Rule Number 8

Harry Butt was quite surprised the next day. Ahmed and Joy didn't talk about anything that happened last night, they just acted like the whole thing never happened.

He would've been worried about them and their stupidity and craziness if he actually gave a damn about them.

That's what happens when people tie you up against a tree; you don't like them after that.

The weirdest part though was that almost no one died in the last few days, no one tried to attack them, not a tribute nor a mutt, and they were left alone since the day started.

Weird, but not unwelcomed.

Joy Kil looked around her at the trees and sighed loudly. "I want to eat something so bad," She stated out loud. There were almost no fruits on the trees, and most of the fruits that actually were attached to the trees' branches were all unrecognizable, so they were probably all poisoned.

Except for one distant tree.

"Are those bananas?" Ahmed asked and looked at that said distant banana tree, his eyes wide with amazement.

"Am I dreaming?" Joy Kil asked, blinking hard as if thinking the tree might disappear.

"Oh, it's a miracle!" Ahmed roared excitedly, and Harry Butt couldn't help but think again about how weird it was that no one discovered their highly unprotected hiding place yet.

Joy Kil and Ahmed Adoodie both ran to the tree, and Harry Butt had no choice but stay in his place against the tree, looking at them with narrowed eyes.

"Can you climb?" Ahmed asked Joy as she looked at the tree up and down. It was a very big tree.

Joy Kil shook her head, and Ahmed sighed.

He tried to climb the tree, but barely made it a few meters off the ground and fell. Joy Kil tried after him, but was even worse than him.

They looked at the bananas with hungry eyes.

Joy Kil then dropped her gaze to the ground, disappointed, and suddenly her face lit up.

"Ahmed Adoodie!" She practically shouted, making Ahmed jump in surprise and Harry snicker.

Heehee, I made a doodie…

"What, Joy Kil?" Ahmed Adoodie asked, raising an eyebrow.

Joy Kil pointed at the ground, somewhere next to the tree, and Ahmed followed her gaze. His eyes lit up too, and Harry, who couldn't see the thing they were looking at oh-so-excitedly, squinted his eyes real hard and tried to see what they were looking at.

"I can't believe my eyes," Ahmed murmured and knelt to the ground. He grabbed the thing he and Joy were looking at and held it to the light. Harry could see it now – long, yellow…

"A banana," Ahmed said, looking awed.

"A reachable banana," Joy said, smiling at the reachable banana.

"And it's all ours," Ahmed said, excited.

"So, what do you want to do with it?"

Ahmed smiled at Joy Kil as if she were stupid. Which she was, of course. "Oh, my dear Joy Kil," Ahmed said, shaking his head with a smile. "I think it's pretty obvious what we should do with such an edible, fresh banana."

"Oh, all cheer and praise the goddess of all the bananas!"

Joy Kil and Ahmed Adoodie both bowed to the banana, which was resting against a big rock, being a banana.

"Oh, The Great Banana, may you bring joy and happy to us, your loyal subjects," Joy and Ahmed said, bowing again and again and again.

Harry Butt really wanted to throw his shoe at them, but decided against it, because he couldn't reach his shoe even if he wanted to and he didn't want to be shoeless at night.

"We should build The Great Banana a throne!" Ahmed announced, looking excited.

Joy Kil raised an eyebrow. "Right, because we always build thrones to bananas."

"That could be our first try at building thrones to bananas."

"An acquired skill."

"Indeed it is."

Joy Kil looked around her, then smiled and ran to a nearby bush. Behind it were several flowers, and she picked them up and walked back to The Great Banana.

"Oh, The Great Banana, please accept this humble present as a show of gratification for being our leader and ruler."

The Great Banana stayed quiet, still being a banana.

"I think she likes it," Ahmed smiled approvingly.

Harry smacked his head against the tree, hoping that it'd cause so much damage he'll pass out and won't have to witness the two tributes' stupidity.

It didn't help.


It turned dark, and Joy Kil and Ahmed Adoodie went to check on The Great Banana after letting it have its beauty sleep.

They froze when they got to it.

"Oh, no," Joy Kil said, sounding sad.

"Our Great Banana looks like a Granny Banana now," Ahmed said gravely.

Joy Kil sighed. "Well, I guess we have no other choice but to eat it now."

Ahmed's eyes widened at her words. "What? Are you crazy?"

'Yes', Harry Butt thought to himself, but being the polite boy that he was, he didn't say it out loud.

Joy Kil frowned at Ahmed. "It's still edible."

"It's wrinkled and disgusting. It's rotten."

"It's not rotten, it's like honey!"

"A rotten honey."

"There's no such thing as rotten honey."

"Our Granny Banana just turned into a rotten honey, so yes, there is such a thing."

Joy Kil rolled her eyes. "You're such a baby," She said, then threw away the banana. "Happy now?"

Ahmed looked at her, shocked. "What did you do? You just threw away our leader!"

"It's rotten and old. It can't lead us anymore, not like it used to."

"Age is wisdom, you stupid Joy Kil. This Banana could've been to us what Papa Smurf was to the other Smurfs."

As the two started bickering like an old married couple again, Harry Butt smacked his head again against the tree, this time actually succeeding in what he was trying to do and pass out.

Thank God.

After making sure everything was okay with a passed out Harry – for some reason the weird boy smacked his head against a tree. He was probably going crazy – Joy Kil took the list out of her pocket.

"'Worship a banana', check!" She said, drawing a V next to the eighth rule and smiling happily.

I feel bad for Harry Butt. But am I letting him escape the two crazy teenagers? Absolutely NOT!

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