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Nero growled as he strut past the last standing Scarecrow. It trembled as he swung his sword and cut it in half, all he seams ripping simultaneously as the Scarecrows body fell to the floor.

It had to have been an hour since he last killed a challenge (I.E the lion, foresty, thing.) And he was starting to want to just turn to pyromania and burn down the fucking forest. All that was here was a couple of scarecrows, maybe a few plant demons, and a bunch of nothing. All he wanted was to just release some steam and go about killing demons, that's all. He didn't want a fucking extravagant fight with some head honcho, no. Just, one, measly demon that could hold up for longer than ten minutes. But no, it was all shit, shit and more shit. Who the fuck trained these demons anyways? Hell, how did they survive this long? There were like a bunch of bunnies, stupid bunnies.

Another thing that bothered him was that he knew he was being stalked. He had seen the two other hunters following him, he had heard them also. As much as they would like to say, they walked like bloody elephants in a field of bubble wrap. That and his demons side wouldn't stop complaining about taking his boredom turned anger out another way. Which he immediately refused to do. Good thing the two hunters left a while ago.

With a grumpy huff, Nero placed Red Queen on his back and started to stomp back to the city.


"Man oh man, this is the best plan yet!" Dante smirked, rubbing his hands together. Vergil raised a brow and walked over to his brother. "Isn't there still Trish's bed?"

"No. I locked the door. Plus, you know that Nero would never sleep in Trish's bed, even if she said he could. I remember him saying something about respecting a woman's space or something. This is all fine and dandy with me, because I called dibs first. So he gets to sleep in my room with me. That and I believe Trish and Lady are coming home tomorrow. And Patty left to go on a trip to the Bahamas with her friends."

"I still think that that is ridiculous, childish if you ask me." Vergil crossed his arms.

Dante rolled his eyes and turned to the other white haired male. "Whatever. Like I give a shit, we can alternate. I get him three days and you get him for one."

Vergil glared and jammed the hilt of his katana into Dante's stomach. "Everyday we will alternate, or else I will throw you in an acid bath." Dante grunted to that and stood up, rubbing his stomach.

"Fine, fine, see if I care. I bet he will like that I cuddle him better and will want to sleep with me more than you." Dante grumbled and kicked a piece of the couch.

"At least I will give him space and not smother him to death." Vergil shot back.

And thus, the bickering began. The two kept it up until Nero walked through the door and his mouth dropped. There, cut in half was both of the couches; the red leather was cut cleanly and perfectly, tells Nero that one of the dumbshits in front of him sliced it up. Nero really liked those couches too, they were nice and comfy. Vergil and Dante had yet to notice him, hell; the two were too absorbed in fighting that they didn't notice Nero stalking up behind them and using the flat edge of his sword to plow both of them into the ground. Once on the ground, the two brothers tried to roll over but only got so far as their back before a sword was at one throat and foot at the other. Dante smiled sheepishly before raising his hands up in a surrendering motion.

"Hey Nero, didn't notice you came in."

"Yes, it is so nice to see you Nero." Vergil piped up.

"Cut the fucking chit chat, what the fuck happened to the fucking couch?" Nero growled, pressing his foot down on Dante's throat. Vergil looked over to Dante and spoke. "Dante did it, that's all I am going to say. So since this is cleared up, I should really go and clean my sword." Vergil said as he edged away from Red Queen. Once out of range, he hauled ass up stairs and into his room. Hell was literally hell for him, and he wasn't going to go near another angered submissive ever again.

Nero watched as he ran away and turned his attention back to Dante. "Are you aware, that I slept on that couch?" he said calmly. Dante nodded and opened his mouth to speak but got a boot pressed down on his throat. "Shut up."

"Because of what ever the fuck you did, I have no where to fucking sleep." Nero snarled, face contorted in anger.

"Y-you could sleep with me, I have a nice big bed." Dante said, trying to get the words out of his mouth as the boot pressed farther down. Nero eyed Dante suspiciously. "You did this on purpose, didn't you?" Dante shook his head.

"No, I honestly was toying around with Force edge, when the sword flew out of my hands and sliced the couch in half!" Nero rolled his eyes. "What about the other couch?"

"Well, when I pulled it out of the ground it swing over my head and sliced the other couch too." Dante supplied, Nero pressed down a little harder before stepping off of the elder silveret and placing it on the weapon wall. He turned back to Dante and glared.

"Fine, fine stay with that alibi. But I will tell you two things, you asshole. One, I am not sleeping with you, who knows how long it's been since you washed your fucking sheets. And two, you get to fucking cook dinner. And it better not be pizza, or else you will be missing your balls in the morning." And with that, Nero left the room and entered the kitchen, the door slamming harshly. Dante winced and let out a breath he didn't know he was holding.

