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Now be warned, this may or may not be a sad as fucking hell shit story. I insist listening to Dante's Might by Rungran. Its one of the DMC anime's songs that is awesome. There will be many songs in this story that may influence emotion while reading. Today's is Seidaku by Rungran, a song from the Devil May Cry anime. Good anime to watch, really short though, only 12 episodes. :/

Also, has anyone else noticed Nero's curves? That can't be natural for a guy to have such curvy… curves.

With out further adieu, here is the first chapter.

-XXX- Chapter 1: Seidaku. –XXX-

Nero sneered as he had to sit through yet another sermon. He had really thought that after the events with the savior, everyone would learn that preaching doesn't really help with demons. But then again he was here to sit through it for Kyrie, how had gave him those big old puppy dog eyes and a sweet pout. He was a little angry that he could never say no to the younger girl, but what could he do? She was currently just finishing her solo, the crowd clapping and shaking her hand as she walked down the isle to sit with Nero. She smiled at him; he motion for her to lean close to his ear.

"That was awesome Kyrie" He whispered to her. She nodded and mouthed a 'thank you'. "Can I go now?" He asked hopefully, she gave him a look and placed her hands on her lap. "No Nero, I'm sure you can sit here for a few more minutes while we pray. I now that this isn't the most fun thing to do but I asked you to come here and that includes staying here for the rest of the sermon. You're the only one here to listen to me that I relatively know." And she pulled the guilt card.

Nero huffed and leaned back, he couldn't very well walk out of here now. Kyrie smiled sweetly, deviously, and watched as the priest told them to pray. It had been a long time since Credo's death, almost four years now. She had cried a lot the first couple of months, and Nero not having really lost a family member didn't know what to do. Though his instincts kicked in and he had taken care of her, doing all the things that he could for the smaller girl. I guess you could say his maternal side popped out while the brunette was in distress. He did almost everything for her, minus cooking, and made sure she was happy. It was a little awkward when he was trying to figure out things like her favorite take out place and her favorite thing to do since she was sobbing all the time. It took Nero many tries but he succeeded. The day she stopped crying was the day when little girl had hugged Nero. He was so scared and didn't have a clue so he just stood there and looked at Kyrie for help. She burst out laughing at the horrified look and told the silverette to place his arms around the smaller girl and squeeze gently. It was also cute when the little girl had pulled him down and kissed him on the cheek, he turned bright red and looked away while scratching his nose with his human hand.

"Nero, wake up" A hand shook him. Nero shot up and looked around wide eyed. "I wasn't sleepin'" He rubbed his eyes and looked around, not a soul insight. He looked to Kyrie and yawned. "Why didn't you wake me earlier?" He asked her, she gave him a look and stood. "I tried but you sleep like a rock. I've been here for the past five minutes trying to wake you, now get up we need to go home." He nodded and stood, scratching his human arm. That had been happening a lot lately. He was uncontrollably itchy, but his Devil Bringer wasn't affected, just his human skin. He usually just shook it off as allergies or some other bullshit and took a hot shower. This had concerned Kyrie, especially when he would rub his back on the walls to try and itch himself. Or when he would scratch too hard with his demon arm and make long gashes in his skin, even though he healed a bit later. Or even those times when Nero would stare at the door, as if subconsciously expecting someone to walk through.

"Okay." He said and they walked out of the white cathedral. They walked home in comfortable silence, it had dawned on Kyrie that Nero had grown rather quite over the years, not that he was chatty beforehand, but it was more noticeable when they were at home. He also had started to purr when he was sleeping, and not quietly. She had understood that he was part demon, but getting woken up while sleeping to hear him purr was a bit bothersome. And since she had taken a job as an assistant in the cathedral she had to wake up really early. But it was still cute when he would fall asleep on the couch and curl up in her lap, purring. Like her own personal cat, or so she liked to think. She wondered sometimes that if this was all his demon sides doing or if it was something all half demons had. But she would only ever find out if she could find a book on half demons.

