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"I can see you, you stupid man."

Natalya watched in disgust and disbelief as the brown curl twitched in surprise and the young man tumbled out of the bushes.

Martino stood up and brushed the dirt off of his overalls. He picked the leaves out of his dark brown hair and flashed Natalya a charming whitened smile.

"Ah, my dear, why must you reject me?" The Sammarinese asked as he advanced toward Natalya.

The Belarusian sneered and crossed her arms. "You can't take a hint, can you?" she spat. "I don't like you."

Martino looked hurt but recovered quickly. He laughed softly and said, "My reason for returning," he said, "is in the fact that I can't resist you. You're so cute."

Natalya frowned but felt her face heat up. She huffed and said, "Stop giving me these damned baskets, at least." She picked up the latest of a series of gift baskets off of her front step that Martino had given her. The gift basket contained local wines and sweets from Martino's country, amongst a bouquet of cyclamens.

Martino smiled sheepishly. He reached into the basket and pulled a cyclamen out of the bouquet. "Just let me do this," he said kindly. He leaned closer toward Natalya and fixed the flower into her hair, the vivid magenta contrasting against the lightness of her hair.

Natalya pushed the basket into Martino's hands. "Get out of here!" She screeched. "I don't want to see you!"

Martino stepped away cautiously, knowing the girl's murderous temper. He smiled again as he left, saying, "Until we meet again, my love!"

Natalya growled as she reached into the folds over her dress and pulled out a knife. She threw the sharp projectile and hit a tree near Martino.

Martino's eyes widened, but he ran off and laughed. "Ciao, cara!" he called.

Natalya slammed her door shut and grabbed the cyclamen out from behind her ear, preparing to stomp on it. That flower remind her exclusively of the annoying man from the south with the amber eyes and tanned skin. The man who made her flustered with a few well-chosen words and rustic charms. The man who showered her with useless admiration and gifts. The man who always had something kind to say to her. The man who wasn't afraid of her...

Natalya shook her head from these thoughts. How could she be thinking such things?

"Something's wrong with me," she muttered to herself.

Natalya ran her fingers over the petals of the cyclamen as the edges of her mouth turned up slightly. Maybe she'd keep the flower for a bit. She stepped into her kitchen and pulled out a clear glass. She filled it with water and put the flower in it. Natalya placed the glass onto a window sill and stood back to admire her work.

The phone rang, making the Belarusian girl jump. She let it ring until the answering machine picked up.

"Uh, hello Natalya," a familiarly accented voice filled the room and made the girl freeze. "It's Martino Vargas, and I'm sorry for bothering you so much. It's just..." he sighed and continued, "I really like you. If you're not mad at me, call me back." He left his number and hung up.

Natalya was about to press "delete" before she stopped. She let her arm drop. Maybe it was time for her to return Martino's calls.

Translations for Italian:

Cara - dear

A/N 2: The cyclamen is the national flower of San Marino. It's very pretty~ :D

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