This is something that I'm not sure I should continue. It's an idea I had about a year ago, but erased because I ran into a ditch with the whole story plot. So I'll let you decide. Should I? Shan't I? Please review!

"But dad! How do you know?"

"Because I just arrested John Winchester today Shawn!" Henry Spencer ran his hands through what little hair he had left.

"Dad. Listen to me. Sam's a good guy, he isn't some crim-"

"You wanna know why I arrested his dad today?"

Shawn said nothing.

"He had attacked a guy in an alley. The guy was nearly beaten to death with a freakin' pipe. And John was rambling on about how the guy was a vampire, or something like that. If the man's like that, how do you think his children are?"

"Sam saved us from vampires!" Shawn cried. "We were in the alley, and this guy attacked us with his fangs bared and his evil hiss not a roar dad but a hiss and the teeth were bloody dad and he wasn't human!"

There was a long pause between the two. Henry was giving Shawn the "what the hell?" look.

Why doesn't he believe me? Gus and I saw it with our own eyes! I'm telling dad the truth this time!

"Alright. Alright, Shawn." He sat down at the end of the bed. "Tell me how Sam Winchester saved you and Gus from vampires on a Friday after school in broad daylight in an alley."

"You don't believe me!"

"No Shawn. No I don't. you know why? Because vampires aren't real."

"Yes they are."

"No they aren't."

"Yes they are."

"No they aren't."

"Yes they are."

"No they are- yes they are."

"See? Thank you."

"That was reverse psychology Shawn."

"Wait . . . You ripped that off of Bugs Bunny!"


The boy winced. It wasn't rare for Henry to raise his voice. Or for them to argue about the dumbest of things. But it was rare for him to be this persistent.

Usually Shawn would've won by now.

"You aren't to see Sam Winchester again. Ever." without another word, he got up and left.

Shawn huffed. "Can you at least check my closet before you leave?"

Elsewhere . . .

"What did you do?" Dean wasn't used to yelling this loud. It hurt. And he certainly wasn't used to yelling at Sammy. It made him feel bad, but still. This was in front of people. Freaking witnesses.

Sam quivered. "It wasn't my fault! we were just hanging out after school, and it just attacked us!"


"These two kids, Shawn and Gus- or, it was Shawn, Gus just seemed to follow. Anyway, Shawn came up to me. I left my lunchbox outside, and he was returning it. He, uh, he caught up to me when I was taking that short cut through the alley beside Uncle Bobby's house, and a vampire was tracking one of us. It attacked all three of us, and they actually helped me kill it."

Dean shook his head. "What? How? And who were these kids? Classmates?"

"They're older kids. I don't know what grade, but older. Highschool, I dunno. Shawn grabbed two trashcan lids and . . ." He began to laugh, "Heh, he, uh-"

"He what?" Dean lightened up. This should be entertaining. Two older kids dealing with a real vampire.

"He banged the lids against the vamp's head, like in the cartoons!" He and Dean started laughing.

"How- How did you kill it?"

"Well, it was Bobby's house, so there were a bunch of spare wood parts. A bunch of stakes, and pipes. I stabbed it with a pipe. That didn't kill it, and Shawn followed my lead. That killed it."

"And after the kill. What did you tell them?"

"The truth, Dean. What else could I have said? It tried to bite Gus. It bared it's fangs. What would you have said? 'Sides, they -er, Shawn- understood. I told them not to say anything. You could tell it in the eyes, Dean. You just knew that they wouldn't."

"What the hell Sam?"

"They. Won't." The six-year-old crossed his arms. "Trust me, Dean." He stared Dean right in the eye, not looking away. Dean sighed and turned his head.

"Mmm. Wait- what about the other kid? Gus?"

Sam started laughing, harder. It was a couple of seconds before he spoke up. "He wet h-himself," Dean started up too, "and started crying!"

"Highscooler, huh?" Neither could stop laughing now.