It was about 6:00pm and I was out on my usual "me time." Which meant it gave me time to get away from my life for a little while.
I decided to go on the subway, apparently it's some kind of mundie mass transportation. When I sat down I looked around at all the people aboard the car. There were old people reading, women texting, business men talking on their cell phones, and people sleeping. Going through their blissfully boring, normal lives. I glanced at the guy sitting across from me.

He looked about my age with handsome, regal features. He had black hair that was mostly hidden by his hood that was pulled up. The boy was listening to an IPod and appeared to be asleep. Suddenly the train car jumbled a bit as If going over a bump. The boy jumped awake, his eyes snapping open. He scanned the car, and stared hard out the window as if he sensed danger. When his eyes fell on me I had to catch my breath. They were this blue green color, like the sea. He gave me a suspicious look when he caught me looking, and I quickly turned away.

Then I thought of something. Mundane's aren't supposed to be able to see me. This boy can't be a mundane. I looked at him again. I couldn't see a warlock mark on him, unless he was hiding it, probably under his hood. I was about to talk to him, when the subway car seemed to have collided with something and everyone was knocked forward with the sudden, jerky stop. I looked over at the green-eyed boy. He was on the edge of his seat gripping a ball-point pen in his right hand.

"Please remain seated until the doors open we're sorry for the inconvenience." came the conductor on the loud speaker. Just my luck that my first time on one of these contraptions and it crashes. The boy next to me still didn't relax. He looked like he was ready to spring out of his seat and attack someone at any second.

"Chill out dude the lady said everything's going to be fine." I said to him. He turned to look at me quickly, and studied me with hostile eyes.

"I'm fine thanks." he said. That confirmed that he definitely wasn't mundane.

"Come out sea spawn and play. Giants are hungry he he he." a loud croaky voice cackled from somewhere outside. The boy next to me cursed in another language as he jumped to his feet, and uncapped the pen in his hand. I watched in amazement as the pen in his hand grew into a glowing bronze sword. He sliced a hole in the door and climbed out. I sat there stunned for a moment before leaping up to go follow him.

About a hundred yards away from the wreck, I saw two 8ft tall giants wielding bronze cannonballs. The green-eyed boy stood before them with his sword out in a defensive stance. A second later he charged the giants aiming to stab one of them in the chest. The giant side stepped quickly, as the other one threw a bronze cannonball looking thing at the green-eyed warrior. The boy hit the deck just in time as the cannon ball embedded itself in the wall behind him. I overcame my shock, and took out a seraph blade that I always kept with me in case.

"Barbiel!" I yelled, and the seraph blade brightened with life, as I ran toward one of the giants.

"You don't smell, like half-blood. What are you?" I didn't give him time to answer as I stabbed him in the belly. "Arrrrghhhh!" the monster yelled. The other monster and the guy stopped their fight to look over. I gave them a wave as I went to finish this daemon. The black haired guy advanced towards the giant with amazing agility, as he dodged each projectile coming at him. He eventually got close enough to leap at the giant and slice it across the chest. The daemon exploded into gold dust, as the boy landed on his feet. My daemon was limping from all the wounds I inflicted upon him.

"My brother!" the daemon wailed. "You'll die painfully Perseus!" He growled turning toward his brothers murderer.

"Oh no you don't" I yelled as I threw my sword like a javelin, and watched as it went through the giant heart. The daemon fell to the ground, and dissipated into dust, like his brother. I cocked my head to the side in wonder. I'd never known daemons to turn into dust. I looked up towards the boy Perseus. His hood fell off during the brawl revealing wild, messy hair like he just got out of bed. I heard the police, and fire department sirens go off nearby on their way here to the wreck. Perseus quickly put his hood back on and bolted for the nearest exit.

I followed Perseus as he pushed his way through a bunch of firemen and EMS squads. Once he was out of the Subway he weaved through the crowded sidewalks with ease. Perseus stopped suddenly and turned into an alley between two buildings. He turned to face me.

"Why are you following me?" he demanded suspiciously with a glare. The boy gripped the pen he was holding earlier tightly in his right hand, his sword hand.

"Is that your sword?" I asked. Alright stupid question, but why else would he hold it like he was ready to attack at any moment. Perseus just gave me an odd look.

"Yes, it is but that's not why you were following me is it?" he asked.
I smiled my famous grin.

"No, I wanted to know where you're from." I said confidently. He gave me an odd look like that was the last thing he expected to hear. He still didn't relax as he answered me.

"New York" he said looking at me like it was obvious as he gestured around him to further prove his point.

"Then why haven't I seen you at the Institute?" I asked the smile still on my face.

"The Institute?" he questioned still looking at me like I was the crazy one. Now it was my turn to give him a strange look.

"Then what are you then? A warlock? A werewolf that likes to use swords?" I asked looking him over like you do a car checking for scratches. Perseus stepped away from me uncomfortably.

