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The flight to New York was uneventful. After Erza told them the story of their previous tour, the band drifted off to sleep. Lucy was the only one to stay up, planning the next two stops after New York; London, and Paris.

"Lets see… I know that we are going to need an extra day in London, for sure, and probably an extra 2 days in Paris…" Lucy was quietly talking to herself, when her phone rang.

"Hello?" she quietly picked up, not bothering to look at the caller ID, focusing soully on trying to register her jet for a spot at a private garage in London.

"Hello Lucy."

Lucy almost dropped her phone, "Father? What are you doing calling me at… 10 pm?!"

"I was just informed that you will be in New York for the next 3 days. I will send a limousine to pick you up at the… You will be staying at the Hilton, right?" Jude replied.

Lucy sighed, "Yes father, the band will be staying at the Hilton, and if you wouln't mind, could you please tell me what is it that we will be discussing?'

It was Jude's turn to sigh, "What? A father can't request to see his only daughter?"

Lucy smiled a bit, "Yes, of course you can Father. I will be ready by 10."

"Good night Lucy. Sleep well."

"Good night Father." And with those words, Lucy hung up.

Lucy thought back to her whole relationship with her father. One thing for certain, it wasn't easy. Form the day her mom died, to the day that he paid Loke to bring her back, to the day that they got back on neutral terms. It wasn't easy, that's for sure.

Lucy smiled. But it was worth it, she then thought, remembering her birthday last year, and the jet. They still had a lot of problems, and were still a very dysfunctional family, but they were working to get better.

Lucy closed her laptop, and looked out one of the windows, "The city that never sleeps, huh?" she saw the glowing that could be seen even past the thick clouds that surrounded the sky and the city.

The bands safely landed in the FDR airport, and were whisked away to the hotel. Everyone was still extremely tired from their concert, and everyone didn't even change, but all collapsed in bed as soon as they found them.

The next morning was chaotic. Lucy woke up at 9:30, and when she realized that she had 30 minutes to get ready she freaked. Taking a 5 minutes shower, she threw on the fist pair of jeans, and a top she could grab from her bag, and ran down the hall to Mira's room.

"Mira! Mira-Jane Strauss! Mira!" she was pounding on the door for a good 2 minutes, waking up the whole hallway in the process.

A sleepy Mira came out, "Yes Lucy? Why do you hate me so?"

Lucy smiled remembering their inside joke, "Listen, Mira.. My dad called me yesterday. He is sending a limo, so don't wait up for me ok? I'll be here for dinner."

Mira yawned, "Is that it? I thought there was a fire with the entire racket you were making."

"The car is coming in 15 minutes, and the last time I went somewhere alone without telling you, I had police chasing me." Lucy looked at Mira, just slightly mad.

Mira laughed, "Good point. Fine, you can go. See you tonight."

Lucy smiled at Mira, and rushed back to her room, grabbing her phone, and calling for coffee, and a morning bun.

When she sat down to do her make up two seconds later, Levy walked into her room.

"Lu-chan? You ok?"

"Yeah, yeah Levy. I'm fine. Just my dad sent a car to pick me up at 10. and I need to do this." Lucy looked at her best friend through the mirror, and batted her eyelashes to get the mascara to settle. "Ok. How do I look?"

Levy looked at the gorgeous blonde, "Fantastic. And tell Natsu where you are going. Or else he will freak."

Lucy laghed, "Yeah, he would, wouldn't he?" she grabbed her purse, and walked over to the door, where her coffee and pastry already arrived.

Grabbing the to-go cup, and the bun, she held open the door for Levy who was also walking out of her room.

"Ok… See you tonight Lu-chan. Have fun!"

Lucy smiled, and walked over to Natsu's room, knocking at t he door, before noticing it was left open, and walking in.

Natsu was sitting shirtless on the couch, stuffing his face with the food that he ordered too.

Lucy blushed, and Natsu glanced over, noticing that someone was staring at him.

"Ah, Luce…" he smirked, "Like what you see?" he laughed at the blushing girl.

"No. I just came in to tell you, that I will be probably gone until dinner." Lucy said, still scarlet. Well, at least the tabloids give him the credit he deserves. That 8-pack is fucking hot.

Natsu laughed a bit more, "Ah. Ok… I thought you just came to get some. Anyways, I'm taking you out to dinner, ok?"

Lucy smiled, "Can't wait. Now, I really got to run. See you tonight." She smiled, and left eating her morning bun on the elevator down.

Lucy got out of the limo after the 50 minutes ride to an enormous mansion right outside the city. She steeled her nerves and smiled.

"I can do this." She told herself and knocked at the door.

Two seconds the door opened, and Lucy was engulfed in a hug.

"We missed you princess Lucy." Virgo, her personal maid, while she still lived at the place greeted her.

Right behind Virgo stood Capricorn, Mrs. Stuppeto, and the rest of the staff. Hugs were exchanged by everyone. While Lucy still lived at her fathers' she spent her whole childhood with the staff, and when she ran away the whole household secretly supported her.

Suddenly the staff split apart, and Lucy saw her father for the first time in months, walking down the stairs, and up to Lucy.

"Father.." Lucy smiled as he opened his arms, encircling her in a hug.

"I missed you Lucy."

At noon, the group, excluding Lucy, finally got out of bed. They all met downstairs in a private dining room to discuss their plans for the next 3 days.

As Natsu sat down, he looked desperately towards the girls. "I need help. Do any of you know a good place in this enormous city for a date?"

Juvia laughed a bit, "Natsu… Juvia thinks you are acting like you have never been to New York before. Just take her to your favorite place."

Natsu ran his fingers through his hair… "Yeah… that's the thing."

Erza gasped and looked at Jellal, "You guys have neer been to New York?!"

Gajeel was the one who answered. "Nope. Never. None of us. That's why we wanted to spend an extra day here after our concert. This is the most famous city in the country."

Mira took charge, "Ok. Well that's set. This is Lucy's city. Without her we aren't doing any touring. So I suggest today we practice for the concert, get the list of songs we are going to do, and then tomorrow we'll spend the day exploring the city."

"But where should I take Lucy?!" Natsu wailed, acting like a total child.

Levy was the first one with an idea. "Take her to Serendipity 3. That's he favorite restaurant ever. She and her mom used to go there when she was little."

Natsu grinned, "Thanks Levy. I owe you one."

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