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Rating: T
Warnings: Language, porn mentions
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College had been everything Alfred dreamed, and more. Sure, the work was hard, basketball was tiring, and the teachers were cruel and strict, but there were MANY more factors that made it exciting. The stories were entirely true! Cute girls around every corner, parties every night, and Alfred even got to live off the standard menu of instant Ramen, water, poptarts, and frozen waffles for every meal! It was truly a wonderful time.

Though one thing had always been missing. Alfred noticed it from day one. A sort of ache echoed off the walls of his stomach. It took him weeks to identify it. And when he did, it hung in his mind like a brick.


The ache could only be labeled as the loneliness that remains from that truly charming fellow.

But Alfred continued on with life. Every day, his routine remained the same; He'd get up, go to morning classes, eat whatever lunch he scraped together, go to afternoon classes, eat the second course of lunch, and head home on the goodwill bike he'd purchased a couple months back.

Today, the seat seemed more uncomfortable than usual. The wind blew back sandy-blond hair back behind Alfred's hair, and at the speeds he rode, the front wheel wobbled under his weight, creating a racket of cricketing squeaks. A grin spread across his face, and he couldn't help but speed up his peddling to speeds quicker than he'd dare gone before. He sunk to the right, disappearing behind a wave of brush and continuing down a steep hill. Alfred felt the air in his head lighten, and with a lighthearted whoop, he made a quick turn down the road leading to the left.

Big mistake.

"Holy sh-!" Alfred's full body slammed against a force that left him dazed. His mind was fogged, and for a full 40 seconds, his breathe had disappeared from his lungs. He gasped for air, cringing and writhing along the dirt-dusted sidewalk in pain.

A tall figure entered his blurred vision. At first, Alfred felt fear strike over him. After all, with the distorted thoughts going through his mind, it appeared some mythical creature had come over to curse him. He curled up into himself, never taking an eye off the shape the entire time. But as his mind cleared, he soon was met with something he hadn't expected; A man. Not just any man, but a sharply-dressed, thin, and rather surprisingly short man.

"Were you being a fool once again?" The man demanded, his voice carrying a crispness that was unique to its own. "Could you not figure out how to use your brakes? They're there for a reason."

Alfred quickly unfurled himself, forcing his focus onto the voice. He knew it. He just had to figure out who...

"Arthur!" Alfred gasped in complete awe and glee. He pushed to his feet, moving past the dizziness that swept over him, and quickly wrapped his arms around the supposed place the Brit would be. Under him, he felt the muscles of him clench, and the tight embrace was returned with utter joy.

"Quite a reaction," Arthur laughed. He buried his head within the crook of Alfred's neck, taking in his scent with comfort. "Have you been lonely?"

Alfred drew back his head, taking a peek down to the wonderful sight in his eyes. "More than you'd know." He swept a kiss along the other's nose, pressing their bodies together in a delightful mash. Just the feeling of having this... this Brit in his hands... why... it made his entire week better. "So, Art, why'd ya come here? Not that I'm complaining! Just wondering!"

Arthur slipped his hands down to the ground, side-stepping the grasp of Alfred to locate his bag. "Read this." He said with only half-a-mind, the other set in on finding the paperwork in his bag. When he had, he quickly opened the packet to a page, and set it in Alfred's sights. "This paragraph, right here."

"Is that a deed?" Alfred muttered disappointment in his eyes. "C'mon, Art, can't you tell me? I don't want to waste energy."

"You're the college student, you can do it yourself."

"And you're the English teacher..." Alfred mumbled and began to recite it aloud. "Lessee... Name... Arthur Kirkland... Address... 145 Oak Street...Occupation... Journalist at NewsOK... birthday... April-"

Alfred halted his own words. His breath never came. He didn't even move. Quickly, he read back through what he'd just witnessed, it finally clicking in his mind. With wide eyes, the American turned to look up at Arthur. The damn blond was already smirking with mischief, tucking the papers back into his bag in joking glee.

"Arthur, NewsOK... that's.. That's the newspaper here!" It was the most obvious thing, but still, the American went on. "And, and... Oak Street... that's like 20 minutes from my dorm!"

Arthur rolled his eyes, though his cheeks were turning a shade of red at the other's excitement. "Yes, I know that quite well already." He said, as if speaking to a young child. "I was able to rent out my home, though my parents are no longer paying for it. I got contact with them and apologized for my... past antics... but I suppose if I don't get into their business, they won't bother taking me home. I'm fine with that, however, and I've instead been able to score a job here. It's minimum wage for now, so I'm also working nights down at Habbard's Bar, but I'll get by. At least the price for renting this town-house isn't high."

"That's great!" Alfred bubbled, hardly able to believe he had indeed scored back his boyfriend. "God, Art, I'm so happy!"

"Well, I'm glad." Arthur nodded to himself. "Now close your eyes." Alfred, though skeptic, did as he was told. In a few seconds, a cold, metal object was placed into his hand. When he gained back his sight, he found a golden key in his palm.

"What's this for?"

"Dorms suck, don't they?" Arthur frowned, though he hardly met Alfred's eyes and looked away. "Now, you don't have to... but... I was thinking... it's awful lonely living alone and... Roommates aren't the best..."

Alfred blinked, staring at the male. In that moment, their past year together flashed in his eyes. He saw them meeting...in the pool... dancing together... their first time. And he knew exactly then he never wanted to be with anyone else. All he ever needed was right here, standing in front of him with an embarrassed scowl and staring at the ground in wait of an answer. In reaction, Alfred quickly drew in the smaller man, and kissed the top of his head lovingly.

"I can get my bags right now," Alfred laughed, and picked up his dented bike from the sidewalk. "Wanna take a tour of the city?"

"If I'm going to be living here, I might as well." He sighed, and let his hand be taken by that of the tanned fool. Arthur slung his bad over his side-walk, and cast a smile up to the lug. "By the way, I've been thinking about it lately. I wonder what the director did after I left production back in Denmark?"

"Probably trashed the whole thing," Alfred laughed as they strolled down the side-walk towards the school.

"Excuse me!" The two never noticed a short, chubby man chasing after the couple. So, as they took off in the other direction, the stubby legs stopped, and the man bent over to catch his breath. He struggled to stand up, and retrieved his newspaper from under his arm in confusion. "Ah... I guess it wasn't them... maybe a look-alike. Besides, how would they have gotten all the way over here?"

The man sighed, adjusted his bowler hat, and dropped the paper in the muck behind him.

As water sloshed over the ink, the blurred headline began to fade. And the title, "#1 Trending Pornography in Denmark Stars Disappears" soon became unreadable, vanishing with the top lines that slowly begun to run down the crumbling paper.

"A popular adult film star under the screen name Captain Cast disappeared from his set in Denmark last July, but not without making a screen-worthy exit. A mysterious bystander dressed as an extra burst onto the set during filming, delivering a heart-touching speech to the man dressed as a Goddess before the two fled. Not only was this scene added into the film, but it was finished with look-alikes of the two stars, and brought to public eyes. On January 6th of this year, the film was declared as the #1 selling pornography within the country for 2012. Identities and origin of the two are currently unknown, though a search has been sent out among directors everywhere to locate the pair, as it is suspected a sequel to this film could bring in millions..."

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