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. . . . .

Jayy sighed as he listened to Dahvie sing. They were at another concert somewhere in Chicago. He sucked in a breath as Dahvie finished up his line, ready to start his.


"I'll burry you deep within. You set me on fire, you make me feel, you break these chains, made of steel. You take me high, up to the starry sky," Dahvie sang, smiling as their fans screamed in adoration. God, he loved them. Jayy found himself smiling as Dahvie screamed his love for their fans-no. Their family. Dahvie had this amazing ability to make anyone smile. No matter what their problem was. And that was why Jayy loved him. He would never admit it of course, but he could love from afar. Jayy's been in love with Dahvie for a while now, almost 3 years. And during that time Jayy has given the rainbow haired man endless hints, but Dahvie, not expecting Jayy to love him, didn't notice. Dahvie grinned at Jayy as they walked off stage together.

"So you going drinkin' with us, or are you gonna stay home like a little bitch.?" He asked teasingly.

"No shit I'm coming, dumbass. I couldn't go that long without seeing you," Jayy scoffed.

"Oooooo, Jayy, I didn't know I looked that good, " Dahvie giggled cutely, making Jayy smirk as he leaned towards Dahvie.

"Of course you do, you're beautiful," Jayy whispered huskily. Dahvie eyes widened as he peered up at Jayy through his long eyelashes.

"Jayy," he whispered. "Go fap."

Jayy's eyes widened as his brain registered what Dahvie just said. Suddenly they burst out into laughter, gaining a few stares. But they didn't care, it was these moments that they both savored, these goofy moments that proved that they were still kids inside. As long as they had these moments, they would remain young at heart.

Jayy smiled as he felt Dahvie lace their fingers together, swinging their hands around. Such an innocent action, yet it meant the world to Jayy. They took their time getting to their tour bus, chatting idly and enjoying each other's company. Jayy frowned as his and Dahvie's hands disconnected as the rainbow haired man ran on the bus. Sighing, he climbed the steps into the vehicle, heading straight for his bunk bed that he shared with Dahvie. He plopped down, not bothering to change. Jayy yelped as he was suddenly yanked off his bed, hitting the floor with a muffled, 'thump.' He looked up only to meet Dahvie's gorgeous chocolate brown eyes, their true color revealed without his contacts on.

"You bitch, did you forget we're goin' drinking.? You better not be wearing that," Dahvie grinned down at him. Groaning, Jayy sat up. He walked over to their small dresser, and picked out some random clothes. He slipped off his shirt, not caring if Dahvie saw him or not. Dahvie's eyes widened.

"Jayy, um here, these clothes suck," he muttered weakly, grabbing the clothes off the bed and throwing them back into the dresser. Truth is it was a good outfit, and Jayy would look handsome in it. But it wasn't slutty enough for his little JayyJayy. Smiling, he pulled out a black cut-off tank top and some booty shorts that Jayy wore on special occasions such as this. He threw them at the half naked singer, trying not to let his eyes linger too long.

"Wear your boots with that," he ordered, looking anywhere but at his best friend. Jayy blinked at his friend's obvious discomfort.

"Dahvie.? What's wrong.?" He asked, stalking towards the blushing rainbow.

"Nothing, you dumbass. Get dressed so we can go," he ordered once more, rushing out of the room. Sighing, Jayy finished stripping. He was just in his boxers when Dahvie came back in to ask if he was done yet.

"O-oh um . . . I'll uh, I'm, fuck," Dahvie turned to go back into the main room when Jayy grabbed his hand.

"Dahvie, what's wrong.? You've been avoiding me since we got home," he glared as he crossed his tattooed arms across his chest. Dahvie laughed nervously.

