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. . . . .

The boy gasped, his hands instinctively moving downwards to cover his sensitive privates as his pants and boxers were quickly yanked down by none other than Jayy.

"W-wait.! What're you . . . Ahh.! Don't t-touch that.!" He screamed pathetically, his resistance proven false by the hardening of his penis as Jayy's skilled hand pumped it up and down.

"What's your name.?" Dahvie asked, curious to know more about this strange boy.

"Sha-Ah.! I-It's Shane," his voice quivered as he tried to hold in his moans of pleasure. I mean, it wasn't everyday you see your favorite band members having sex, then get jumped by them and jerked off. Shane's cock twitched at the thought of what they would do to him. He licked his lips hungrily, unknowingly drawing the attention of a horny Dahvie Vanity. A smirk plastered itself across the Rainbow's face as he crawled over to Shane, swaying his hips seductively, hoping, and succeeding, to catch Jayy's lust filled eyes. Dahvie wrapped his arms around Shane's neck as he pulled him into a kiss, causing Shane to let out a rather 'Manly' squeak. Dahvie took the opening happily, sticking his wet appendage inside Shane's mouth, licking and sucking at his tongue.

Suddenly Dahvie felt a sharp pain spread across his ass. Dahvie looked back, confirming his thoughts; Jayy just slapped his ass. Dahvie and Shane moaned in union as Shane tentatively kissed Dahvie back. Jayy smirked, ready to cause some moans himself. He lowered his head towards Shane's leaking cock, sticking his tongue into the slit, licking up the oozing pre-cum happily.

Shane screamed at the sudden unexpected pleasure, which was quickly swallowed by Dahvie as he continued to swirl his tongue around the young teen's mouth. Dahvie reluctantly pulled away when he noticed Shane had started to go blue in the face.

The raven gulped in oxygen greedily, trying to re-fill his lungs, which proved pointless as he emptied the air filling them with a moan as Jayy started sucking on the head of his 7 1/2 inch dick. Jayy sucked harder and swirled his tongue around the engorged head, pleased at the reaction he'd caused. Moan after breathless moan left Shane's lips, causing Jayy's actions to double in effort.

Dahvie sat in the sidelines, watching with wide eyes as his lover sucked off another man. He couldn't believe it was so . . . sexy. The rainbow's hand slowly started caressing his chest, circling his pink nipples for a moment before continuing its journey downward.

Dahvie's hand lowered until it was at his pelvis, just above his leaking 8 inch cock. He gently touched everywhere but his aching need, lowering to his supple thighs, and stroking back up to his nipples. He continued this for a while, teasing himself as Jayy worked Shane's cock deeper and deeper down his throat, causing the fan boy to tangle his fingers in Jayy's black hair.

Jayy glanced up at Shane through his eyelashes as he continued to bob his head up and down, easily deep throating him. The raven had his eyes squeezed shut, a red blush covering his cheeks, and his mouth hanging open in pure bliss as he came into Jayy's eagerly awaiting mouth. Jayy slowed his actions as he scanned the room for his boyfriend as he swallowed the cum, practically jizzing right then and there are the delicious sight that greeted him. Dahvie was on his knees, jerking himself off as he fingered himself. Jayy pulled off of Shane with a wet 'pop', licking his lips to taste any remaining seed.

"Dahvie, who said you could do my job.?" Jayy asked, his deep gravelly voice showing obvious displeasure at not being able to pleasure his lover. They'd have to get to the fucking soon, or poor Jayy's untouched boner would be the death of him.

"J-Jayy.! I- ooh, mmm, I'm sorry, Jayy. Please teach me to behave," Dahvie whispered pleadingly, spreading his legs wider. This was stopped, however, as Jayy abruptly pushed Dahvie down on his hands and knees.

"Jayy.? What're yo-AHH.!" SMACK.! Jayy brought his hand down angrily onto Dahvie's pert ass, slowly turning the sensitive skin a light pink. SMACK.! SMACK.! SMACK.! SMACK.!

"OW.! J-Jayy, please st-AH.!" Dahvie cried out as tears sprung to his eyes.

Jayy stopped his hand mid-slap as he heard Dahvie's plea. Guilt washed over him when he thought of hurting his lover. That is, until he saw how much pre-cum was dribbling down Dahvie's dick. Jayy experimentally brought his hand down again, making sure to hit the same spot. A malicious smirk took over his face as Dahvie's cock gave a particularly big twitch. He smirked evilly; That masochistic little bastard.

Shane looked up through heavily lidded eyes as he heard several loud smacks from the other side of the room. His eyes widened to full mast at the sight he was greeted with: Jayy, on his knees, behind Dahvie, while said rainbow was on all fours as Jayy repeatedly smacked his ass. He quickly scampered over, sitting over on the side, unsure of what he should do. Jayy, sensing his discomfort, guided Shane underneath Dahvie in a 69 position, all the while wearing a knowing smirk.

"Suck him off. He bucks, so unless you wanna get face fucked get ready to hold him," Jayy said. He was quick to continue at the horrified look on Shane's face. "I'll help too, don't worry," he soothed. The teenager's shoulders visibly slumped at that tidbit of information, as he leaned up and guided Dahvie's cock into his small, hot mouth, sucking eagerly.

"Oooh, Shane," Dahvie moaned, hips already bucking lightly into said boy's face, causing him to gag on the large girth. Dahvie leaned his head down, capturing Shane's penis in his mouth. Shane moaned loudly around Dahvie's cock, making delicious vibrations, which caused Dahvie to moan around Shane's girth, starting an orgasmic chain reaction.

