Drop Dead Diva This means war

Chapter 7: Owen's date

It was Saturday night she was happy for the rest of the week since the fainting accident she took some time off as she was at home relaxing get some rest but, for some reason she couldn't sleep as she keep having these nightmares that Grayson and Owen knew everything, and they were forcing her to choose. So she settle for the next best thing did what Jane did was work on crossword puzzles, in her old life she would never do that kind of thing with Grayson, but not she got to do with him every morning she got do it with him when she got to work.

What was more sweet about it she and Grayson would give each other kisses for every correct answer, After finishing her crossword puzzle she decided why not watch an old movie maybe, Gone with the wind or Casablanca and then she took a glance the real Jane's movie collection, she was sure into the classics, she couldn't any movie higher than 2007, which stinks but she saw something that peeked her interest which was "Willa Wonka, Chocolate factory," She remember watch this movie with her dad he would sing to her all the songs, and would try to sing along with me, he would always complement her on singing like the pompulas,

So she got the dvd, was ready to but it when she heard the knock on the door, She sighed as she walked toward the doors, looked through the peekhole to see it what was Terri. Surprised to see her, especially on weekend she open the door and asked, "Terri, What are you doing here?
"That is nice, good evening to you too, Jane is Stacey here?"

"No, she is out on a date?"

"Darn, okay then fine, um I am not good with the fashion thing, but you might need to help me with that department."

Jane asked, "Why, "

Terri said, "Cause you got a date?"

"With whom, and why wasn't I notify."

"Why, Jane, don't you take a look at your texts on your cell phone."

Jane grabbed her phone, took a look to find 6 missed messages all from Owen, as she was shocked "Owen, I got a date with Owen, I completely forgot. Darn it and he is coming in 30 mins, shoot. Terri, help need to get ready."

"That is why I am here, also here to inform you that I will be following you tonight, "

Jane open up her closet she asked Terri, "Terri, you are not my mother, I don't need to be followed, "

"That is sweet Jane, to consider me as a mother figure, but I am here as a impartial third party, to help make the biggest decision in your love life."

Jane then came out the closet and asked for the opinion as causal outfit, dark jeans, and silk maroon top, "What about this, Teri, and thanks I need all the help I can get."

"Looks good, Owen did inform me nothing fancy."

Jane said, "Great she just need to get dress up. Make yourself at home in the living room."

So Terri did what she was told, but instead of making herself comfortable Teri decided to some intel on Jane to help Grayson and Owen do their dates, and was she notice was Jane's crossword puzzles, and that her favorite kind of movies were musicals and her favorite movie was Willy Wonka, and the Chocolate Factory. So She got her cell phone, and decided to give Grayson the intel on Owen's date, and so she called Grayson, Grayson cooking his dinner, ironically about to Crossword puzzle or two, then Grayson heard the phone ring, he picked it up, as said,


"Grayson, Terri, here with the 411 on Jane."

"Teri, it is late, but since you are informing about Jane what's the deal?'

"The deal Jane was thinking about you tonight."

Grayson smirked "She was what makes you think that?"

"Well, I see book of crossword puzzles and I know how you every morning at work do them."

"Okay, what else, Teri."

"Jane was about to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." Terri said

Grayson was surprise as that was Deb favorite movie, but he shook it off as the movie spark an idea, "Okay thanks, Teri, I got an idea for date with Jane tomorrow night, but I need your help, do you anyone who make me a golden ticket by tonight."

"Yeah, but it is gonna to cost ya."

"Fine, good have for me by midnight before Jane gets home from her date with Owen."

Jane came out as Teri paniced and quickly said, "Okay. On my way, bye"

Jane curious, "Who were talking to?"

"Actually, Grayson." Teri Admitted

"What Grayson, why does he know about me and Owen." Jane freaking out

Teri trying to calm Jane down as she said, "No, he was just calling me as he needs assistance with this medieval case."

