAT IS!).