Okay, so you're probably wondering what the hell this story is supposed to be. Basically, I wanted to write a Choose Your Own Adventure story, except gear it towards love interests, specifically Korra's love interests. The idea of this story is to put its fate into your, the reader's, hands. I've always been meticulous about how my stories are going to go, but I've been wanting to try something new, hence one of the reasons why I'm doing this. Another is because I think it could turn out uproariously funny and melodramatic, if I play it right

I'm not promising that this story is going to be the greatest fanfiction that you'll ever read. In fact, I guarantee that it won't. I can't promise that there won't be a shit ton of clichés, because there probably will. I definitely can't promise that the person you most prefer Korra with will win. But I can promise that you're going to have fun while reading this. So let's get this party started.

Korra pulled into the student parking lot before killing the engine to her car and leaning back in her seat, watching as her new classmates darted through the other parked cars and into the school building.

Today was her first day at her new school, and already she was nervous.

"You are awesome," Korra said out loud to herself, hands still gripping the steering wheel. "You don't have anything to worry about. This semester is going to be great."

With a final nod to herself, Korra quickly sucked in a deep breath and climbed out of her car. She grabbed her backpack out of the back seat and threw it over her shoulder before shoving her car keys into her pocket.

Then she marched into her new school with her head held high, ponytail swinging behind her.

She lasted five minutes before she managed to bring unwanted attention to herself.

She had been innocently walking down the hall, discreetly searching for her locker and trying her hardest to remember the layout of the school by heart. She'd rather die then pull out the school map and try to navigate around while holding it in front of her face. She'd rather not have everyone know that she was a new kid.

That was when someone barreled right into her, knocking her to the ground. Her backpack flew off her shoulder and went skidding a couple of feet down the hallway.

Gritting her teeth, Korra got to her feet and whirled around, prepared to chew out the idiot that had managed to make her look stupid within her first five minutes of her first day.

Her angry words died on her tongue when she spotted who was in front of her.

The other girl looked completely and utterly embarrassed. There was already a blush staining her pretty, pale cheeks. "I'm sorry!" she spluttered. She stepped into the hallway traffic to retrieve Korra's backpack. "I didn't see you. I was trying to get to class and I guess I might have been running—"

"It's okay," Korra interrupted, accepting her backpack with a shrug. "No harm done."

So much for cussing her out.

The other girl looked relieved. "That's good." She narrowed her vibrant green eyes and tilted her head to the side, surveying Korra. "Hey, are you new? I know everyone here, but I've never seen you before."

Korra forced herself not to sigh. "Yeah. First day."

The other girl looked way too excited. "That's awesome!" She stuck out her hand. "I'm Asami. Asami Sato."

"Korra." Korra shook Asami's hand and then took a step back, suddenly eager to get to class. People were starting to stop and stare in the middle of the hallway. Korra wondered if she'd accidentally been run over by the prom queen, or something.

"Where are you headed?" Asami asked, looking bright and enthusiastic to help.

"Room 207," Korra mumbled. She already felt silly standing next to this girl. Asami was decked out in what could only be high fashion, designer clothes. Not that Korra would know. She'd rather read Entertainment Weekly then Teen Vogue. Considering that Korra was just wearing her normal attire—skinny jeans, sneakers, and a hoodie—she was somewhat surprised that Asami was looking at her as an equal and not down her nose.

"I had a class in there last year," Asami said with a smile. "I'll take you there."

"Thank you." Korra followed Asami, if anything to just be polite. Asami chatted to her the whole time. The conversation actually turned out to be interesting. Apparently Asami was captain of the volleyball team and drove race cars on the side.

"I mean, I won't ever make it to NASCAR, or anything," the model-esque girl said with a shrug. "But they say that I'm good."

Korra blinked at her, slightly stunned. "That's…kind of awesome. I'm a terrible driver."

Asami laughed at her. "Really?"

"Yep. A week after I got my license I totaled my car."

Asami's eyes widened in shock. "Shut up."

"Not kidding."

The conversation then turned to driving and accidents and how many speeding tickets Asami had received so far in her lifetime (the answer was astonishing). And then they reached room 207.

"Here you are." Asami patted Korra's shoulder in a friendly way. "I'll text you later. Maybe we'll have a class together!" And then she darted off, leaving Korra standing awkwardly in the open door frame.

Korra and Asami did end up having a class together—Chemistry, better known as Korra's worst subject. Apparently Asami wasn't too great at it either.

Both girls sat next to each other toward the back of the classroom, both scribbling down everything that was written on the whiteboard. Their teacher, Mr. Sho, had a boring voice and droned on and on about memorizing the periodic table as soon as possible.

Asami groaned in the seat next to Korra. "I already hate this class," she mumbled under her breath, causing Korra to smile. "It's going to be so hard, getting an A."

