Jack was exhausted and couldn't seem to sleep.

Professor Song had sent him back to his room only moments before. ("I'm sorry, dear, but you really need to get up to bed. Keeping you up this late will get us in trouble.") Professor Smith had been all for him staying around to chat and he had been quite willing,("River, we're having an intellectual conversation. We won't get in trouble!") but Professor Song had put her foot down. ("No, I'm sorry, you really do need to leave, and Professor Smith would be wise to keep his mouth shut and not make trouble. I'll see you in class tomorrow.")

So with a sheepish grin and an apology for taking up their time, Jack had left and now here he was, back in bed. And he really was tired, truly. He just couldn't seem to be able to or to even get comfortable in bed. He tried fluffing up his pillow, moving it, laying on his back and then on his stomach, cacooning himself tightly in the blankets and then tossing them off, but nothing was working. He felt uneasy as well, some kind of strange instinct not allowing his eyes to close all the way.

Finally, after a couple minutes of tossing and turning, Jack stood up, figuring he'd go down to the bathroom and see if a walk helped. He was just nearing the door when he heard a noise from behind him. He turned around to see what, if anything, it was.

As it turned out, this was his big mistake.

From behind him, someone's calloused hand shot out to grab him and pull him back, one hand grabbing his waist and the other secured around his mouth before he had a chance to scream. Jack struggled like mad, trying squirm away from the man's (Jack was guessing his attacker was male by the size of the hands and their height, tall enough to grab him from behind without him feeling their neck or shoulders) grip, though his efforts appeared to be mostly in vain.

The man removed both his hands for just a fraction of a second, and Jack was able to utter a single terrified cry for help before the hands returned, squeezing around his neck.

Jack's hand finds his pocket almost subconsciously and his fingers wrap around the pocket watch.

Help me, he thinks, though he can't imagine why he thinks a watch would help.

"Don't struggle, boy, or my friend here will break your precious little neck."

The voice comes from the corner of his room. It is female and there is an iciness in it's tone. Jack strains to move forward to see the figure, but, true to their words, the hands around his neck tighten enough to cause pain and effectively cut off his ability to breath.

"I said not to move. Now, let's go." Jack barely recognizes the words through a haze of lightheadedness that is quickly forming over his rational thoughts.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

Jack is thinking clearly enough to know that someone else has spoken. The voice is pleasant and male and isn't coming from behind him.

"Who are you?" Asks the woman.

"Captain Jack Harkness. I've come from the Doctor for Jack here. I'm going to give you three seconds to run. One..."

The man trails off as Jack feels the hands leave his throat and hears a sound like crackling electricity.

Confused, disoriented and breathless, Jack stumbles around got a few seconds before falling rather un gracefully to the floor.


Jack rushed forward to grab the boy's head before it hit the ground.

"Last thing you need right now is a whack on the head, don't you think?" He says, more to himself than to his dazed namesake.

"Who were they?" Asks Jacob, (Jack cannot think of him as Jack without getting confused.) his voice shaky. "What did they want?"

Jack sighed. He was rather hoping the Jacob could answer that question for him.

"It doesn't matter. They're gone."

"Good." Mutters the child, his eyes shutting. Jack closes his own as well, leaning his head against the door.

River wouldn't let him in the room during the delivery, so Jack Harkness is sitting in the waiting room when he hears River's newborns crying for the first time, first one and then both of them. It is a few moments before they let him in, so he is already standing up when a nurse comes out to invite him to see his friend.

When he enters, River looks exhausted but, as Jack is pleased to see, happier than she had looked for months. She has both of her little twins cradled to her chest and she smiles at Jack.

Jack sits down and takes a look at the closest child, the girl. He reaches up to touch her damp dark curls but quickly draws his hand away she glares at him, clearly annoyed.

"I don't think she likes you very much." Says River, laughing.

"I have that effect on people." Said Jack. "Have you though of a name for her?"

"Olivia, after Rory's mum." River says softly, brushing her daughters now messed up curls out of her eyes. To Jack's chargrin, the child does not react so hostilely to her mother, instead reaching up to curl a hand possessively around River's finger. "Olivia Donna Song."

"That's a lovely name for her. The Doctor would approve."

River frowns a bit at that.

"He would, wouldn't he. I keep wishing he were here. He would love them both so much, especially Olivia..."

She trails off, obviously wishing she hadn't allowed herself to think about it, and then shifts to pick up her other child.


She carefully hands the boy to Jack. Jack looks down at the child who blinks up at him, eyes wide. Unlike Olivia, who looks much like her absent father with her dark hair and greenish eyes and the same face, though slightly softened in the girl's features, the boy looks very much like River, complete with the woman's golden curls.

"And the handsome young man's name?" Asks Jack, pleased to find that the infant doesn't seem to mind him touching his hair.

"Jacob. Jacob Theta Song. But not Jake for short. It doesn't suit him."


"No. I was thinking Jack."