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The true story

Okay, I know what you must be thinking. I didn't believe it myself…that is until it actually happened. We all have heard of the television shows and the movies about the Stargate, but no one ever believed it was real. Even those who said that it was real, well, they don't even believe it. But things were changing for me so fast since I came here and…I guess I should slow down and explain it all from the beginning.

See, I am here, in Atlantis. That's right, you heard me. I know you're laughing too, but that guy over there is Colonel Sheppard and there is Dr. Weir, and Teyla and Rodney…well, you get the idea. Everyone in the show is real and so is the gate.

Unfortunately for me, there was a mistake made by the government and they thought I was someone I wasn't…that is why I am here. I am no one special, just your everyday, average person…when it happened.

I was at work doing my job at the local news station, when these people dressed in suits walked in and told me to come with them…yeah, you guessed it. They pretty much arrested me in front of everyone…which I was so embarrassed about at the time but now it won't matter now because I'll never see any of them ever again. Okay, what got me off on that rampage? I have no idea…anyways, turns out, I wasn't the person they were looking for, so instead of just apologizing to me and letting me return to being the young twenty five year old coffee girl, they tell me everything! Literally. Now I will never leave. Again, not that big of a deal to me, now. I was in the SGC and I met everyone, well, not really everyone…just Dr. Jackson, Col. Mitchell, and Teal'c. They all are pretty neat people. Anyways…let me go way back to my first time in the SGC, after the arrest because that is still a touchy matter to me…

Col. Mitchell said as he extended his arms from his sides," Well, this is the SGC."

"Are you kidding me?" I asked skeptically. He looked at me kind of funny and I explained," I saw the shows…I didn't believe that it's real…"

Mitchell had a look on his face that made me worry, almost as if I was growing three heads. He said," Follow me." I did what I was told to…but there was still something wrong with the picture. He led me into the General's office and he whispered something into his commander's ear.

The General looked at me with a concerned look and said under his breath but I was still able to hear," You realize she'll never be able to go home now?"

After hearing that, I asked," What is going on?"

Mitchell looked at me and asked," You have no idea about the Stargate program?"

"I saw the shows and the movie…what is going on?" I asked concerned.

The General said as he motioned to the chair in front of him," Please sit." I sat and he explained," It would appear that we have made a mistake. You aren't supposed to be here."

"Great…then I can go home now, right?" I asked, dreading the answer because of his facial expression.

He shook his head and said softly," I am sorry but we can't do that. You know too much about the program."

I sighed," I won't tell anyone…I mean, who is going to believe me?" I had to chuckle a little as I thought about what I would say to those I worked with, Oh, it was nothing. I just got arrested and got a tour of the SGC.

Mitchell stated sadly," Unfortunately, we can't take that chance." I put my hand on my face and shook my head in disbelief.

The General said sincerely," I am sorry…but you are welcome to stay here."

"Just like a dream come true," I said sarcastically. At least he offered me a place to stay, of course, the other option was what? Death?

Landry asked me, not picking up on the sarcasm," What do you mean?"

I stated slightly angrily," Looks like I don't have much choice…" I just stood up and walked out the door.

Mitchell followed me out of the office as he tried to make me feel better," I can show you around the base, you know, get you acquainted with the area and people."

"You can show me to my room and then maybe the 50 cent tour tomorrow, seeing that I won't be leaving anytime soon," I snapped. I didn't mean to be so hostile towards him, I mean, it wasn't his fault, but I was angry. I just found out that my whole life was just taken away from me. All that was left for me to do was live several miles down inside Cheyenne Mountain and rot...or so I thought.

Mitchell nodded and led the way. We walked in silence and when we got to the room that was meant for me to use for the rest of my time in the SGC, he asked," What is your name?"

I looked at him with a little bit of a sneer and replied," Ricky. But I think you already knew that."

Mitchell nodded," I did, but I was trying to ease the tension…anyways…this is your room and you can call me Cameron…"

I nodded and opened the door to my room. That night I sat on the firm bed in my new and rather bland looking room and cried until I passed out.

The next morning, Mitchell showed me around the SGC and we finally reached the gate room. We were standing at the bottom of the ramp and I looked at him sheepishly and pointed up to the gate. He read my mind and nodded so I walked up the ramp and stood in front of the massive, yet beautiful gate.

I started to reach for it, to touch it, when it started to activate. I looked around, not quite sure what was happening. Mitchell ran up the ramp, grabbed me around the waist and carried me down the ramp. Once he put me down, I looked at him and asked not so nicely," What are you doing?"

He explained," The gate is activating; you'd be vaporized! Come on."

I followed him up the stairs into the control room as we watched the Iris close up around the gate. The portal opened and we waited. Nothing was happening; not a sound. Soon thereafter, a man walked right through the Iris. I looked at Mitchell and asked," Can he do that?"

He said surprised," I think he just did…I mean it's impossible because it's titanium or something like that…"

The man who walked through the gate, looked up at the command window to meet our eyes and leapt over thirty yards away and crashed through the glass to the control room. He grabbed me and leapt back into the gate room. I fought back of course, but he threw me down onto the ramp in the gate room. He stood over me, turned me over onto my back to make me face him, grabbing a handful of my dark hair and with his other hand, it looked like he had reached into his head and pulled out this ball of blue light.

I was completely freaked out, so I couldn't do anything because I was paralyzed by fear. The guy just moved the blue light closer to me and placed his hand on my forehead. The blue light went right into my head, or so I'm told, and I was screaming like you wouldn't believe, mainly because it hurt like hell and the fact that I was scared out of my mind.

Mitchell had shot the man in the back and he fell to the ground next to me. I held my head in pain and Mitchell ran up to me and asked as he knelt down to my level," Are you alright?"

Still holding my head, I groaned," I hurt like hell."