Rule Number 1

Ahmed Adoodie was sad. How could he not be? He was on his way to the Hunger Games, to the arena, where he'll probably die in a horrific way.

Yep, he was sad.

He was sitting in the hovercraft, dreading the minute it will land. Because when it'll land, he will be closer to death.

The worst thing? His best friend, Joy Kil, was on her way to the arena right now. They will fight together there. They will die together there.

He shifted in his place painfully. He felt like he was sitting on something, but couldn't tell what it was. It was hard.

He decided he couldn't take it any longer, it was getting quite impossible to enjoy his first and last ride in a hovercraft because of it, and so he got up from his seat and lifted the not-comfortable-at-all cushion he was sitting on.

The thing that bothered him so much was, apparently, a piece of paper.

Yes, he could feel the piece of paper under him even with the cushion there.

He was just sensitive like that.

It was like The Princess and the Pea, only... not.

Anyway. He grabbed the piece of paper and sat back down in his seat. He looked at it.

On the paper was written something.

A list.

" - …Hey, Joy Kil," Ahmed Adoodie said before they walked to their separate rooms to be launched to the arena. " – look what I found!"

Joy Kil looked at the paper. "A… paper?"

"Not just any paper!" Ahmed Adoodie said proudly. "Look what's written there. Look at the title!"

Joy Kil looked at the title. "20 things you're not allowed to do in the arena."

"20 things you're not allowed to do in the arena!" Ahmed Adoodie repeated excitedly. "And guess what, Joy Kil?"

"What?" Joy Kil asked Ahmed Adoodie.

"We're going to do all of them."

"All of them?"


"But… don't you think the Gamemakers will send a mutt at us for doing all the things we're not allowed to do in the arena?"

"Oh, stop being such a kill joy! Live a little! After all, we only have about… ten minutes before we die."

Joy Kil looked at him, then at the list, then back at him.

"Okay," She said finally. "Let's do it!"

10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…


And they were off!

All of the contenders stepped off their platforms and ran. Some of them ran to the Cornucopia, some of them to the woods, and some of them just died.

And then…

"OOOHHHH!" Ahmed Adoodie sang loudly.

"What the…?" One of the tributes asked, looking at the idiot tributes from District Eight.

And then Ahmed Adoodie and Joy kil started singing.

"You must think we're crazy,

You must think we're strange.

But in this horrid place,

There's one thing we still HAVE!"

"They lost it," The girl from District Five murmured as one of the Careers killed her with a knife.

" … IT'S MUSIC! OH YEAH, IT'S MUSIC!" Ahmed Adoodie and Joy Kil sang loudly.

"Okay, that's enough," The Career girl from District Two said and grabbed an axe, wanting to throw it at the stupid tributes.

And then they started running, changing the song in the process.

"We're in the middle of a battle, trying to escape!

We're in the middle of a battle, OOH! Don't get hit by the AXE!"

"Come on, let me kill them," The Career boy from District One said as he grabbed a mace.

He started spinning it in the air close to them as they ran, but they kept running.

"We're running away, running away, oh!

Running away, running away, oh-oh!"

"Oh, kill them already!" The Career girl from District One shouted at her District Partner.

"I'm trying!" The Career boy from District One shouted back, sounding desperate. He tried to hit them with his mace, but he couldn't. "They just… they sing so beautifully!"

"And we're turning to the left – " The sang as they turned left, where the Career boy from District Four was waiting for them.

" – And then back to the right!" Then sang as they turned in the opposite direction the moment the boy from District Four tried to hit them with a sword.

"Oh dear god, just let them run away!" The Career girl from District Four cried, trying to block the noises of the singing tributes with her hands. "I can't stand it anymore!"

"No!" The Career boy from District Four screamed as he ran towards the singing tributes. He stopped in front of them, his sword in hand, and smirked. He was about to hit them with the sword when…

"Stop! In the name of love!

Before you break my nose!"

"I wasn't about to break your nose…" The Career boy from District Four mumbled.

"At first we were afraid, we were petrified,

Kept thinking we could never live with you by our sides…"

The District Four boy looked at his Career friends, asking for backup.

He got none.

"Go on now! Go walk to your friends!

Just turn around now,

'Cause you're not welcome anymore,

Weren't you the one who tried to hurt us with this sword,

Do you think we'd crumble?

Did you think we'd lay down and die?"

"Well, that was my goal…" The Career boy said, embarrassed.


"Oh, just let them GO!" The Career boy from District One cried, wiping a tear from his eye.

And so, the Career boy from District Four looked at the singing Ahmed Adoodie and Joy Kil, then moved away and let them go.

They ran away, singing. When they got far enough, they stopped running and smiled at each other.

"'Sing at the Cornucopia like morons', check!"

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