"No I'm neither of those..." he said. Then he sighed like he didn't want to tell me something, but was going to anyway.

"I'm a demigod." he told me reluctantly. I just stared at him in wonder.

"Like Jesus?" I asked incredulous. Perseus laughed at my question, his eyes brightening with amusement.

"Wrong religion, but similar concept." he said while trying not to laugh.

I turned away as I thought about this for a moment. Perseus was a hero in the Greek mythology stories father used to tell me. Perseus was a demigod whose father was Zues.

"Are you telling me that your father is Zues the God of the sky?" I asked deadly serious for once. Perseus just laughed again.

"No, Zues is definitely not my father. I was just named after the original Perseus. My father is Poesidon the God of the seas etc." he said with a smile. I suddenly found myself looking him in the eyes again. It felt like I was looking into the ocean.

"I prefer to be called Percy by the way." he added.

"So you're saying that Greek Mythology is real?" I asked.

"Yes of course, Who are you?" Percy asked wearily.

"I'm Jace Lightwood a shadowhunter." I said proudly.

"A shadowhunter? Is that like a boys version of the Hunters of Artemis." he asked confused. I went on to explain, but he'd never heard of the clave or anything. Does this mean that our two worlds have always been separated? Because I never knew those old Greek myths were real, unless he's making this all up.

"Prove that you're Poseidon's son. Do you have any powers or something?" I demanded. He just sighed, and looked angry like proving himself was something he was used to, but didn't like it. He walked past me out of the alley, and closed his eyes and raised his hand. I felt power radiating off of Percy, as he closed his hand into a fist.

Suddenly a fire hydrant about 50ft away erupted into a geyser of water 30ft high. Percy opened his eyes, and let his arm drop. The geyser shrunk, and trickled to nothing. He ducked his head and quickly went back into the alley as New Yorkers' started looking around for an explanation of the strange event.

"As a son of the sea god you naturally have power over water. Do you believe me now?" he asked.

"So you're telling me Greek Mythology is real? All of it even the old stories, and monsters?" I asked.
He nodded as he continued.

"Did you think those laistrygonians I was fighting were daemons?" he asked with a smirk.

"Those giants were Greek monsters?" I asked incredulous.

He ran a hand through his already tousled hair, as he explained how monsters are always after demigods and want to kill them for various reasons. They can smell demigods, like prey. He explained some other stuff about how they can't die, and the aspects of mythology in the modern world. This was all so weird and complicated there was no way he could've made this all up. When he was done he turned to leave.

"Wait, how am I supposed to believe all this? What do we do now that we have this knowledge of each other?" I asked grabbing his shoulder to stop him. He didn't look happy about me touching him, as he turned reluctantly.

"Jace I don't expect you to believe me. My life really isn't your concern especially since Shadow hunters and Mythology didn't know about each other until now. Maybe there's a reason for that, and us meeting is taboo. I don't know. Thanks for helping with the Laistrygonians, see ya." he said before turning to leave again, but I went over to stop him again he shrugged me off and kept going. Annoyed I grabbed him roughly this time. That was a mistake Percy spun around grabbed my hand and twisted faster than I thought possible. I felt my arm snap, and suddenly his face was inches from mine. His eyes were like two hurricanes. I held my breath angry that he caught me of guard.

"Leave me alone Jace. I'm sorry that I'm leaving you so clueless, but if I spend any more time with you it'll probably just cause me more trouble, and I have enough of it as it is. Touch me again and I'll show you the full extent of what I can do" he growled in warning.

Percy let me go, and went on his way again. I heeded his warning, and didn't go after him again. Instead I got my stele and drew an invisibility and silence rune on my arm before running to follow him once more. There were a couple of times when he would turn around, his luminous eyes searching his surroundings. Eventually we came to an apartment building. Percy stopped at the door before entering to look around suspiciously again. With his sword hand he made a three fingered claw gesture and swiped it across his heart before thrusting his hand outward as if to push something away.

Immediately I felt a disturbance in the air, like something changed. Satisfied with his trick Percy went inside the building. When I stepped forward to go inside I had this feeling deep down that it was dangerous to continue. Did Percy create some kind of magic force field? I had so many questions running through my head about this demigod. "Well at least I know where to find him." I thought as I turned to go back to the Institute.


Percy POV

As I fell asleep that night I thought about Jace. He made me really nervous. Not just because there's another world out there full of monsters, and people controlling your life, but I could hardly look at him without wanting to attack. The guy had gold eyes, and blonde hair like the Luke version of Kronos. Bad memories bubbled up in me as I talked to the guy. I know I was rude to him in the end, the way I acted was really unlike me, but I had to scare him away. I just knew that speaking to him wasn't right. I was just going to cause more trouble for myself, and I'm already in and have been in enough trouble for a lifetime and I'm only 17. Hopefully I'll never see another shadowhunter again.