Jayy smiled as he watched his plan go to work. He reached forward and spread Dahvie's ass cheeks, exposing his twitching entrance. He lapped at it hungrily, his cock leaking at the loud scream Dahvie let out around Shane's meat, causing said boy to moan as well. Jayy used his fingers to spread Dahvie's pink entrance, sticking his tongue into his twitching hole, licking his velvety insides. Dahvie pulled away from Shane's cock as he mewled in pleasure, pushing his ass back into Jayy's face, hoping to get Jayy's tongue deeper inside him; which he complied to.

Jayy stuck his tongue further into Dahvie while simultaneously adding two fingers to his lover's tight entrance, effectively stretching him; giving Jayy more room to move his tongue. Jayy sucked Dahvie's ass hole, filling the room with wet slurping sounds as he tasted the essence of his rainbow lover. He suddenly nipped Dahvie's hole lightly, causing an extra loud scream to burst from his lips as Shane crawled out from under Dahvie, sitting obediently as he awaited his next job.

"Shane, lay on your back," Jayy ordered huskily, pulling away from Dahvie's hole and sharing a heated look with Dahvie as he spoke. Shane flopped down on his back, hissing as the cold tile of the bathroom floor met his heated skin. Dahvie moved between his legs quickly and Shane wrapped his legs around Dahvie's waist, trying to pull him closer. Dahvie carefully stuck a finger into Shane's hole, causing said boy to whimper in discomfort.

"Shh, just relax, Shane. It'll feel good soon," Dahvie whispered soothingly as he laid gentle kisses along Shane's quivering thighs. As soon as Dahvie felt Shane's muscles relax he added another finger, scissoring the digits to stretch out the raven's pink hole. Shane whimpered at the intrusion as Dahvie tried his best to soothe him. Once Shane calmed down Dahvie was quick to a third finger, still searching for the boys prostate.

Suddenly the fan boy screamed as all pain faded from his eyes in pure bliss. "Found it," Dahvie smiled as he lined himself up with their fan's entrance and slowly pushed inside, groaning at the tightness surrounding his length. Shane's legs trembled as his muscles tensed, trying to remove the intruding penis from his entrance. Dahvie rolled his hips gently, searching for the smaller male's prostate while trying not to hurt him.

"Ngh, ah.! Hah, Dah-AHHH.! DAHVIE.!" Shane screamed as he felt Dahvie hit the sensitive bundle of nerves deep inside him. Jayy took this as his que to start fucking Dahvie's brains out, quickly moving behind the walking skittle.

He grabbed Dahvie's hips, quickly yanking them back while simultaneously impaling Dahvie on his 10 inch cock. Dahvie screamed in pure pleasure, thrusting forward and hitting Shane's prostate dead on, then pushing his hips back causing Jayy to hit his own good spot.

Jayy quickly took hold of Dahvie's hips, thrusting forward relentlessly, causing Dahvie to thrust into Shane. The room quickly filled with moans, screams, gasps, and groans as the three men thrusted together, trying to become one in the closest way possible.

"Ngh fuck, Dahvie, you're so fucking tight.!" Jayy growled, thrusting animalisticly, bringing Dahvie to the brink of pain and pleasure as his prostate was continuously abused by Jayy's dick.

"Oooh, Jayy.!" Dahvie mewled, thrusting faster into Shane, causing Jayy's own pace to pick up. Well you know that old saying, you pick up what you put out.

Shane groaned as Dahvie's hips connected with his bottom, reaching up and grabbing Dahvie's green and black hair to pull said man into a deep lip lock.

Jayy bit, nipped, and sucked at Dahvie's neck while he pounded the walking skittle mercilessly; he enjoyed Dahvie's taste. The man had a unique taste, sweet like chocolate, yet with a fruity tang. No one tasted like Dahvie. No one. Shane tasted of cinnamon and mint. It was . . . refreshing.

Dahvie moaned in pleasure as Jayy sucked the spot where his neck and shoulder met, while simultaneously tugging his green and black hair. He reached a long arm down and pinched Shane's left nipple, twisting it harshly. Shane suddenly arched impossibly as he came with a scream, all over his and Dahvie's chests, spreading over as Dahvie continued to thrust. It would seem the boy was a fan of nipple play.

Dahvie gasped at the feel of Shane's tight hole clenching down onto his prick, sending him to his own orgasm. Shane moaned when he felt Dahvie's sperm fill him to the brim, the access starting to dribble out around Dahvie's cock as he rode out his orgasm. Jayy groaned as Dahvie came, his thrusts vigor renewed. Dahvie purred weakly as Jayy finally reached his peak six thrusts later, cumming deep inside of him, his ball sack settled tightly against his ass.

The room smelled of sex, Jayy noted. It was strangely . . . comforting.

"I-Haa-love you guys," Jayy panted lazily, a big grin on his handsome face as he pulled his now limp cock out of Dahvie, flopping on the cool tiles, Dahvie following suit.

"We love you too," Dahvie and Shane answered together. Suddenly, the door leading into the bathroom opened, a tall, blonde man walking in.

"Wha-WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.?!" He screamed, taking in the three males' naked appearance. Jayy just scoffed, that it, until he saw the name tag on the man's shirt that read, 'Hello, my name is Lucas. Manager."

" . . . . . . . Oh, shit." The naked males cursed. This was the beginning of their new life together. One filled with love, happiness, and sex. Lots and lots of sex.

. . . . .

What, did you forget that they were in a bar bathroom.? xD Thanks for reading.! I hope you enjoyed, because I sure as hell did.! cx Hehehe~ On a more serious note, I originally wrote this to be a one-shot, but you lovelies have been telling me to make a sequel, so I did. :P Anyhow, thanks for reading, and please leave a review.!