So, okay. This is Doctor Whooves. Basically, it's a pony fic that is mostly based on Doctor Who WITH PONIES! But aren't all Doctor Whooves fics that? Also, this fic is inspired by/partly based on the video 'Victory - True Ending'. Anywho (lol terrible pun), I hope you enjoy this fic!

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(2008 Doctor Who Opening)

The Doctor

Twilight Sparkle



By Sailorblaze

Twilight Sparkle placed yet another book on the ever growing stack that was beginning to pile up on the floor of the TARDIS library. Traveling through time and space had its perks, and a library in the time machine was definitely one of them. It was definitely larger than the one back in Ponyville, and had large, towering bookshelves that were filled to the brim with books. Twilight used her magic to search through volumes and volumes of books.

After a few minutes of searching, she found one book and pulled it closer to her. It was a strange book with no title, no author, nothing. It was just rough brown cloth on the front and back. Naturally, this made Twilight interested to see what it was about. She used some more magic to bring a nearby lamp over, and flipped open the book.

To her surprise, the book was only a single photo sandwiched between two covers. The photo contained the Doctor - Twilight's guide on her crazy journey through time and space - along with another mare. This mare was light yellow with a hot pink and red mane, along with light green eyes. Under the picture was a caption scribbled in ink. It said, 'The Doctor and Roseluck - Photo taken by Daisy'. Judging from the section of Daisy's hoof cutting into the picture, she wasn't familiar with the camera at all.

Twilight barely spoke to Roseluck, but she had heard from other ponies that Roseluck left to travel with the Doctor a few months ago. Twilight never received the full details of their adventures, because a few days later, Roseluck returned to Ponyville visibly shaken. It was quite notable that she would change the subject every time the Doctor was brought up in conversation. They looked happy in the picture, though. What could have torn a wonderful friendship apart like that?

Just as these questions started to pour into Twilight's head, the library suffered a huge jolt. The stack of books fell to the ground and snapped Twilight out of her concentration with a sickening thud. Twilight dropped the photo as well. Her head snapped upwards, and she looked out the doorway and into the hallway leading to the console room. "Doctor?" Twilight asked over the noise.

The lavender unicorn ran out the door and into the hallway. She decided to get to the console room right away. If the TARDIS was acting up like this, chances were that something huge was about to go down, and Twilight may be needed by the Doctor for something. Twilight ran down the hallway leading to the TARDIS console room, and once again yelled, "DOCTOR!"

What could possibly be going on? Twilight thought to herself, Oh no. Oh no no no no no. We can't be attacked now! I haven't even gone on a single adventure yet! Twilight continued to run down the hallway, fearing for their current condition. An emergency bell rung in her ears, making the situation seem even more urgent.

Finally, she made it into the TARDIS console room. It was a large room, and definitely larger from the unassuming form of an old Trottingham police box it took on the outside. The room was almost dome shaped, and rested on a metal platform, with a ramp leading to the doors that led to their location outside. Oddly shaped columns held up the ceiling. The centerpiece, however, was a small console with a large glowing column in the center. The console was covered in numerous buttons and switches, and was also equipped with a monitor and a couch.

Working on the console was the Doctor himself. He was an earth stallion with a light brown coat, blue eyes, a spiky brown mane, and an hourglass cutie mark. Twilight had first encountered him when unicorns all over Equestria had begun to lose their magic. Working together, the two ponies were able to unearth a mare's scheme of world changing proportions. After getting the a-okay from Princess Celestia - Twilight's teacher and the wise ruler of Equestria - Twilight joined the Doctor on his travels.

Twilight ran over to the Doctor, and asked, "Doctor, what's going on? I was busy catching up on my studies when everything started quaking!"

The Doctor still kept his eyes locked on the TARDIS console, trying to fix whatever was going on. As he frantically pressed buttons to fix the situation, he told Twilight, "Good question, and to answer that in simplest terms, the TARDIS is slightly malfunctioning. Basically, whenever the TARDIS does that, it sends us way off course and into another location. You know, I was going to take you to visit the founding of Appleloosa. Now we could be going just about anywhere!"

"So that's a bad thing, right?" Twilight asked.