"I'm just going to aim for a C," Korra said, putting her Chemistry textbook and notebook back into her backpack.

Asami looked a little jealous. "I have to get straight A's for my dad."

And with that the bell rang. Both girls parted ways at the door, each promising to find the other at lunch.

The rest of the school day passed by uneventfully, which was good.

Because as Korra approached the football field after the final bell rang, she knew that what she was about to do was going to give her all the unwanted attention she could ever hope to have.

All of the other guys on the field, the ones who were on the team or the ones who were trying out, whichever, immediately turned to stare at her.

"Cheerleading tryouts are that way," one guy said, jerking his finger to his left.

"Maybe she's just here to be our personal cheerleader!"

Then there were a couple of cat calls and suggestive comments about what Korra could be wearing while she cheered on the guys, which was, of course, nothing.

"You fucking wish," Korra snapped out, dropping her bag to the ground and crossing her arms over her chest. "I'm here to try out for the football team."

Pretty much all of the guys standing around her burst out laughing, which just made Korra want to prove that she could be on the team all the more.

One boy stepped forward. He was tall and lean, maybe a receiver, but by the way all the other guys stood a little straighter around him, he was probably the quarterback.

"This school has a powderpuff football team," he said softly. "I think you'd be better off if you joined that instead. They'd probably love to have you."

Huffing, Korra shook her head. "I don't want to join the powerpuff team," she snapped. "I like football, I'm good at playing football, so I'm going to join the boy's football team, got it?"

Mr. Quarterback narrowed his golden eyes. "Listen, we've never had a girl on our team. Girls aren't even allowed on our team, okay? It's too dangerous for you."

Korra stepped as close to the guy as she could. She expected him to step back, or look at her like he was uncomfortable, but instead he glared down at her reproachfully. Korra returned his glare with all the venom she could muster. "Is there an actual rulebook that says that girls aren't allowed in your football boy's club, or have years of drilled-into-your-thick-skull sexism made you think that girls aren't allowed in your football boy's club?"

His nostrils flared with anger, but before he could say anything, another guys walked up to the both of them. He was a fairly muscular dude, but he had a kind face and green eyes that reminded Korra of Asami. She felt herself relax a little.

The bigger guy put his hand on the golden eyed boy's shoulder. "Mako, maybe we should let her try out. I mean, what harm could it do? Just a thought."

Mr. Quarterback, Mako, shrugged the green eyed boy's hand off his shoulder, never taking his glare off of Korra. "Shut up, Bolin." He pushed against her shoulder, probably hoping to send her off the field, but Korra didn't budge.

"You'll just hurt yourself," Mako snapped, irritated.

Korra smirked. "Please. My biceps are bigger than yours."

A chorus of 'oooooooooo's' erupted around them and, with a flip of her ponytail, Korra lined up with the other boys that were trying out.

A couple of minutes later the coach walked out onto the field. Korra had expected a big, burly, bald man who liked to shout and chew tobacco.

This man was bald, but that was about it. He was tall and lean, with cool tattoos, a beard and calm grey eyes. But when those eyes landed on Korra they widened with concern.

"Excuse me, miss, but what are you doing here?"

Korra forced herself to look the coach right in the eye. "I'm here to try out for the football team, sir."

"Coach Tenzin," Mako piped up from where he was standing with the rest of the team. "I've already asked her to go, but she won't leave."

"Is that so?" Coach Tenzin surveyed Korra with a curious expression before shaking his head. "Young lady, I'm going to have to ask you to go home. This sport is too dangerous for a girl."

Furious, Korra rapidly shook her head. "At least let me prove to you that I would be a good asset for this team." She turned her head and glared at every single boy standing around her. "Or are you all too chickenshit to get your ass handed to you by a girl?"

"Let her try out!" someone shouted from the sidelines.

Korra saw Mako's jaw clench. "Get the hell out of here, Tahno!"

Korra turned her head to see who Mako was addressing. Another boy, Tahno, was sitting in the bleachers. He didn't appear to be alone; he'd brought what looked to be a group of his buddies with him.

Tahno shrugged calmly from where he was sitting. "Don't see what's so wrong with watching the fresh meat try out for my rival school's football team." His light eyes settled on Korra. "And what an interesting tryout it's turned out to be."

Mako began to march towards the bleachers, but stopped in his tracks at Tenzin's sharp look. The coach turned his attention back to Korra. "You can try out, but don't come crying to me if you get hurt."

Korra gave him a genuine smile and nodded.

An hour later she was easily the most hated person on the football field. She ran faster than everyone, caught every ball that was thrown at her, and never got tackled because all of the boys were too scared to tackle a girl. By the end of the afternoon she was the best player out on the field by far.

