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OP: Blaine is Amish. He loves his family and his culture but they are not accepting of his recently-revealed homosexuality, leading him to make the very hard decision to leave his community at the tender age of 17. He is poorly educated and has no real work experience, but he ends up getting a job at Hummel Tire & Lube, since Burt recognizes a hard worker and wants to help the kid out. And since Blaine is also looking for a place to live, Burt suggests asking his son, who lives nearby in his own apartment and is looking for a roommate.

- Kurt teaching Blaine about the "real world".
- Blaine being very innocent but not simple. Very hard working and very determined.
- Blaine's first kiss being a Big Deal.
- Careful, loving sex.

Do no want:
- Any hard kinks or bizarreness not included in the prompt above. :)

Sometimes Goodbye Is A Second Chance

Blaine stepped off the bus, the duffel bag his mom had made him slung over his shoulder. He didn't know what to feel at the moment. One part of him was proud, happy even, to have escaped, while the other wanted to go sit down and cry his eyes out. Not only had he left his family and every person he knew; he had also left a safe environment. Here he knew nothing. He had barely managed to survive the bus ride with all the scary types on it.

When he had seen the bus station he had decided that he might as well take a bus to carry him further away from his home. It wasn't as if he would be driving the vehicle, and he knew some of the men of his community had taken rides with English people, so he didn't think it would be that bad. Then again, he had been shunned, so the rules didn't really apply to him anymore. He walked into the station to purchase a ticket, but when he had asked how much a ticket would cost, he realized he would have to use all his money for a ticket alone, and that meant no spare money for a room in which to sleep. At this point Blaine had felt like breaking down. He was miles from his home, with practically no money, and chances were that he was going to sleep on the side of the road tonight. The clerk had seemed to take pity on him and had handed him a ticket with a sympathetic smile. Maybe he had recognized Blaine's clothes, and guessed what happened, or maybe he just didn't want to deal with a crying seventeen-year-old. Whatever it was, Blaine had been eternally grateful to the man.

He had spent almost two hours on the bus, staring mindlessly out of the window at the passing houses after the first half hour of excitement of being in an actual motor-driven vehicle had passed. His parents had told him to get as far away as possible, although they probably had expected him to walk instead of taking a bus. After two hours he had gotten off the bus, deciding it was far enough. He had thanked the bus driver profusely- his parents had taught him manners if nothing else, and wondered absentmindedly if he could get a motel room with the money he had, not really wanting to sleep outside. He had no idea how much they charged for a room for one night. His father had given him a 50-dollar bill before leaving, saying that no matter what had happened, he didn't want his son to end up dead by the side of a lonely dirt road out in the middle of nowhere. Blaine guessed he should be grateful for that. A lot of parents he knew wouldn't have done the same.

He wasn't naïve though. He knew among the English 50 dollars wouldn't get him far, and not everyone would be as friendly as the bus driver. He needed a job, and fast. He needed a place to stay as well, but he couldn't get one those without money, and he couldn't get money without a job. He sighed and wondered if he could stay a couple of days in a motel from the money he had.

For the first time since getting off the bus half an hour ago he looked around at his surroundings. He was in a small town, which he assumed was in Ohio. If he was lucky, there might be some farms here that took seasonal workers. He wondered around a little, until he found himself staring at two paper ads that were taped against the window of what seemed to be an auto repair business. One asked for help in the shop, while the other looked for a roommate a little out of town. Blaine was pretty sure the first one wasn't for him. He didn't know the first thing about cars, but the second…

"Interested in something?"

Blaine jumped slightly at the gruff voice that he suddenly heard. He turned around and saw a man in dirty work clothes looking at him with interest. "I, uhm, I'm sorry, Sir. I was just looking at the advertisements."

The man raised an eyebrow.

"I was, uhm, the roommate…" Blaine stuttered.

"Ah, that's my son. He just moved out last month. He could actually afford his own place if he weren't so addicted to his McJacobs and Marc Queens." The man shook his head with a smile. "It's a great place, a half hour from here. You should give him a call if you're interested."

Blaine nodded. He had no idea what the man was talking about, but the price that was mentioned seemed fair enough, not that Blaine knew much about that. There were some pictures on the ad, and those looked quite nice as well. Maybe, if it was half an hour away, there would be farms around where he could work. He would need a job before he could find a place to stay, and he knew his way around the lands.

"Are there any farms where your son lives?"

"Farms?" The man let out a short laugh. "No, not really. If you want farms, you might want to look more west. A farmer's boy, are you?"

Blaine shrugged. "I need a job."

"I'm looking for help, if you're interested."

"I… I wish I could, Sir, but I don't know anything about cars." At that moment, Blaine really wished he did. The man looked very nice, and if the room that was for rent belonged to his son, maybe they could arrange something so Blaine could pay the first month of rent in pieces, after he got his first paycheck. With the 50 dollars he had, he might be able to survive if he had a place to sleep and a job. He didn't need much else, some bread and water was more than enough for the first week or so. He wouldn't like it, and he would definitely miss his mother's cooking, but this wasn't about his comfort; it was about surviving.

"The name is Burt."

"Blaine." Blaine shook the man's hand.

"Well, Blaine, I don't need someone to work at the cars, I've got people for that. Actually I'm looking for someone who will take calls, arrange appointments and receive customers. My son figured it might be a good idea to have someone clean handle the customers instead of, and I quote, 'an in grease-covered caveman'." The man laughed again. "Look, I'm not forcing you, but think about it. I'll teach you about cars in spare moments, if you'd like, but I mostly need someone to look after customers and bring me and my boys some refreshments on hot days like today. Which reminds me, I was going to get some lemonade for us when I saw you standing here. I bet they're almost dehydrated by now. Go home, think about it, and if you're interested, give me a call, okay? And don't be afraid to call Kurt about that room. He's desperate for someone to share the rent with."

"I—I don't have a phone, Sir, or a place to stay for that matter." Blaine looked at the ground.

"You—what?" Burt looked at him, searching. "You don't look that old. What about your parents?"

"I left them, earlier today actually." Blaine let out a humorless chuckle. "They gave me 50 dollars and said they wished to never see me again unless I changed my mind."

Burt looked at him for a few moments, until Blaine started to feel uncomfortable. "It's okay, I knew it would happen, but I just couldn't lie anymore. I needed a chance to be me, so I left."

"And they didn't even allow you to take your phone?"

"I didn't have a phone, Sir. They allowed me to take my possessions." He gestured at his duffel bag. "And my dad even gave me some money, which was more then I had dared to hope for, so it's okay." He shrugged. "I'll get by."

"Come in, son. I'm going to get my boys their drinks, and then we're going to see what we can do for you, okay?"

Blaine looked up at the man standing in front of him. Could he really be so lucky to have met two extremely nice people today? First the bus driver and now Burt.

"You don't have to—" Blaine started, but he was cut off quickly.

"Look, you have no place to go, and it's five in the afternoon. I'm not going to let you sleep on the streets, understand? Let's get inside and figure it out from there, okay?"

Blaine nodded eagerly and followed the man inside.

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