Jane gave out a sigh of relief as she said, "Okay. Well how do I look?"

"You great Jane." She hugged hug and said, "Good luck, relax, and have fun."

Then the doorbell rang, they knew it was as Jane open the door, happy to see a handsome Casual Owen standing in front her with beautiful flowers, Jane greeted him with a kiss on the cheek, and took the flowers, as she said

"Thank you, these are beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you are looking tonight."

Jane blushing, "Thank you, " Then she turn to Teri and asked, "Can you please these flowers in a vase for me."

"Sure, no problem," she took the flowers, as she told Owen, "Have her home by 12 midnight."

Jane sighed, "Teri."

"What you consider me a mother figure, I was just doing my motherly duties." Teri smirked

Jane and Owen laughed as they left the house, Owen said, "Ready for an adventure, my lady."

"Why yes sir, lead the way."

As Owen lead Jane to his car, was the upmost gentleman, opening and closing the door for her they drove up under stars and moon with the incredible view of the Hollywood sign. Jane amazing how beautiful the night sky was and the lights shining down the Hollywood sign. Jane looking at Owen she had to admit something to him.

So Jane told him, "Owen, I am going to admit something to you."

Owen thinking wow she has realized already she wants to be with me only me. But keeping his composure said, "Tell me what."

"After years, of living here all my life, I never took the time to stop and experience L.A like this, now here I am with you soaking this amazing sight, thank you Owen." Jane lean towards kisses him softly on the lips.

Owen sighed kind of disappointed, but then he adore her, and was happy to be here with her, but the night was far more than just soaking the moonlight sight of Hollywood, as Owen informed her.

"Well, Jane there is more to do this date." He got out a picnic basket, Jane smiled as Owen said, "Come on let's get out it is nice night for evening picnic under the stars and dancing. Which would like first?"

Jane couldn't stop smiling this date couldn't get any better, as she answered, "Dancing"

"Dancing it is," Owen said, as he got his itouch, put on his playlist entitled "Romancing Jane." He pick the first which is "Someday We'll Know by Jonathan Foreman and Mandy Moore From the movie A Walk to Remember"

As they were dancing Jane couldn't help but singing to Owen the following lyrics

Someday we'll know

Why Samson loved Delilah...

One day I'll go

Dancing on the moon...

Someday you'll know

That I was the one for you...

After dancing, and the picnic, it was close to midnight as Owen decide to drive her back home, as they were tried, Jane so happy she went out tonight especially with Owen he was sweetest man definitely a romantic, she hated lying to him, but still she had feelings for Grayson too. So she hope that if she didn't choose Owen that he would understand why so she told him before kissing him goodnight

"Owen, you are simply , one the sweetest guys. I have ever dated."

"Well, why thank you, Jane, I will see you Thursday for our next adventure."

"Is our next adventure more dressy?" Jane giggled

Owen chuckled, "Yes, will pick you up at 7pm." He looked that the clock and seen it was midnight so without notice Owen kissed passionate and she kissed him with the much passion as he did with her then the parted lips as Jane got the car and watch Owen drive way.

Jane got to her doorstep, as she notice something paste to her door, card with her favorite chocolate bar "Mr. Goodbar" she open the card as it said,

Open the candy, you might just get lucky, love Grayson

Without hesitation she open the candy bar, and found a golden ticket that read, Jane's romantic golden ticket, redeem to Grayson Kent, for a romantic evening that requires formal wear.

Then Jane felt her phone vibrate and it was text from Grayson saying, "Pick you up Tomorrow night 7pm. Reply back yes or no preferably yes, please."

Jane giggle as text Grayson back "Yes , see you at 7pm , miss you, Grayson."

Grayson was awaken by his cell phone and he immediately jump out of bed knowing it is was reply to his date request, happy to see Jane text back "Yes," but what love the most and that he was being missed. Now it was Grayson's turn to step up to the plate and make his date 10 times better than Owen's