She, along with the rest of the boys, lined up in front of Tenzin. She was sweaty, out of breath, and there were grass stains all over her sweatpants, but she didn't care. It felt good to beat everyone else.

Coach Tenzin settled his gaze onto her. "I'll have to talk to Principal Beifong and make sure that this is acceptable, but for now, you're on the team."

All the other boys groaned, but Korra shook Tenzin's hand and gave him a huge grin. "You won't regret it, sir!"

She turned and sprinted off the field toward the locker rooms and a moment later the big guy, Bolin, caught up with her.

"You were awesome," he exclaimed, throwing his hands out in front of him. "I didn't think a girl could ever play like that," he breathed, matching her stride for stride.

She smiled at him. "Thanks. It was nothing."

A shadow blocked her path. She looked up to see Tahno and his crew standing in front of her. Bolin grabbed her elbow and started to gently tug her in the other direction, whispering, "Not worth it!" under his breath.

But Korra pulled her elbow out of his grasp and stared Tahno down. "What do you want?" she said, trying to sound bored.

The other boy smirked. He was wearing eyeliner, eyeliner for god's sake. "Just wanted to congratulate you on making the team."

Korra frowned. "I don't need you coming over here and talking to me. Get out of my face."

He shook his head, gaze sweeping over her form. "I wasn't done. See, you mentioned 'coming', and I figured me and you could get together one evening and do some of that."

Korra punched him in the face before anyone else could even move. Her blow knocked Tahno a few steps back and flash of irritation crossed over his face as he rubbed his chin. "Okay," he dropped his hand and looked down at her. "I'll see you on the field then, sweetheart." He signaled his friends and then all of them turned around and walked away.

"Bring it!" Korra shouted after him, hands balling into fists at her sides. She watched them disappear around the bleachers. Grumbling, she turned back to Bolin, who was staring at her with wide, appreciative eyes.

"Marry me?" he croaked out.

She was ten minutes late to her very first job interview. This would not be a good way to round out what had been a decent first day in her new town.

She barreled through the front door of the Jasmine Dragon, her frizzy ponytail flying behind her. She'd taken a shower after tryouts and had made an attempt to style her long, brown hair, but to no avail. At least her outfit was professional looking.

"Are you Korra?" the man behind the counter asked. Korra turned her head in his direction, mouth open, preparing to apologize, but she stopped short and stared stupidly.

The guy behind the counter was hot. He was tall and broad shouldered, with raven hair and golden eyes. Sort of like Mako, but at the same time not like Mako at all.

Korra cleared her throat and nodded. The guy behind the counter sighed. "You're late." Then he waved her toward a door that read Employees Only.

Once behind the door, the man lead her to a desk and gestured for her to sit down.

"So," he began, taking his own chair and rummaging through some paperwork littering the desk. "You're Korra. I'm Iroh." He glanced up at her, not offering his hand. "You're ten minutes late for an interview, but I'm going to let that slide." He let the papers fall back on top of his desk. "You're…seventeen, right?"

"I'll be eighteen in two months!" Korra pointed out with way too much enthusiasm.

Iroh blinked. "Right. Well, I really need someone to help out during the evenings, you know, dinner rush and all. Do you have any experience waitressing?"

Korra shook her head. "This would be my first job."

Iroh's shoulders slumped a bit with disappointment.

"But I'm willing to learn!" Korra piped up. "And I like people. I had a lot of friends in my old town."

That reminded her that she really needed to text back Howl. But that'd have to wait until later.

Iroh ran his hand through his dark hair, tousling it slightly. Korra nearly melted into her chair. He couldn't be older than twenty three, maybe twenty four. That was only what, a five or six year age difference? Perfectly doable.

"Listen, Korra, you seem like a nice person but—"

"Mr. Iroh—"

"It's just Iroh."

"You won't regret hiring me, I promise. I'm a really great worker and I'm a determined person. I just made the boy's football team at school today, actually."

Iroh blinked at her in astonishment. "Really?"

Korra nodded eagerly. "Really!"

Iroh bit his lower lip and glanced around his office, clearly having an internal debate. Finally, he threw his hand up in the air and shook his head. "Fuck it. My grandfather used to tell me that people can always surprise you. So, you're hired."

A grin split across Korra's face. "Thank you, Iroh! I'll be the best employee that you've ever had!"

Before Iroh could say anything there was a loud crash from the kitchen. Korra's new boss stood up quickly. "Okay, Korra, time for you to meet our cook." Before they stepped out of the office, Iroh put a warm hand onto her shoulder. "Just, don't stare at his face, okay? He hates that."

"Oh, uh, sure." Korra followed Iroh into the kitchens and she had to hold back a gasp when she spotted the cook. He had curly black hair and what would've been considered a handsome face, if there hadn't been a scar slashed across it.

"Korra, this is our cook, Amon."


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