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Lucy's POV.

We were sitting in my jet ready for take-off. It was a measly two hours by plane, but I still prefer to travel in total style. No busses for me. Not in your life time. I sat down with my laptop, planning to make the schedule for the upcoming stops, but then I got interrupted.

"Oi! Bunny-girl! Are you guys going to tell us about the last band who went on tour with?" Gajeel yelled at me from wherever he was sitting.

I looked over to were Erza was planning to take a nap on Jellal, "You up for the retelling Erza"

The red-head yawned and smirked, "Are you sure you want to hear this story Gajeel? You might get nightmares."

"Don't insult me woman!" Gajeel shouted back.

"I am serious." Erza turned to me, "Are you sure you want to share the story with them?' She asked.

I sighed, "Yeah… They need the warning not to mess with Mira."

"Well, it all happened when we got our first tour…. Our recording studio, "Fairy Tail" suggested that we go on a tour with another of their bands, so the CEO hooked us up with the band being managed by his grandson, Laxus Drear. His band "The Thunder God Tribe" was made up of Bixlow, Evergreen and Freed." Erza began talking as the guys crowded around her.

"Our manger!?" Gray exclaimed, with his eyes wide, "I didn't know he was in a band."

Erza glared at the brunette, "I was getting to that." Gray shrunk back, and the girl continued her story.

"So yes, Freed was too in the band. The only reason that he still has a job is because he stuck up for Mira, and she got him an opening. But anyways, we and the Thunder God Tribe were about three weeks into our US tour, and had three stops left until we would get back to Magnolia. What happened was the guy, Bixlow, insulted me. So I insulted him back, and he slunk off to Laxus, who was at the time flirting with Mira. Bixlow told him that I insulted him, and Laxus ased Mira 'why wont you go out with me, you manager of a group of whores'."

Everyone gasped, knowing that insulting the band would leave you in a hospital for days.

"So Mirajane went psycho-rage on his ass. She started insulting them, and called the whole band into the room with her, and told us that Laxus called us a group of whores. While I was beating Bixlow up, and Mira knocking Laxus out, Levy and Lucy went rageing to the press and to Lucy's influential father. Within two days, Levy dug up about four files full of shit on the manager and the band, and Evergreen managed to call us sluts, and get sent to the hospital by Mira too. Why freed is here now, is because on the third day after the first fight happened, he came into Mira's room, dropped to his knees and thoughtfully apologized for his whole band. But what we need to warn you about is when Levy brought the files to Mira she immediately released it into the press, holding only the 2 page document that Levy could find on Freed. Right after she did that, she called the CEO of Fairy Tail Recording Compony himself and told him exactly what happened. Later that day "The Thunder God Tribe" lost their contract. A month later, Mira put in a good word about Freed, and he got you managing project."

I glanced over to where Erza was finishing telling her story. "That's slightly wrong Erza1" Everyone looked at me.

"Oh? What did I miss."

I smirked aready to permanently give the guys nightmares, "I put Bixlow in the hospital after he told me I was a fucking slut. You broke Evergreen's arm after she called all of us whores whose boyfriends rightfully dumped them."

Erza nodded, "Yes, thank you Lucy. That's what really happened. Bixlow called Lucy a slut, she sent him to the hospital with two concussions and a pair of fractured ribs, and a day later Evergreen called Lucy a fucking bitch, and that landed her in the emergency with a broken arm. Hm…" Erza looked thoughtful of a moment, "This story turned out to be more of a worning not to mess with us, not Mira…. But still you get the point." Erza smiled at the four guys, who were frozen in their spots and shivering in fear.

Levy came up Gajeel and sat in his lap, curling up to him, "Don't worry. I will make sure that they don't hurt you.' She said as she sated nodding off to sleep.

Juvia too fell asleep on Gray, and the two bands flew to New York City, to their next concert.

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