She smiled as she opened the door to there two bedroom apartment; Nero casually walking in and going to the kitchen. Kyrie followed and walked in with him. They had a nice apartment, smaller yes but roomy. It was two bed rooms, one bath, with a big kitchen and a nice living room. They were the only two who were usually at the house, besides the girls that Kyrie brought home to hang out with, so they had a bar set up instead of a dinning room. It was a nice chocolate and snow color theme, with chocolate/black furniture and white carpet and linens. They had a big double door fridge filled with food, mostly because of Nero's big appetite, with a four burner stove, a dishwasher, a sink, a coffee maker and a microwave. The living room had a nice 40 inch screen television with a book case filled with movies and music. There was also a book case filled with novels and books about demons, for Nero of course, and two nice leather couches that had a few scratch marks due to Nero. The bathroom was a bath and shower combo with a counter top with two sinks, one for Nero and one for Kyrie. And last but not least the bedrooms. Kyrie had all of her essentials, like a bed, another bookcase, an armoire filled with dresses, skirts and short sleeved shirts. Nero's room was fairly basic, queen size bed with black sheets, a wardrobe, a desk with a bookcase beside it (Can never have too many books) and a bedside table. Nice and quaint.

Nero rummaged through the fridge and pulled out a bowl of rice, pork, beans and carrots, he walked over to the microwave and popped it in for 3 minutes. He leaned against the counter and watch Kyrie fiddle around with the answering machine. She huffed and looked to Nero. "Can you please put in the password to the voicemail? I know you memorized it when you had nothing better to do." Nero rolled his eyes and punched in the number for the voice mail; Kyrie thanked him and listened to the automated voice.

"You have 2 new messages. Press 1 to play both, press…" Kyrie quickly pressed 1 and listened to the first voice mail.

"Hey Kyrie, it's me Jenna, I was wondering if you're available for coffee tomorrow, it's been a while and we need to hang out!" Kyrie smiled and deleted the message. "Message 2"

"Hello, I heard from a friend that this was the number for an experienced demon hunter. I'm the local care taker the for Mitis Manor, I have heard some rather disturbing noises coming from the forest, if you could please come by and check it out that would spectacular, I will even pay you to take care of it if it is indeed a demon. You can contact me at XXX-XXX-XXX for further details." Kyrie raised a brow and looked at Nero, who in turn shrugged and wrote down the number. Kyrie rolled her eyes and deleted the message.

"So when are you going to call this man back?" She asked. Nero looked up in thought.

"Well I was gonna do it after you were finished with the phone since he sounded a bit jumpy. So I thought I would go and take care of it today, you know catch a ride out of town and into the road leading to Mitis Forest. I mean it's been a while since I got to go out and beat down some demons. Plus Red Queen and Blue rose have been in the same spot for a while now and I feel that they want to get out and move. It's only 1 in the afternoon, so I would be home around 12 am or tomorrow morning." Kyrie nodded and watched as Nero start to scratch thigh and stomach. He huffed and walked over to the phone to call back the man who left the voice mail.

"Do you want me to make something for you before you go? I don't want you to eat all the food in the house when you get back because you skipped out on eating before you left" Nero gave her a look as he placed the phone by his ear and dialed the number.

"Yes is this the man looking for a demon hunter… yes… I can leave now… okay… so and you think that its demons? I could be like some form of animal… oh damn… W-well… okay I'll leave now… meet you at the entrance of the forest? Good. See you there" Nero set the phone down and scratched his arm. "Well looks like I'll be gone until tomorrow, apparently he thinks it's a nest so I'll be clearing it out." Kyrie nodded and watched him grab his gear and leave.


Nero sighed as he looked out from the big window of the manor. He had met the man who was in charge of the manor, a rather tall man with think glasses and medium length brown hair. He offered to get Nero something to drink and sat down with him on the two couches. The place hadn't really changed in the last couple of years, the cob webs were all gone and the eggs were cleared away but other than that it looked the same. The man introduced himself as Sebastian Kingston, and gave Nero the details.

