Title: Endless Night
TVShow: Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
Pairing: Beth Griffith/Sam Cooper
Music: "High", James Blunt

Sam slowly opened his eyes, sun rays entering and brightening the room, and saw Beth sleeping, embraced by his arm; he took a deep breath and kissed her on the forehead.

Beautiful dawn
Lights up the shore for me
There's nothing else in the world
I'd rather wake up and see with you

Trying his best not to move so much and wake her up, Sam managed to open the bedside drawer and take what he was looking for; he closed the drawer and felt Beth was starting to wake up.
He waited until she was fully awake.

I'm just chasing time
Thought I'd die a lonely man
In an endless night

She looked up and her eyes met his. "Hey", she smiled.

"Hey", he smiled back at her. "Happy anniversary, Beth"
"Happy anniversary, Sam", she tenderly replied.

Promise me tomorrow starts with you

Sam looked deep into her eyes. "Will you marry me?", he suddenly asked her.

Before Beth had the chance to say something, he raised his hand, allowing her to see the beautiful ring he was holding. She stared at him and knew he wasn't kidding.

Tears started to form on her eyes. "I will", she whispered as he smiled, gently putting the ring on her finger.

But now I'm high
Running wild among all the stars above
Thought I was born to endless night
Until you shine

Sam pulled her close as Beth placed her hand on his face as she kissed him passionately.

"I love you", he breathed into the kiss.
"I love you too", she honestly confessed.