The Doctor replied, "Actually, it all really depends on the time, space, and circumstances. Now, Twilight, do you see those levers over there?" The Doctor pointed, his hoof at the levers in question.

"Yes, why?" Twilight asked inquisitively.

"Well," The Doctor replied, "I need you to hold them down."

Twilight nodded and turned to the levers. She pushed her hooves on them, and grunted. The levers, however, just wouldn't budge. Twilight decided to try a different way to pull the levers. She shut her eyes, and concentrated hard. Suddenly, her horn began to glow, and a similar shine appeared around the levers. Both levers were suddenly pulled down by Twilight's magic. The unicorn concentrated for what seemed like forever, until the Doctor suddenly interjected, "There we go! Those levers will hopefully be able to put us back on the right track again. 'Hopefully' being the key word, of course."

Twilight was too busy concentrating on her magic to respond. The best she could manage was a small nod of the head. Suddenly, the TARDIS jolted again, the alarm resumed, and Twilight was knocked away by the crash. The Doctor was knocked away as well. And then, as soon as it began, the tremors and alarms ended.

"Well, that went well," Twilight muttered sarcastically as she picked herself off of the ground. She walked to the Doctor and looked over his shoulder at the monitor. It displayed a small backstreet with the buildings in complete ruin. Most of them were just piles of rubble. Twilight prayed inside of her that this wasn't where she thought it was. Finally, Twilight asked, "Doctor, why were we sent to this place?"

"Simple: our attempts to set ourselves back on track failed," the Doctor informed, "This only means one thing: our arrival here must be a fixed point in time."

"So we were meant to come here?" Twilight asked. She had read up on the time travel 'lingo' from a book in the TARDIS library.

"Atta girl!" the Doctor told her. Finally, he returned to the monitor. "Apparently, it seems that we landed ten years into your future. As for the place..." The Doctor took on a more grim appearance as he turned to Twilight. "When I tell you where we landed, Twilight, you must promise me not to panic. I need you to stay absolutely calm."

"I promise...?" Twilight asked, slightly scared and very confused. She only had a faint idea of where the Doctor was taking this.

"Good," the Doctor said. After a deep breath, he told her, "Twilight... We landed in Ponyville."

Twilight's confusion turned to shock and grief. She swallowed hard as the tears rolling down her face had already begun to stain her fur. Something is going to happen to Ponyville. What could possibly happen that was so bad? And what would happen to her friends? Oh no. What if they were killed... or worse?

The Doctor must have sensed what was happening to her, and looked Twilight straight in the eyes. "Listen, Twilight. We're going to find out what happened, and we'll make sure nothing," The Doctor paused for a brief second before continuing, "Nothing will hurt Ponyville or your friends. It may seem bleak now, but this is all going to work out in the end. Trust me, Twilight Sparkle; I'm the Doctor."

Twilight nodded, swallowing any doubt along with her. She managed to give the Doctor a small smile. "Alrighty then!" he cried, clopping his hooves on the floor. The Doctor took another close look at the monitor.

"Good idea, Doctor. I don't think that we should leave without checking," Twilight told him, still trying to get over the fact that Ponyville was - possibly - a heap of rubble. What would be worse would be if the Doctor and she were attacked and killed before they could make it out of the TARDIS.

"Appears safe enough," the Doctor told her, peering into the screen. "In fact..." he continued, "It appears to be too safe. We should be careful on our way out." Twilight watched as the Doctor made his way to the doors. He turned back and yelled, "Well, Twilight Sparkle, what are we waiting for? We have a town to save!"

Twilight nodded, and trotted over to him. "I'm not waiting for anything, Doctor. Actually, I'd like to figure out what's going on!"

"In that case, let's go!" the Doctor yelled as he threw open the TARDIS doors with his front hooves. The Doctor walked out of the TARDIS, and Twilight followed him out after gathering the courage to find out what happened to Ponyville.

Next time in Triumphant...

'How could this happen?'

'Alright, Twilight. When I tell you to run... we run.'

'Yeah, yeah! That's what they all say!'

So, next time, we see what happens to Ponyville. We'll also witness the return of an old enemy... and an old friend. Stay tuned!