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April 2012

My dear family,

I'm very happy you all decided to include me in your circle letter. As I wrote to Mamm and Datt earlier, I miss you all very much, and I wish I had had the chance to say goodbye.

Rebecca, how is married life treating you? I hope you are happy, and may you soon be blessed with many children. I heard Jeremiah and his wife are expecting their first child soon. I send them all my love, and I wished I could have seen the baby. Please tell him or her that Uncle Blaine loves it very much.

I do not know what to write, or what you are willing to read from me. Can I tell you about my job at the garage? Is it okay for me to speak about Kurt? Because those things are my life now and I would love nothing more than to be able to share them with you. If anything ever bothers or offends you, please let me know.

Your brother and son,

May 2012

My dear family,

It felt so good to read all your letters and reassurance that I could talk about my life freely. I know you do not approve of it, but I'm glad you all accept the fact that this is how it is now.

Thank you for your birthday wishes. My heart ached that I could not spend it with you, but I had a wonderful day nonetheless.

I got my license a few weeks ago. Burt taught me how to drive a car (after Kurt's failed attempt) and I did it. He also gave me this truck we've been rebuilding as a birthday gift. He's been letting me work more and more in the garage these days.

Kurt gave me a beautiful watch for my birthday.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Your brother and son,

April 2014

My dear family.

First off al, congratulations to Christopher and his new wife Mariah. I'm truly happy for both of you and I wish you all the luck in your marriage.

I can't believe it's already been more than two years since I moved here. I just turned 20, and once again Burt and Kurt surprised me with the best gifts I could have asked for. You might want to sit down for this.

First, Kurt asked me to marry him! Can you believe it? I still can't, but the beautiful ring on my finger is proof that he did. Gay marriage has just gotten legalized here, and he said it was the only birthday present he could think of.

I know you don't approve, but if any of you would like to be at our wedding, let me know and I will do anything I can to get you here. I really hope some of you will come.

Second, Burt asked me to become his business partner at the garage. He says he wants to slow down and spent more time with Carole and any future grandchildren. (I do hope he was talking about Finn and his wife, not me and Kurt because I am so not ready for that… yet) He even says he wants me to take over the garage in the future.

I still can't believe my luck I've found such a great second family here, although you're always in my heart.

Love, Blaine

July 2014

My dear family,

It's official. I'm Burt's business partner. They've just changed the sign from 'Hummel's Tire and Lube' to 'Hummel-Anderson's Tire's and Lube' last week. I'm so proud. I'll admit I shed a tear or two.
Burt says in the future I can change it to 'Anderson's Tire's and Lube', but I think I'll keep it like this. After all, that'll be my name after I get married as well.

I didn't want to mention this, but Kurt says it's important I'm honest with you all, so here it goes. I'm disappointed no one of my family can make it to our wedding. We both are. I understand you still have a hard time accepting my sexuality, but I am marrying the love of my life, and I really hoped you'd find it in your heart to set aside these difficulties and be there for me on one of the happiest days of my life. If any of you change your mind, you're more than welcome to join us. You're always welcome at our place.

Love, your brother and son, Blaine.

August 2014

My dear family,

I got married last weekend. It was the best day of my life.

Just thought I'd let you know.


September 2015

My dear family,

It's been awhile since I put a letter in our circle letter, but I figured it was time. Kurt also said I shouldn't hold a grudge; I guess he's right.

Kurt and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary by adopting a stray dog that showed up at the garage. I think it was abandoned by his owners.

Kurt wanted to bring it to a shelter first, but I convinced him to keep it when I told him I knew what it was to be all alone without a family. We named him Cooper, and he's happily taken over half of our couch. I think it's good practice for the future.


August 201è

My dear family,

We've bought a house. No more small apartment for us. We figured it was time. We've been married for almost three years, we both have steady jobs, and the apartment wasn't big enough for our future plans. Cooper loves the yard; he hardly comes inside unless it's raining.

Congratulations to Jeremiah and his wife with their third son. I'm really happy for both of you.

Your son and brother,

March 2018

Dear Mamm and Datt,

You can't believe how happy your separate letter made me. Of course I want to see you both. I understand it has to be somewhere out of the village.

Let me know when we can see each other, preferably during the weekend or during the summer holidays, so Kurt can some as well.

Love, your son,

May 2018

My dear family,

I've got some exiting news for all of you! Mamm and Datt already know this, but I think it's time to tell the rest of you.