"So what else has been going on here?" He asked. Sebastian placed a hand on his chin. "Well recently I found the carcasses of horses, picked clean so that the bones were white, not bloody. I hear howls and yowls in the night, a few trees have been torn down from what looks like claws, and many, large feathers. There has also been a fire or two but it died down within hours." He told the silverette. Nero nodded and stood; he stretched out his left arm and shook Sebastian's hand.

"So that's it than huh? Well I'll get it down, but know that if it is a nest, that I'm not doing this for free" Nero explained to Sebastian, who shook his head vigorously. "Of course not, I was already expecting to have to pay you so I got the money together. I will give it to you after the job is done." Nero nodded and walked over to the door; he looked back at Sebastian and saluted him. "I'll be back in a bit" And he walked out the door.

Nero sighed and looked out into the wide forest. He had the slightest feeling that today was going to be a long, hard day. He looked down at his Devil Bringer and slid it out of the sling. He figured that he would need it, even if it was possibly only lower-level demons; he took of the fingerless glove and unwrapped the gauze. His Devil Bring shone a bright blue as it was let out, seemingly happy. Nero scratched his forearm with his demonic arm and set off towards the forest. It was still as dense as when he had fought Echidna all those years ago, but it was missing all the eggs, the plants that tried to eat him, and the infected Scarecrows. But on thing that he sure wasn't there before, was the long drag marks. He looked down to the marks and lightly sniffed, the scent of firewood, wet dog and another scent he couldn't describe flooded through his nose.

In the past three months Nero had been a lot more in tune with his devil side. It was an odd occurrence at first, when bright lights became even brighter and loud noise sounded like they were in stereo, but he got used to it. It helped a lot on missions when he couldn't find a trace of demons, he would 'sniff' them out, of course it made him feel like a common bloodhound but what can you do. The one pesky thing about it though, was when he would be silent and hear the constant whispering in his mind, ordering him around. As much as he tried to block out the voice, it would only get louder and more annoying, usually demanded things that Nero would never do. Like telling him to rub himself all over the apartment he and Kyrie shared, or even something as demeaning as lying down for some of the higher-level demons, and that was just a few out of the many. He hated it, a lot. But it was helpful when he was dumbfounded about things, like when his body would react differently to things, the voice would tell him that it was a natural occurrence in demons.

Nero rubbed his nose with the back of his human hand and sneered, the unusual scent making his body itch even more than usual. He sneezed and stood upright; he followed the trail through a pile of broken tree limbs and down some stairs. The scent got stronger as he made his way deeper into the forest, and a lost more broken tree limbs paved the way to a small clearing. It looked like a dragon had come and charred around the perimeter of the clearing; the grass in the middle was in tact and still green though. Nero followed the charred ground with his eyes until they fell upon a huge grey mass in the middle of the clearing. He smirked and pulled Red Queen off of his back; he stepped over the burnt ground and walked to the grey mass, ready to attack. But as soon as he was twenty feet away, he mass began to wiggly around and rise. Soon two huge demons stood in front of him. Both female, from what he could tell.

One had the body of a large feline, but from the neck up was a human torso. Long, black hair fell around her chest and to her mid-drift; a chest plate covering her bosom as well as the legs, back and tail of her, only a sliver of black fur could be seen through the plates of armor. Her skin was a pale grey, with splotches of black and white; she had dark blue eyes that shone brightly. She also had two long white daggers on the front chest of her feline waist. The next female was the same build except from the waist down she has the body of a lizard, lights blue scales whipped up her stomach and over her bosom, covering them. Her hair was a white that stopped at her shoulders; it was in the pixie cut style. Hey eyes were a light green, with black lines that came down from the bottom of her eyes. Her skin was a tanned and stripped with the same black lines that continued down from her eyes. She had a large, skinny black katana on her back, the bottom of the hilt covered in black fur. They were both roughly the size of a two story building. They looked at each other and smiled.

"Well, well, well what do we have here?" The black haired female giggled, she left the other female to walk around Nero. He watched with caution, ready to strike when she was not paying attention. "You're kind of a small one aren't you?" She giggled at him.