"Holy fuck, I thought I was gonna lose my balls then…" Dante got up from his place on the floor and rubbed the back of his neck; he looked to the pieces of broken couch and sighed. "May as well clean this up before Nero decided to chop my nuts off sooner."


Nero grumbled around the sandwich he had made, his anger ebbing away with each bite. It was a damn good sandwich too, ham, lettuce, tomato, mustard, and whole grain bread. Maybe this sandwich was the answer to his anger problems… Nah.

It had been half an hour since he had blown up at Dante and in that time, he had heard Dante picking up the broken pieces of couch. That satisfied Nero by the tinniest bit, but he was still angry. He thought about going back out and slaying more demons (It seemed to be a good anger/stress reliever) but he was far too lazy to go out at this time of night. So he opted to just go up to Dante's room, kick him out of the room and watch his TV.

Yes, he had learned that Dante had a TV in his room; he also had a nice bed that could fit four people. Not that he ever went in his room, he just stumbled upon it when he was wandering around the house and Dante left to shower. God, he wanted to sleep in that bed, but refrained since Dante would come back and smell that Nero had been in his room.

'You know what I found funny?' His demon side said suddenly.


'That you don't appose sleeping with him, just his sheets.'

'Well, it's true. I have no clue what women he has had in that bed, or how long it's been since he washed those sheets.' Nero felt a bit of anger bubble up. His demon side growled.

'That will change, he won't have another female in his bed again, or else we will rip them to shreds. Also you will go sleep in his bed tonight.'

'What! Why?' Nero yelled in his mind.

'Because, you need to rub your scent on him. To make sure no other female attempts to get him. Its common knowledge…'

Nero rolled his eyes. 'Well, excuse me for not knowing.'

'Now, when you both get ready for bed, you will need to get in the bed first.'


'So you can claim it.'

'Why do I need to claim it?'

'So if another female goes in there, they will feel the aggression in the air and back away.'

'You really don't trust Dante, do you?'

'I kind of do, but it's about letting them know. That and if he allows you in the bed first, it means that he is swallowing his pride for you. Which is step one of demon courting.'

'What ever. Let me go yell at Dante to make dinner, if he can.' Nero thought as he finished his sandwich and walked to the door. The sandwich only filled him up so much, so he was still hungry and wanting dinner to be made now. He opened the door and looked over to see Dante sitting at his desk, as if waiting for Nero to get out of the kitchen/dinning room.

"Hey Dante." Nero said in monotone. Dante's head snapped up and he looked to Nero. "Yeah?"

"Go make dinner." Nero said as he walked over to the stairs. "Also, I'm going to watch TV in your room." He said as he walked up the stairs, leaving Dante sitting there. 'Doesn't even tell me what he wants. Fine, fine. I'll make dinner.'


Dinner was actually good. Dante had actually made spaghetti, complete with garnish. Nero went back for seconds. Can't blame him, with the job he had, he had to eat a lot to keep up with his metabolism. So after dinner, he left the dishes to Dante and walked back up the stairs and into Dante's room. He was going to get all that he could out of sleeping in the bed. For some reason, he just knew that Dante would take forever to get the couch repaired, or go and get a new one.

He landed on the bed with a huff, his body bouncing a bit. Before jumping on the bed, Nero had taken off his red hoodie, which left him not in a pair of jeans and his black tank top. Earlier in the day, he had decided to leave the bandaging off of his arm to let it breathe, and so that he could scratch himself better. For some reason, the itching sensation had gotten worse, often getting so bad that he broke skin from scratching too hard. He had also noticed that he had gotten hungrier and more aggressive, and also a bit more, well… horny.

Nero grabbed the remote and switched on the TV, smiling when he noticed that his favorite movie The Exorcist, was playing. He remembered watching it back when he lived in the headquarters of the Order. They played a random movie every night after everyone got back from a mission, they played it just after Nero returned from a mission in the outskirts of town, near the harbor. He fell in love with the movie and watched it when ever he was at Kyrie's. Strangely enough, Kyrie never got scared of that movie, he remembered her saying something about it being to corny to be real.

After watching the beginning ten minutes, Nero heard Dante stomp up the stairs and enter the room. He swore that man walked with weights strapped to his feet. He raised a brow as Dante walked over to the bathroom he had in his room and closed the door, not even muttering a 'Hey' or 'Sup?' But Nero shrugged it of and continued to watch the movie. Five minutes later, Dante opened the door and stepped out. He had clad in only his heart print boxers and a black tee shirt. He walked over to the bed and flopped down face first. Nero could only shrug again and lean back against the headboard.

"What's up with you?" Nero asked.

"Nothing, nothing just tired. No nap today since I went out in the morning and made dinner to night." He yawned and turned over onto his back. "What are we watching?"

"The Exorcist." Nero said as he turned up the volume.

"Sweet, wake me up in the morning."


Nothing was said after that, which made Nero assume that Dante fell asleep. Oh well.


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