"Nothing's wrong, JayyJayy. Just hurry up, I wanna get drunk off my ass," he smiled sweetly as he left again. Jayy sighed. He hated it when Dahvie ignored him like this. But what could he do.? Quickly getting dressed before Dahvie walked in again, Jayy went into the main room of their tour bus. He looked around, trying to find his boots but he couldn't see them anywhere. Pouting, he scanned the room again, smiling when he finally saw the toe of one peeking out from under the couch. He walked over to them, bending over to pick them up. When he rose up and turned around he came face-to-face with a crimson faced Dahvie. It took Jayy a minute to realize Dahvie was checking him out. He almost blushed but then he realized that he was probably just checking out his outfit, considering he was the one to pick it out.

"Dahvie.?" Jayy asked unsurely.

"Wha . . . ? Oh, let's go fix our make-up and shit," Dahvie grinned. Still unsure, Jayy nodded, following Dahvie into the small bathroom. Quickly, they straightened and teased their hair, and applied their make-up.

"Are we there yet.?" Dahvie whined, sounding like a little kid. Jayy chuckled, making Dahvie pout.

"Yeah. C'mon, Dahviekins," Jayy called from the front of the bus. Grinning, Dahvie jumped up from his seat, running towards his best friend.

Dahvie smiled as he heard a few of their fans scream as they recognized him and Jayy in the crowd. Still smiling, he glanced at Jayy surprised to find said man staring at him.

"What.?" He asked, tilting his head to the side.

"You're really pretty," Jayy said bluntly.

"What the hell.? Don't say shit like that," Dahvie grumbled, though he couldn't help but let a small smile appear on his face when he thought Jayy wasn't looking. Both men quickly made their way to the bar, ordering their alcoholic beverage. They quickly finished those, ordering two more.

"So," Jayy began, pausing to take a gulp of his drink, his seventh one to be exact, "Wanna' dance.?" He smirked.

Dahvie blinked. The song that was playing was pretty sexual. Everyone was either grinding or eating each other's face.

"Um . . . I dunno', Jayy. This doesn't seem like the song I'd dance to . . . " He started.

"Oh, c'mon, don't tell me THE Dahvie Vanity is scared.?" Jayy teased, knowing just which buttons to push to get what he wanted.

"Hell no, motherfucker.!" He growled, glaring at Jayy angrily. The lanky man shivered. If looks could kill . . .

"Good, then let's dance," he smirked again, quickly regaining his cool. Dahvie sighed, already knowing Jayy won this argument. He gulped as Jayy grabbed his hand, pulling him onto the dance floor. He couldn't help but blush when Jayy grabbed his hips, pulling him flush against him, gasping when he felt an unmistakable hardness rub against his own crotch.

"J-Jayy . . . What-" He started.

"Shh, just dance, bitch," he smirked darkly, speeding up his movements. Dahvie bit his lip and groaned, throwing his head back as he clutched Jayy's shirt.

"Jayy, I don't think we should be doing this . . . I don't even know how I feel, I mean-" Dahvie fumbled over his words shakily, desperately trying to explain his feelings towards his gay best friend. Jayy smiled sweetly as he leaned in towards the shorter male.

"Don't worry about none of that shit. We'll see where this goes, and if you don't like it I'll stop. Deal.?" He purred, nipping Dahvie's ear lightly. He smirked when he earned a small whimper.

"Mmmm . . . Jayy, I . . . I need you," he moaned as Jayy's hands slipped into his pants, rubbing his ass.

"I knew you couldn't resist," Jayy smirked playfully. Suddenly he leaned down, capturing Dahvie's plush lips with his own. His tongue snaked out and slid across Dahvie's bottom lip. When he didn't open his mouth Jayy bit Dahvie's full bottom lip, making him gasp. Happy with this new access, Jayy purred into Dahvie's mouth as their tongues rubbed against each other. Dahvie moaned at the sensation of Jayy's mustache against his skin. Finally, Jayy pulled away from the kiss, leaving Dahvie gasping for breath.

"C'mon, don't you want me to fuck you.?" He asked, making Dahvie's eyes widen at his bluntness. Gulping, he nodded, following Jayy into the bathroom.