"Fuck you!" He growled at her. She giggled again and motioned the other female to come over and she did so. The white haired female looked down at him smiled.

"Aw, you ruffled his feathers Azeral, you're gonna make kitten mad." She snickered. 'Azeral' barked out a laugh and threw her head back laughing. "Oh Mezua you sure know how to crack me up!"

"I try, now, what's a little thing like you doing in our territory? We haven't done anything wrong, have we sister?" Mezua chuckled and looked from Nero to her sister. Azeral shook her head and looked to her sister. "I believe we haven't." Nero growled and glared at the two much larger demons, they were trying on his patience.

'We could take them' the voice commented in his head. Nero reached for Red Queen, still watching the two demons chatting about him. He quickly pulled her out of her holster and jumped back, getting into a fighting stance. Azeral and Mezua looked at each other and started laughing, Azeral leant against her sister took in gulps of air as she laughed.

"L-look he's trying to be t-tough ha!" Azeral laughed. Nero pulled his lips back into a snarl and lunged at the raven haired demon. He revved Red Queen and slashed at the feline demon's feet, the ground catching fire as the blade sliced through it. Azeral laughed and jumped back, she pulled out one of her two daggers and brought it down in front of Nero; he back flipped back and jumped forward into the air. Mezua, being the fair demon she was, sat back and watched as her sister fought the younger Halfling.

Nero snarled as he leapt forward, the claws of his devil bringer out stretched and aimed at Azeral's throat. She parried and slammed her fist into his stomach. He gasped as all the air in his lungs was knocked out; he flew threw the air and landed on his back painfully. He coughed as the air in his lungs returned; his chest ached and cracked as he sucked air back into his lungs. He growled and pushed himself up onto his feet; he lunged to grab Red Queen but was lifted into the air. He wiggled around and fought as Mezua lifted him into the air by his coat. He growled and squirmed even more when he saw the large demon watching him.

"Put me down!" He roared and slashed out with his demon arm. Mezua chuckled and held him out at arms length. "Such a pretty thing, can we keep him Azeral? I like the fire in him." Azeral sauntered over and pinched Nero's cheeks with her clawed thumb and pointer finger.

"He is cute but what about his house training? We don't need another pet that destroys the house." Azeral giggled and looked at Nero; who was still struggling.

Mezua shrugged. "I don't think that I'll be a problem, don't you recognize the scent he is giving off?" Azeral lent down and sniffed the silverette, she pulled back and smiled. "Aw the little Halfling is maturing! Its like have kits all over again!"

"I'm right here! And I will not be treated like a baby!" Nero roared and clawed at the armored hand that was holding him. Mezua smirked and shook him back and forth a couple of times. Nero stopped struggling a bit and closed his eyes, really dizzy from the sudden movement.

"Don't do that Mezua, you'll give him Shaken Baby Syndrome!" Azeral gasped. Mezua rolled her eyes and stopped shaking the silverette. "If you haven't noticed, he is not a baby."

"Whatever. If he vomits I'm not cleaning it up"

'It's lovely who they talk about you' Nero growled at the voice and restarted his struggle. Azeral sighed and grabbed him around the chest; she pulled him from her sisters grip and giggled. She lied her feline half down and placed him under a large paw, effectively holding him down. He yelled out curses and tired to get away from the female demon, who just giggled and watched him bite and claw at the armor on her paw. She took a deep breath and lent down to him. She let her breath out in front of him, he inhale it and slowly stopped his struggling. He mumbled things under his breath and blinked, his eyes feeling heavy.

"Wh-what did you do…to…me?" He asked as sleep crawled around in his mind. Azeral shrugged and picked up her paw; she pulled him to her chest and watched him fall asleep.

"Oh nothing, just a little thing we female demons use to calm down maturing Halflings and full demons, comes in handy eh Mezua?"

"Yup, now you just go to sleep and we'll take care of you, maturing Halflings are easy targets when they go through maturing." Mezua chuckled as she lied down in front of her sister.


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