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. . . . .

"Oh, shit."

The manager, Lucas, was quick to kick the band members and their fan boy out of his bar. The man was at least kind enough to let them get their clothes back on first, though, so that was a plus.

The trio ran out of the bar laughing, stumbling over each other as they all rushed to escape the wrath of Lucas. One thing was for certain; they weren't coming back to this bar. At least not legally.

"Haha, oh, man, that was fucking hilarious.! Did you see the look on his face.? Haha I almost feel sorry for the poor fucker," Dahvie snickered as he playfully shoved his two new lovers aside. Shane giggled at the singer's glee, Dahvie could be such a kid.

"Heh, yeah, Dahviekins, I saw. Man, poor bastard almost looked as if he wanted to join or some shit," Jayy scoffed, fingering his moustache idly. "Hmm, hey, guys, what do you think I should name my moustache.?" He questioned. He laughed at the disbelieving looks on his lovers' faces. "Oh, c'mon, a stache this sexy deserves to be named."

"Man," Shane chuckled, shaking his head, "you guys are as crazy as everyone says."

"And don't you forget it.!" Dahvie chirped happily. The colorful trio made idle chitchat as they walked along, none of them really paying attention to where they were going. Dahvie and Jayy jumped as their young lover suddenly gasped. "What is it.? Did you forget something.?"

"Fuck, no, I just- Um, I don't live here; in Chicago, that is. I just came here to visit some friends, I've been staying in a hotel," he said.

"So . . . what, exactly.?"

"Well I haven't paid my bill for today. I only paid for a week, and this would be my eighth day staying here," he mumbled embarrassedly. "Ugh, that means that they moved all my stuff out of my room and I'm going to have to repay them. Great," he grumbled.

"Well why not just stay with us.?" Jayy asked, pausing from petting his moustache to cock his head to the side.

"Yeah," Dahvie agreed with a smile. "We are together now, aren't we.? That is, if this wasn't only a one-time thing to you. If not you're more than welcome to stay with us in our hotel," he finished happily.

"Wow, um, thanks, guys. I mean, really, thank you. But," the raven paused, biting his lip nervously, almost as if he was afraid to ask, "um, what about when you guys leave Chicago.? I already said I don't live here; I was just visiting a friend. I'm old enough that I don't live at home anymore, and I have enough money saved up from random jobs I've done over the years, but . . . would you really want me to live with you guys.? Or, um, I could stay somewhere else and you two can just come to visit me, if all of us living together would be an inconvenience. Whatever is fine with you, I wouldn't want to-"

"Shane, we're not leaving you behind," Jayy scoffed, disbelieving at the thought. "Honestly, what do you take us for.? You're coming with us if you want to. We're not gonna' force you to go or anything, but if you want to come, then you're comin'. Got it.?"

"Yeah, dumbass, we ain't leavin' you behind anywhere," the walking skittle rolled his eyes with a sigh. "We just had the best sex of our lives and confessed our love on the bathroom floor of some dingy bar, and you want to stay behind.? Crazy."

Shane had to giggle at that. Honestly he didn't want to stay behind, but he didn't want to inconvenience Dahvie and Jayy, either; they were his heroes. He had looked up to them ever since he had heard of Blood on the Dance Floor, even back when Jayy wasn't in the band. He truly did love them, and he would do anything for them.

"Hehe, alright, I got it; No one gets left behind, Ohana, and all that good Hawaiian stuff."

"Hawaii-what the fuck.?" Dahvie mumbled in confusion as Jayy laughed at the "Lilo and Stitch" reference.

"You two are adorable. C'mon, let's get going. I really want to watch "Lilo and Stitch" now . . . "

. . . . .

As soon as the three males made it back to the musicians' luxury hotel suite, they flew off in different directions. Dahvie went to the kitchen to make some snacks, Jayy went to the bedroom to fetch blankets and pillows, and Shane went straight to their DVD's to find "Lilo and Stitch". Once all the snacks were made, and all the pillows were fluffed, the youngest male put the movie in and hit play.

The three lovers started out on their own cushion of the couch, but as we all know, it never stays that way. Somehow, they ended up with Jayy sitting in the middle, Dahvie cuddled into his left side, and Shane snuggled up on his lap; all of them laughing as Stitch poked a frog with his laser gun while shouting 'Cha chi'.

Yes, life is good for the Walking Skittle, Mr. Sexy Stache, and the Fan Boy, and they planned on keeping it that way.

. . . . .

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