"Ewwy, Jayy, I don't wanna get fucked in here," Dahvie whined childishly. Jayy chuckled, slamming the shorter male into the wall. He quickly disposed of his and Dahvie's shirts, his lips moved from Dahvie's, to his neck, down to his navel, kissing a trail down his exposed chest. He got on his knees, grabbing Dahvie's zipper in his mouth, pulling down until Dahvie's cock sprang through.

"Commando eh.?" Jayy teased. Dahvie covered his face in embarrassment as Jayy licked from the base of his cock up to the tip, sticking his tongue into the slit. He groaned, tangling his hands into Jayy's hair as he tried desperately not to buck into his mouth.

"F-Fuck . . . Jayy, I need to feel you inside me. Now," Dahvie growled when Jayy ignored him, continuing to lick his dick. He pounced on Jayy, quickly yanking his shorts down. He groaned at the sight of Jayy's 10 inch dick. He quickly sucked four of his fingers, making them nice and slick. He pulled them out with a pop positioning them at his entrance. He roughly pushed 2 in mewling at the feel; it hurt like a bitch, but he couldn't help but like the feel. He pumped his fingers faster, probing himself for his prostate. He added a third finger, than a fourth, growing impatient. He pulled them out with a wet sounding pop, positioning himself over Jayy's dick.

Jayy grabbed Dahvie's hips, flipping their positions so he was straddling him. He rubbed his dick around Dahvie's entrance, teasing him.

"Jayyyyy, just fuck me.!" He yelled, slamming himself down on Jayy's cock. Jayy gasped, trying his best not to pound into the tight heat that was suddenly surrounding him. Dahvie was holding back tears. He should've known it would hurt, this is his first time with a man, not to mention dry. He bit his bottom lip, as he fisted his hands in Jayy's hair. Jayy waited patiently for him to adjust to him, he was pretty big. Finally, Dahvie rolled his hips, signaling he could move. Jayy pulled almost all the way out, until just his head was inside, before roughly slamming back in.

"JAYYYYYYYYY," Dahvie screamed, thrusting downward as Jayy thrust forward animalisticly. The tip of his cock slammed repeatedly into Dahvie's prostate, causing the rainbow haired man to cry out in pleasure. He tilted his head back and let out a particularly loud moan when Jayy grabbed his hips and started yanking him back onto his cock when he thrusted, causing him to go even deeper inside of him. " J-ah-Jayy. Ngh.!" They created a quick, steady pace, enjoying the feel of skin sliding against skin.

Jayy leaned forward, panting slightly from exertion from his thrusts. "How does it feel, Dahviekins.? Does it feel good.?" He whispered with a slight smirk on his handsome face.

"Jayy . . . I feel so-Ngh-so full. Harder," Dahvie whimpered lustfully. Jayy growled as he sped up his pace, slamming into Dahvie's hole at break-neck speed. "Ah.! Jayy, I-I'm gonna' cum." Dahvie gasped out.

"That's it, cum for me, you dirty little slut. You're mine," he growled as he bit into Dahvie's shoulder, making Dahvie scream in ecstasy as he came all over their chests. The feeling of Dahvie's already tight body clenching around him was too much, and Jayy groaned as he released himself inside of him. Jayy pulled out of Dahvie, laying down and pulling him close as they panted for breath.

"I love you, Dahvie," he whispered, kissing his sweaty forehead.

"I think I love you too, Jayy," Dahvie smiled. Suddenly one of the stall doors opened, and a cute teenage boy fell out. He had spiky raven black hair , and the most fuckable ass ever. He was wearing a Blood On The Dance Floor shirt and some baggy dark-wash blue jeans. He blushed quickly standing up, trying to cover the obvious bulge in his pants.

"I-I'm sorry.! I didn't mean to ruin anything.! I-I'll just-" He was cut off as Jayy and Dahvie pounced on him, quickly taking off his pants.

. . . . .

The end, hope you enjoyed. cx