Me: Hey folks! This is the first of many theme park funs with the cast from Naruto and Rosario + Vampire series. This first story of the series will take place in my favorite theme park: Walt Disney World. I am expecting to get good reviews for this story because I will also place down some facts of the attractions and the story will take place before Fantasyland gets expanded. So I hope you enjoy this first story of fun.

Theme Park Fun: Walt Disney World

Chapter 1: Traveling to Florida

Camp Set-up at Fort Wilderness


Konaha: Hokage's Office


Naruto, Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Kiba (with Akamaru), and Shikamaru are in the Hokage's office for a special meeting with Lady Tsunade, the fifth Hokage talking about a big surprise that she has for them. "Come on Granny," Naruto spoke out, "What's the surprise?" Tsunade gave Naruto a little flick at his forehead, causing him slamming his back on the wall.

"Naruto, stop calling me 'granny' and for the surprise," Tsunade began, "ever hear of a place called 'Walt Disney World' before?" All the Shinobi present in the shook their heads, meaning they don't know about this place. So lady fifth explained, "Walt Disney World is a theme park found in America."

"I always wanted to go to America!" Naruto boasted out. Tsunade continued. "The surprise is that you guys and gals are going to Walt Disney World so I suggest that all of you will be ready for your trip, because you are leaving tomorrow." Everyone chatted ecstatically, before Tsunade continued. "You are not going alone, you will be joining some students from a place, as Jiyara called it, Youkai Academy, and I expect that to be polite to them. Understand?" All the Shinobi present nodded their head, knowing what could happen if they were not following her instruction.

"Well then," Tsunade began, "I suggest you get packing for the trip and make sure you have fun and make new friends. I'll see you when you come back." Everyone left to their homes (Naruto still lives in that old apartment) to get packed for the trip.

Youkai Academy: Headmaster's Office

Tsukune, Moka, Kurumuru, Mizore, Yukari, Kokoa, and Ruby were summoned to see the headmaster for something important, but the headmaster had a big surprise for them. When they entered the room, everyone was ready for whatever the headmaster wanted. He explained about the Disney World trip and the whole group was excited and Yukari was excited that her fellow witch friend, Ruby, is tagging along for the ride. They were told to get ready and when they agreed to all the terms and learned that they will be paired with some shinobi from Konaha, they left to get ready for the trip.


Orlando International Airport


All the shinobi and Youkai Academy students got out of the plane after they touch down on to the runway. When they exited their planes, they instantly bumped into each other. "Sorry about that," Moka spoke up. "Tis ok," Naruto answered, "Right now though, we have to find some students from a school called 'Youkai Academy.'"

"We're from Youkai Academy," Ruby told the shinobi, "What are you guys names?"

"Uzumaki Naruto"

"Haruno Sakura"

"Hyuga Hinata"

"Nara Shikamaru"

"Yamanaka Ino"

"Inuzuka Kiba"

Akamaru appeared from his master's jacket popped up and gave a happy bark. "Oh yeah," Kiba realized, "This is my partner, Akamaru." Akamaru gave a nice little bark and jumped out of the jacket and ran towards Yukari.

"Now then," spoke Naruto, "Who are you guys?"

Kurumuru began the introductions, "Kurono Kurumuru"

"Aono Tsukune"

"Shuzen Kokoa"

"Tojo Ruby"

"Sendo Yukari"

"Shirayuki Mizore"

"Akashiya Moka"

"So looks like we're going to have a good time with you folks," Naruto decided. "I agree with yeah Naruto," agreed Tsukune. "So what are we waiting for?" Yukari asked. "Nothing, the bus already pulled up for us," announced Mizore.

Everyone looked out there and saw a bus that is titled "Disney Magical Express" (Fun Fact: This type of bus system does take you to a specific resort in the Walt Disney Area). Everyone got on and the bus driver began driving them to where they are going to live for the whole trip, Fort Wilderness (Fun Fact: Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds was the first resort ever made for Walt Disney World and is still there today).


Fort Wilderness


Everyone got off the bus and Naruto, with Tsukune, to check in. After the wait, they got their campground area so they can enter the campground and get there camping equipment out so they can be prepared to get ready for the first night of the trip.


Fort Wilderness: Campground


When the group got there they knew it will take a long time to set up camp, but Naruto had an idea. After a few hand symbols, about twenty clones appeared. "Now gentlemen," Naruto getting his clones attention, "You know what to do, set up all the tents and dispel yourselves when it's done." "HAI!" The clones understand the true Naruto. "While the clones work," Naruto began, "Let's go swimming!"

The whole Youkai gang shivered about that. Sakura noticed. "What's wrong?" she asked. "Well," Tsukune began, "my friends are actually monsters." "Aren't you a monster dude?" asked Kiba. "No," Tsukune answered, "I joined that school because it was my parents' idea and I did not know it was a school for monsters till' my homeroom class began during the first day of my first year at the Academy."

"So what kind of monsters are you gals?" Shikamaru asked. 'I hope this won't be troublesome,' he added in his thought.

Kurumuru began, "Succubus."

Then Yukari and Ruby (at the same time), "Witch."

Mizore spoke next, "Snow fairy."

Finally it was Moka's and Kokoa's turn: "Vampire."

