Think it Through 2

After supper everyone ended up in the living room. Shuu positioned himself in front of the television on his stomach in the classic video game stance and began to flip through his games. Seiji, seated on the couch and seeing how the evening could quickly deteriorate if Shuu was allowed to choose the activity, yelled to Touma.

"Touma! Are you ready to watch that movie now?" Seiji asked.

"What?" Touma stuck his head out of the dining room, puzzled. Seeing Seiji gesture to Shuu, Touma immediately understood. Walking into the living room, Touma plopped onto the couch and began to use Shuu as a footrest. "Why don't we see what's on T.V., huh Shuu?"

"What about the movie?" Shuu asked as he looked over his shoulder.

Glancing over at Seiji, Touma improvised, "It's kind of long so I thought we could watch it some other time."

"That would be fine," Seiji replied.

After flipping through the stations a few times they finally decided on a show and settled in to watch it. Two sitcoms and one interruption each from Ryo and shin later, and Touma was ready to leave. He wanted to be alone with Shuu; he needed more than casual contact.

"I'm gonna go upstairs," he announced, standing up. A frantic dash for his empty spot on the couch ensued, which Ryo wan due to a well placed foot in Shuu's path from Touma. Shin laughed when Ryo latched onto his arm in a move designed to prevent his bodily removal.. They both knew Shuu wouldn't claim Ryo's spot if it would inconvenience Shin in the process. Before Shuu could become anymore disgruntled, Touma made a suggestion. "Why don't you come upstairs with me?"

"Sure," Shuu replied with a final glare at Ryo, who only smiled sweetly back.

"Where are we going?" Shuu asked as Touma passed his bedroom and kept walking down the hall.

"We're going outside," Touma said. "There's nothing to do up here."


"Come on, Shuu," Touma said, "it'll be weird for us to be up here just yet."

In complete agreement, Shuu followed Touma down the back stairs and out the door. They ended up by the small lake cottage holding hands.

"We never talked about what this would mean to the guys," Touma began. "Maybe they won't like it if we do this."

"Maybe they will, though," Shuu pointed out. "Maybe it doesn't matter what they think. I don't want to worry about that right now, anyway. I need to get used to this before I think about how the guys will react."

"You're right of course."

Shuu smiled hesitantly. "Then can I touch you?"

"You don't have to ask," Touma said. "If I don't want you to do something I'll tell you to stop, okay?"

"Yeah." With his free hand, Shuu reached up to Touma's chest, offering feathery touches and a few tentative caresses.

"I won't break," Touma joked, raising his own hand to Shuu's face. At Touma's gesture, Shuu froze, one hand clasped in Touma's and the other trapped between them as Touma stepped closer.

Touma's hand followed the curve of Shuu's face before his fingers gently traced Shuu's ear. Withdrawing his other hand form Shuu's grip, Touma slid his arm around Shuu's waist and buried his face in his friend's shoulder, pulling Shuu's had down slightly. Not knowing what else to do, Shuu wrapped the arm not trapped between them around Touma's waist. The embrace was awkward at best, but neither of them really cared. Touma was too happy that he was being held, and Shuu was still marveling at the feelings such contact caused.

It was with noticeable reluctance that Touma pulled away sometime later, but he kept his arm around Shuu's waist and the other resting on Shuu's shoulder. "I plan on touching you a lot more, you know," Touma said conversationally, "like this." The arm resting on his friend's shoulder moved so he could trail his fingers down Shuu's chest, stopping when he reached the waist band of Shuu's shorts. "And like this." Both arms were then wrapped around Shuu's waist, pulling their bodies together. "And once in a while, if you don't mind, I'll do this." Raising himself slightly, Touma pressed his lips against Shuu's cheek in a light kiss before once more burying his face in Shuu's shoulder.

Shuu didn't think he would mind one bit as he stroked his friend's hair. He let his fingers linger as they brushed Touma's neck, enjoying the soft feel of the strands tangling in his fingers. A soft kiss to the top of Touma's head had Touma pulling way once more and watching his friend. Shuu held Touma's chin and turned it slightly, pressing a kiss of his own to Touma's cheek.

