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Here's chapter two!

"I'm really sorry about this."

Pepper was apologizing profusely as she bustled around the lower floor of Stark Tower (or the Avengers Tower, as it was called now since it had become a sort of informal headquarters for team.)

"I know that it's such short notice and you must be busy."

Pepper, in her smart black dress and heels, stepped over a piece of metal on the ground which may have belonged to her husband or her daughter and looked worriedly at the self named ABC Bunch (Avengers Babysitting Crew) which consisted of Steve, Bruce, Thor, Clint, and Natasha.

"If we didn't absolutely need you to do this we wouldn't ask."

Natasha reached out and touched Pepper's shoulder.

"Look, Pepper, it's fine. Really."

Pepper nodded, looking preoccupied and worried.

"Tony! Evana! Down here now!"

There was a crash from upstairs and Pepper sighed.

"They'll be down in a minute." she said, tossing a few items in her purse.

Tony and Evana both appeared a minute later. Tony was dressed in a suit and holding a briefcase in each hand (one being an actual one and the other being Tony's iron man suit.) His daughter was dressed somewhat less fancily in play clothes and safety goggles, though Natasha did wonder whether her clothing was supposed to be smoking.

"Tony, we need to go now."

The man in question held up his hands in mock surrender.

"I know, I know, okay?"

"Now, Evana," continued Pepper, bending down to quickly kiss the six year old on the cheek, "You'll be good for everyone, right?"

Evana nodded solemnly, her dark eyes serious, but Tony muttered something under his breath along the lines of 'no.'

"What was that?" asked Pepper sharply.

"Um, nothing." muttered Tony.

"Right." Pepper stood up. She and Tony went for the door.

Bruce looked at Pepper in panicked confusion.

"But...what do we do?"

"Oh, keep her out of trouble. Don't let her go out unsupervised." said Pepper breezily.

"And don't let her do anything she wants to." said Tony cheerfully. "Bye!"