"Now I understand why you guys shivered," Ino began, "it's because water is deadly to vampires, unless it has herbs in it." All the Academy students nodded their heads. "Talk about being idiotic Naruto," Sakura spoke before landing a punch on to Naruto's face, sending him into a tree disturbing some woodpeckers which resulted of Naruto running away from the birds. Ruby managed to help Naruto out of his woodpecker problem by speaking to them like the woodpeckers were like her crows.

After the whole thing settled down, everyone sat down to discuss what to do during the whole trips. "I think we should start with Hollywood Studios," Naruto suggested. "No… not a bad idea Naruto," Hinata agreed.

Mizore tilted Kiba's ear and asked, "Does Hinata have a crush on Naruto?" "Yeah," Kiba answered, "she had a crush on him during our childhood, and when he came back from a three-year trip with his sensei, she fainted when she saw him." Mizore took all that info and began formulating a plan in her head to help Naruto and Hinata become a couple.

"So we'll do Hollywood Studios first, then where to next?" Shikamaru asked. "How about EPCOT?" Ino suggested. "Why there, there barely any rides there?" Ruby pointed out. "Well," Ino began, "the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival is going on there right now."

"Ok," Sakura spoke up, "so the second day we got to EPCOT, but where on the third day?" "Kiba and I have the perfect idea for the third day." Then Naruto and Kiba said at the same time: "Animal Kingdom!" "I always wanted to ride a rollercoaster where we can meet a giant animal known as the yeti," Naruto blurted out. "My reason for the Animal kingdom is so we can see animals from other parts of the world," Kiba pointed out.

"Looks like Magic Kingdom is going to be for the fourth day," Yukari noticed. Naruto nodded his head, and then he realized where to go to on their fifth day. "We should go to Disney Quest for our fifth day."

"What's Disney Quest?" Ruby asked. "It's like an indoor arcade with five floors of video games and cool attraction games," Naruto answered. Everyone agreed to the suggestion Naruto brought up.

Kurumuru then made the final suggestion for the last day before they headed back to their proper place they belong in. "We should shop t Downtown Disney for our final day together." Everyone liked the succubus's idea of a good shopping trip before going home so they can bring back some souvenirs from their trip so they can show what they got from America. After that, Naruto felt that the clones were done with the camp.

The gang walked back to the campground and saw that the clones of Naruto did a great job and they need to decide who gets to sleep in which tent. There were four tents, fit for three people to sleep in. In tent one; it's going to be consisting of Naruto, Hinata, and Mizore. In tent two; it'll going to be consisting of Kurumuru, Shikamaru, and Kiba (Akamaru will sleep on top of Kiba). Tent three will be consisting of Tsukune, Moka, and Kokoa. This leaves the last tent for Ino, Yukari, and Ruby.

After the gang finished putting their bedding on top of their air mattress, they decided to check out the resort.

First stop was the trade center, which is like a convenient store, but consists of souvenirs and camp protection items (Ex: Band-Aids, bug repellent, Chap Stick). The gang looked around the central trading post, amazed at all of the stuff in the room.

After their trip to the central trading post, they decided to go the beach area and, luckily for Moka and Kokoa, the gang can't swim in the water due to high levels of bacteria causing them just looking out at the whole lake area, amazed at its beauty. Naruto then spoke up, "I heard there's a water pageant tonight, anyone interested to watch it." "But when is it?" Kurumuru asked. Naruto smiled and answered the question, "It's going to be at 8:45 tonight."

That gave Kurumuru a shiver down her spine. "You ok Kurumuru?" Kiba asked. She nodded and then explained why she shivered, "I just hate getting my blood sucked by mosquitoes." Naruto then decided to make a prank. "Well," he began, "too bad Shino isn't here, and he has a knack with bugs." Kurumuru couldn't understand why how this Shino person has a knack for bugs; she didn't ask she just ran, accidently running into a tree. Naruto cracked up for Kurumuru's blunder, causing Sakura to punch him and Naruto slammed into another tree before he got covered up in pinecones. Mizore helped Naruto up and decided to begin her plan.

"I'm going to talk to Naruto about respect to females so I'll be right back." Mizore the grabbed Naruto's hand and then dragged him off (not literarily) into the nature walk area and decided to get Naruto ready to become Hinata's boyfriend.

When they got to the nature area, Mizore let go of Naruto's hand and looked at Naruto. Naruto began to get nervous, praying that she won't freeze him. "Naruto, listen to me," Mizore stated. Naruto then got ready for a little pep talk. "I've been told that one of your female friends has a crush on you ever since childhood." Naruto narrowed down the possibilities and realized who Mizore was talking about. "Hinata has a crush on me?" He asked, to which he received a nod from Mizore. "Let's head back before everyone gets a bad feeling of what we're doing," Mizore decided. Naruto agreed to her statement and then both went back to the beach area. Naruto knew to make the move tonight during the water pageant.


Later that Evening


Almost everyone from each campground areas came out to the beach area for the pageant, and when it began everyone cheered when the lights turned on and played songs that described by what the light looks like, which included the brontosaurus appearing using an electronic version of the song "Walk the Dinosaur." Naruto sat next to Hinata, hold her hand, which made her blush. Naruto told Hinata, "I love you too," before he gave her a kiss. Hinata hugged Naruto and Mizore, who was watching the event, smiled knowing that her work was done.

When the pageant was over, the gang went back to their campsite and fell asleep, knowing that the week is going to be fun.

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