Then Touma was looking at him and watching him with those luminescent eyes. "We should go inside," Shuu whispered. Touma smiled a little sadly as he pulled away, already moving toward the house. He stopped when Shuu grabbed one of his hands. "Unless you'll kiss me out here."

This time when Touma smiled it was out of joy. Easily moving into their earlier embrace, Touma tilted his head up slightly and waited for Shuu. Soon his eyes slid closed as another set of lips met his own, pressing lightly before pulling away. Then Touma found himself suddenly pulled tightly against Shuu and lifted until his feet left the ground. "I still like touching you better, but that wasn't as weird as last time," Shuu said. Touma could feel the words as they rumbled through Shuu's chest, and could only smile happily in response. However, he quickly found his voice when Shuu began to walk toward the house, still holding him in the tight embrace.

"You can put me down now, Shuu," Touma said. When that didn't get a response he tried again, slightly more sternly. "Shuu, put me down." His friend only laughed. "They'll find out sooner if you don't let go of me," Touma threatened. He was encouraged when Shuu stopped. Touma's feet were on the ground for only a second before he was once again lifted, this time to be slung over Shuu's shoulder. "Shuu!"

"This is normal, Touma," Shuu said laughingly. "I don't think this will give away anything. Your pants, however, might give them too much information."

Touma blushed when he realized that Shuu could feel the erection pressing into his shoulder. "They won't see anything if we take the back stairs again," Touma answered.

"This is true," Shuu said, dropping his unwilling bundle to the ground and squatting beside it. "We should probably do that." It surprised Touma when Shuu leaned down for another kiss, but he happily cooperated.

"My room or yours?" Touma asked playfully.

"Mine?" Shuu offered. He was more tentative than Touma would have liked.

"Good idea," Touma replied. "Shin already know about us, so if he walks in it won't be a shock." Touma paused for a second, thinking of their earlier reason for not going upstairs, before continuing. "We don't have to go up there you know. I'm fine with what we're doing."

"No you're not," Shuu said. "You'd rather we moved faster, and I'd rather just hold you."

"I'd love it if you'd hold me. We don't have to move any faster just because we're going upstairs. It will give us more privacy, that's all."

Shuu nodded in response before helping Touma to his feet. Touma let Shuu lead the way, and, once they were upstairs, sat on Shin's bed as Shuu closed the door. Only after Shuu took a seat on his own bed did Touma move to sit beside him, placing his hand on Shuu's leg and leaning into his side. They took a few moments to get situated as Shuu draped his arm across Touma's shoulders and pulled the boy closer, and as Touma slipped one arm behind Shuu and around his waist. Touma's other hand remained on Shuu's leg, a ready support should Shuu pull away.

"Would you like to go do something together tomorrow?" Shuu asked. "That new movie you were talking about came out last weekend."

"Sure, I'd like that," Touma answered, lifting his head from Shuu's chest.

There were a few more minutes of silence before Shuu spoke again. "Remember right after our battle with Arago when we'd all end up sleeping on the floor in Ryo's room? Even Ryo would crawl out of bed and join us."

"I remember," Touma said. "We stopped because one night Seiji didn't come, and one by one the rest of us didn't come back."

"I know. I was the last one who went, one extra night in Ryo's bed and then I stopped too." Shuu unconsciously held Touma tighter. "I miss it."

"You want to sleep there tonight?" Touma could feel Shuu shake his head and hurriedly spoke again before Shuu's decision was final. "Please? Ryo won't mind and you know I'd love it. We could probably get Shin to come as well."

Pulling away, Touma looked at Shuu's face. He was obviously indecisive so Touma tried one last verbal push.

"It'll be almost like old times, only better. Besides, I can hold you then and you won't have to worry about anything going too far."

"Let's wait until Shin gets here, and we'll ask him. If he says yes then I'll go." It was almost a yes, and Touma was content, secure in the knowledge that Shin would agree. And so it was that a pleasantly surprised Ryo ended up with a floor of visitors late on that Wednesday night.