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The next morning, I woke to my door chiming. I rubbed my eyes, and looked at the clock next to my bed. 0547. Really? Really?! Who could that be?

I sat up, and started toward my door, saying," Ronon, if that's you, I swear..." I opened the door, to see Daniel standing there. I muttered," Not Ronon..."

"Hi...I'm sorry, I woke you, didn't I?" he said, suddenly glancing at his watch.

I rubbed my eyes as I yawned," No, I was just..."

"I didn't realize what time it was...I'm so sorry!" he apologized.

"Please, come in Daniel and tell me what's going on," I yawned again.

He came in quickly and turned to face me. He said," I'll be as quick as possible so that you can sleep."

I shrugged as I stated," I'm awake now."

He began explaining his visit," After I left you last night, I started to do some extensive research on the Gifted. I discovered some interesting things. You mentioned that you were attacked by a man who was bitten by the iratus bug, right?" I nodded as I sat down to listen. He continued," It turns out, that he wouldn't have fed on you, if he knew what you were. Instead, they fear people like you."

"What do you mean, he fears people like me?" I asked, clearly confused. I wouldn't even be afraid of me, if I wasn't me.

He explained," You can see the future, but you have many other abilities that we haven't discovered yet, right? The legends of the Gifted say that they had numerous gifts, that threatened several of the more dangerous cultures or creatures. It could be that he was afraid that you had the ability to kill him, if you wanted."

"But I don't have that ability-" I started.

He cut me off by saying," Not that you know of, yet." I looked at his enthusiasm on the matter as he continued," Now, I also started to do some work on scenarios as to why Melena would want to exchange your life for her's."

"You mean, you thought of a reason why a dead woman was still alive?" I asked.

He nodded saying," Exactly! You were on to something when you asked Dr. McKay if the Wraith made Ronon see Melena's death. I think that is precisely what happened. The Wraith could have forced Ronon to see her death, so that he would believe that there was nothing left to live for. When his anger caused him to lash out against them, they saw the need for him as a runner. It could be that Melena had bartered her life, for Ronon's but after meeting you, and realizing that you were a Gifted, and if she knew that you were immune to death-"

"You mean that she knew that I would be an infinite supply of food for the Wraith and traded my life for her people and herself?" I concluded to the same thought as Daniel.

He nodded, stating," You must be careful when you go off world, or when you have visitors here. You're life will be in danger every time you meet someone new."

I chuckled for a moment, making Daniel look at me confused. I explained," The old guy who did this to me would often visit me to tell me that I was in danger. I hated that message."

Daniel smiled slightly before adding," I'm sorry that this is happening to you. There is one other thing that I need to tell you."

I waited for a moment, expecting the worse.

He stated," There are people who love you, who will protect you. Stay close to those people. Don't venture alone. There is always a risk that people will discover who you are, or what you are and will use it to their advantage, just like Melena did."

I shivered when I remembered Melena. I asked," What are you trying to tell me, Daniel?"

He took a deep breath as he said," I discovered why the Gifted are so rare to meet. They are hunted like animals. People have been known to kidnap, and sometimes murder these Gifted. Some never survive. It's believed in many cultures that if you kill the Gifted and consume them, you gain these gifts."

"That's not true is it?" I asked. I was suddenly afraid of being eaten alive.

Daniel shook his head as he replied," No. It's not true. However, people keep trying."

I suddenly wanted to throw up. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It suddenly made sense why the old guy continued to tell me that I was in danger. I found myself wishing that I had listened more closely to what he had to say when he was alive, or perhaps even asked the appropriate questions.

Daniel sat next to me, whispering," I'm sorry."

I looked at him and asked," About what?"

He sighed," For telling you news that no one wants to hear."

"But I am glad that you're a good friend enough to tell me the truth," I replied. When he looked at me, I explained," I've had it happen here, where they tried to protect me, but it backfired from them hiding the truth from me."

"You're referring to Michael, aren't you?" he asked.

"Yeah, that..." I recalled.

He sighed," I want you to know, that I'm always here for you. Any time."

I looked at him and stated," It sounds like you're leaving." He broke eye contact with me to stare at the floor. I stood up from my seat. I practically shouted," You're leaving?"

He tried to calm me down as he spoke," I'm sorry."

I shook my head as he stood up to approach me. I cried," But...You just got here!"

He reached out for me, and pulled me into his embrace, saying," I have no choice. I'm sorry. I've got a mission that they need my help with."

"I know...you're important there, but I need you too, Daniel!" I cried.

He rubbed my back as he said," I'm sorry. I was hoping for more time."

"Then stay!" I spoke as I tried to reason with him.

He shook his head and replied," I can't. I'm sorry. I'll try to visit again soon."

I sniffled," When? How will I manage to do this without you?"

He pushed his cheek against my head, saying," I'll still be with you, and I'll be sure to call you as often as I can."

I pulled away from his hold, whispering," It's not the same."

"I'm sorry, Ricky. I really do wish that I could stay. I can't protect you, but I know that those you have here will. Stick close to them," he said softly.

Before I could say anything more, before we could say our good-byes properly, Daniel was beamed away to the ship that would take him home. I shouted," Oh, come on! You've got to be kidding me! What the hell is wrong with you people? Why would you do that? Huh?! What the hell have I done to you?!"

I realized that I was shouting pretty loudly, but I couldn't believe that they would be so cold-hearted that they wouldn't allow us to say good-bye. Daniel was my friend, my true friend, and yet, they won't let me spend some time with him...

As I continued to shout in anger, the chime to my door went off. I shouted at the door," What?"

A voice on the other end replied," Are you all right?"

I walked to the door, opened it and glared at Sheppard. I asked," What do you want?"

He looked taken back by my lashing out as he asked," What's the matter with you?"

I sighed heavily," I'm sorry, John. I'm just pissed off that each time someone uses that damned ship, they get beamed away before I'm able to say good-bye."

Sheppard nodded as he replied," I understand. They do that to me all the time."

"Really?" I asked.

He replied," Well, except that I'm not saying good-bye...I'm mostly insulting them."

I chuckled as I could picture him doing so. His joke calmed me down, and I asked him," What can I do for you?"

He smiled and stated," That's the nice person I know..." I rolled my eyes, as he continued," Well, we have some people coming for a visit...I was hoping that perhaps you would be kind enough to keep some of them company?"

"Who are these people?" I asked.

"They are scientists from one of our off-world sites. I'm not sure of the exact location. You would have to talk to Weir and McKay, but if I remember correctly, they've saved our lives with their technology. I guess McKay is hoping that they will share their knowledge if we bring them here to prove that Atlantis exists."

"Sounds risky to me," I pointed out.

Sheppard nodded as he agreed," I'm not completely sold on it myself, but I think that we have the advantage." I stood there staring at him. He couldn't possibly be that naive. I thought that I was the young, inexperienced one that was prone to naivety, but apparently, I was wrong.

After I agreed to be the designated tour guide, Sheppard left me alone, to continue stewing about the lack of good-byes. I realized that I wasn't as annoyed anymore. I wanted to still be angry about it, but it didn't matter anymore. I shook my head, and sat down. I looked around my room, and my eyes fell upon something shiny on my bed. I looked at it suspiciously, but stood up and approached it.

I smirked as I identified what the object was. Sitting on my bed, was this beautiful heart necklace. The heart looked like a jade stone wrapped around a hemp cord. It was the most stunning thing that I've ever seen. I smiled as I immediately put it on. Securing it around my neck, I gently touched the stone. I had to remember to thank Daniel for leaving it for me.