"Don't cry."

She stopped mid-sob and turned slightly to find the source of the voice. It had come from somewhere on the rooftop that she was perched on the edge of. "T.K." She sniffed, using the sleeve of her baggy blue jumper to wipe her nose. "What're you doing here?"

The blond brushed his brown shorts down and then walked over. "Oh, you know - the view." He smiled and she laughed a little.

She pulled her brown hair behind her ear and blushed. "I must look like a mess."

"Maybe a bit." He laughed.

She scowled. How could he be so cruel? "You can just go away if you're going to be mean!" she snapped.

"I heard someone crying when I was walking to the sweet shop and I knew it wasn't from inside." He sat down next to her, leaning back and looking out across the city.

She looked down at her feet, ashamed. "Was it really that loud?"

"Erm…" He paused. She could tell he was thinking of a lie but it was nice that he was trying. "No, of course not!" He reached over, hugging her briefly before pulling away and looking her in the eye. "So, come on! Tell me what it was that's bothered you this much, okay?"

She twiddled her thumbs. Talking just made her feel nauseous. "I'm not sure I feel like it, T.K."

T.K leaned back, looking up at the sky. "Okay; we'll just watch the sun go down, then, mkay?"

Kari smiled and looked out at the beautiful landscape. Even just being this high made the city look almost magical. "Sounds good."

They sat for so long in simple silence and watched the amber tones merge into the red like a pile of autumn leaves. Eventually, the spectacle faded and a dull dusk set in throughout the city. Somehow, when she felt more anonymous, the nausea went away. "Hey, T.K?" she whispered from his shoulder, where her head was.

"Yeah, Kari?" Neither looked away from the horizon but she felt his arm tighten slightly around her, pulling her closer. It wasn't aggressive, just comforting.

Kari felt the butterflies fly away, leaving her free to speak. "Thanks."

"For what?" He rubbed her arm. It was getting a little chilly.

"Being here." She lifted her head up and caught his gaze. His sparkling blue eyes rested on her gently, allowing her to feel free. She looked deeply into his eyes for a little while before she closed her eyes and leaned in to his face. It became easier to breathe as she pursed her lips, breathing in his scent.

"Hey, hey!" He moved away. "Kari, no; you can't do that." He held up his hands. "You're with Davis." He stood up; moving to walk away and she felt her heart sink.

Pricks began to tickle her eyes as she felt a tear form on her lower eyelids.

T.K stopped. "You're not with him anymore, are you?"

"… No," she mumbled. Turning back away from him, she looked out across the city. She pulled her legs into her chest, resting her head atop her knees.

T.K sat back down next to her after a second or two. "Well, he's an idiot for letting you go." His arm rested around her but she moved away.

"What about you? You said no! What does that make you?" she scornfully spat.

T.K sighed. "Kari, I'm a friend and that's all I ever can be." He gripped onto his knees tightly. "Once you've gone there you can't go back; you should know that by now." He bit his lip. "I don't want to lose you, Kari."

Standing up, she felt the fury build. "Who said I wanted to go back after?" she growled.

He reached up. "Kari, come on…" His voice was soft and comforting but she'd had enough.

Davis was right when he had told her that they just couldn't work; love – or whatever they felt for each other – just wasn't enough. And now she had lost him and T.K too. "I'm going." She picked up her red coat and walked past T.K to the black fire exit ladder on the side of the building. The cool wind bristled at her arms as she climbed onto the ladder and she paused. Looking over to T.K, she could see that he was still there, smiling. It just wasn't right to lose her friends; she had to let him know she still cared for him. Breathing in, and saying the only words she could think of, she said, "Thanks again."

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