You see the drawing attached to this letter? I made copies for every one of you! It's me, Kurt and our daughter, Madeline. We've been working on the adoption process for a while now, and we finally got to pick her up two weeks ago, right before I got to see Mamm and Datt.

She's three months old now, and her mother gave her up for adoption because she was too young to take care of her. She has piercing blue eyes, dark brown hair, and the most gorgeous smile. I can't believe I'm a father. I can't believe how happy I am. I never knew you could love someone instantly before they laid her in my arms, but you can. She's the best thing that has happened to us.

We decided she will call Kurt 'Papa', and me 'Datt'.

It's summer vacation, so Kurt has some time off from school, and I took a month of from working as well to spend with my family.

I'm so happy right now!

Love, your son and brother (and now a father!), Blaine.

September 2018

My dear family,

Madeline said my name! Although Kurt will tell you otherwise and says she's just babbling nonsense, I'm sure she said 'Datt'. He's just jealous.

Congratulations to Matthew on getting married. The farm must be silent with so many of us gone now.

Summer holidays are coming to an end, and I've started work again as well. We decided Kurt would quit his job in Westerville to take a job closer to home. He found a part-time position as a music teacher in his old school in Lima. It's perfect, because it gives him more time to be at home with our daughter. When we're both working, her grandmother, Carole takes care of her, and coincidentally it's usually the days Burt stays home as well. I'm so happy our daughter is blessed with so much love.

Love, your son and brother, but now foremost a father,

October 2019

Mamm and Datt,

I'm writing you this short letter to let you know that Judith is okay. She showed up at our doorstep very late last night. She begged me not to tell you, but being a father myself now, I know how much you must be worried.

I promise Kurt and I will look after her. It's been years since I saw her; she was barely seven when I left, but she's my sister and I will take care of her.


October 2019

Mamm and Datt,

I'm writing this to you with permission of Judith. We had several long conversations last week, and as it turns out, Judith is pregnant. She was afraid to tell you, so she ran away. She wants me to tell you she loves you very much, and she's sorry.

She refuses to tell us who the father is, because she doesn't want him to get shunned, but what I can gather from her story is that many of the young man in your village are not as holy as they pretend to be.

She told us it wasn't forced, but I can also gather from her story that she didn't really knew what was happening. Don't blame her. She's just very poorly informed about these things, unfortunately.

We don't know what will happen yet. She says she doesn't want an abortion (and I can't say how happy I am about that), but she's not sure she wants to keep the baby either, so we've been talking to some adoption agencies. We'll figure it out. Either way, Kurt and I will fully support her.


May 2020

My dear family,

I'm happy to tell you Judith gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, baby girl. She's a month early, but apparently that happens a lot to people her age. She has a head full of black curls, and is the exact image of Judith. She's been adopted by a very loving family in Westerville, who aren't able to have children of their own. They named her Lara.

It's an open adoption, and Judith will keep in touch with them through letters and phone calls.

Kurt and I've been talking to her, and since she's only 15, we decided to send her to school in the fall. She's a bright girl, and Kurt has been helping her with several subjects already, so she won't be behind on her classes.

Madeline has become quite fond of her Aunt Jude, as she calls her. It's heartwarming to see the two of them together. I can't believe how fast she's growing up; she'll be attending school before I know it.

On a sad note, Cooper has passed away. We're not sure of his age (the vet thought he was three or four years old when I found him), but he's been with us for almost eight years, so I think he has had a good life.

Don't tell Madeline or Judith, but we'll be getting them a new dog soon. One of my employees has a bunch of puppies who will be able to leave their mom in a few weeks.

Love, your son and brother,

June 2021

My dear family,

I've attached another drawing of my own family with this letter. As you can see, it's gotten three new additions since the last one I sent you. The original photograph it's based upon was taken at Lara's first birthday party, to which we were all invited. I'm sure you will recognize Judith and the beautiful baby girl she's holding is Lara. She's become quite a handful according to her parents. The child in Kurt's arms is Madeline, who has grown into a beautiful young girl. She's almost six.

The baby in my arms is Meredith. We'd been working on another adoption when Judith showed up at our door, so we put it on hold. I'll be honest with you, we had been thinking about adopting Lara, but we felt it would be too confusing for the children later in life.

We started the process again after Judith gave birth, and we were lucky enough to be picked out very quickly. Meredith is three months old; her mother died while giving birth and her father is unknown. We've been happy to welcome her into our somewhat unconventional family and give her all the love she deserves. The girls are in the majority at the moment, but Kurt and I can live with that.

Life's pretty great at the moment.

Love, your son and brother,