This Means Wars- Drop Dead Diva Style

This fanfic is in the style of the film "This Means War" starring Chris about two guys dating the same girl they are best friends/secrete agents, After thinking and the impending closure of recent fanfic of "The Test of True love." I've decided to twist things make this movie to come to life in the Drop Dead Diva land let Grayson and Owen date Jane at the same time without Jane know of course will there be a sex tie breaker well, keep reading to find out.

Chapter 1: How it all began

Everything is fair when it come to love and war, Jane Bingum could that expression to the bank was reflect the past 6 weeks as her life was a roller-coaster when it came to love. She had everything she wants a successful lawyer but she one problem she was in love with two men the only she thought thanks to the advice from her witty assistant, Teri, and best friend, Stacey to date both these guys, now she was alone force to choose between two great guys that she loved, one guy, Grayson she loved for 3 years work, stood by him as a friend and has never notice her till she started dating Owen, a judge who was sweet and was breath of fresh air. She needed time to reflect on past events how things got so messy as started 6 weeks ago.

Six weeks ago.

Jane walked in her office at Harrison and Parker, uncertain, as what the day had in store for her, she greeted by Teri, hand her a donut and coffee, she said,

"Hey there, Boss."

"Good morning, Teri."

"Grayson, is your office, he wants to speak with you privately."

Jane smiled, "He does,"

"What is that smile about."

"Nothing, Teri, just happy to know Co-worker, wants to see me, hey Teri, go why do take a coffee break."

"Really, it sounds like you are trying to get rid of me, Jane."

"Not at all," Jane lied, "You've been working hard, and you deserve a break, it is my treat." Jane giving Teri 20 bucks. Which Teri, accepted an head out the door,

Jane entered smiled to see Grayson as he started to shut blinds he smirked at her saying, "Good morning, Jane."

Jane helping him shut the blinds, as she reply, "Good morning, Grayson," as soon as the blind was shut Jane and Grayson immediately embrace each other with a passionate kiss, hands all over each breathes in between saying how crazy this was them together sneaking around in the office making between morning and lunch breaks, it was excited, but Jane somewhat her guilty for fooling around like this especially that she was also dating, she surprise that neither man as figure what going after all Owen was a Judge and Grayson was a lawyer it was a matter of time before they both figure it out and she want to hurt either guy but she couldn't help but love being around Grayson so passionate and romantic, as Owen was sweet and intelligent.

Despite her guilt that was not stopping her and Grayson making out in Jane's office as they settling down the couch, Jane made she was looking for anyone coming towards her office, while Grayson was kissing her neck, Jane lean back upside she saw Owen coming towards her office, she immediately pushed Grayson off her as fell on the floor, she told him someone was coming to get dress as coat was off his crooked and dress shirt half unbutton, as Grayson buttoning up, she was fixing herself up saw, that Teri, and Owen were talking, nervous she saw that Grayson fixed up he asked,

"So what about dinner tonight?"

"Umm, let me think about it, talk at lunch okay."

Grayson smirked; he kissed one last time as they pull blinds up, without anyone noticing. Then she and Grayson, walked out of her office, Grayson winked at Jane, as went to his office. As Grayson left, Jane was greeted by Owen and Terri, Owen, with banquet of daisies kissing on the cheek, and said,

"Hello, my counselor, what lovely morning it is?"

"Yes, it is, why thank you for the flowers, they are beautiful,"

Owen said, "Not as beautiful as you are, "

Teri reply, "How sweet, here Jane, I will take those for you, put them in water and a vase."

"Thanks, Teri."

Terri left, as Owen, "I thought I would surprise, I had a lovely dinner with you last night."

"Me too," Jane agreed, also remember how after that she and Grayson went out dancing.

"So, I was wondering, I know, this great club. They have good, music, dancing and comedy, what do you say?"

Thinking to herself is she had anything plan with Grayson, if she should switch then, "Sound great, 7pm."

"7pm it is, till then may lady," Owen kissed her hand as Owen left.

Jane sighed in stressed but dating two guys at same time is not as easy as it looks. Teri returned with the daisies, as she followed Jane into her office, seeking advice she asked, Teri,

"Teri, what do you think about Owen? "

"He is a sweet, I mean he is no Grayson Kent, but he is pretty decent."

"Wait, why would compare him to Grayson."

"Jane, I am idiot, okay, but I know why those blinds were shut. What you and Grayson were doing behind those blinds."

Jane let herself flop on her desk chair, "Great you know, does everyone know?"

"No, and don't think they would care, except for Owen."

"Oh Owen, Teri, Owen, have a great time, together, but Grayson, god I am in big mess, what should I do? I don't know if I can keep this going."

Teri not sure why Jane was complained to be she thought Jane to be lucky to be dating two great guys, "Jane! Get a Grip stop, beating yourself up, guys do this all time, Why not you, you are just exploring your options."

Teri, left, Jane, asking Teri, was no help at all. What she suppose, Work, work will help her keep her occupy till she had lunch with Grayson later.