Yeah, my limb-losing happens a little different from how they describe it… and it was a little confusing so… they were not bleeding, the pain got to the point where they were getting sick (which can happen to humans, it's pretty awful) and the only things they could've had in their stomachs was blood… so that's why they were bloody. Yeah, last chapter was a little strange but it was coming from the perspective of someone who was deranged with pain and blacking out…



I felt horrible. This was my entire fault. Well… The mutt took part in it too, but I should've known better. Someone could've gotten hurt… Someone did get hurt. Bella. My Bella. She refused to admit how bad it was, but she keeps forgetting that I was there while she screamed. I screamed too, but after she's blacked out. Carlisle had to treat her first. I went into shock after the dog sent her toppling, and he landed on me, still bent on attacking me. That was when Alice jumped on him, straddling him and almost snapped his neck… EJ was the only one who stopped her from killing him once and for all.

My so was too kind.

I demanded Carlisle to check her out first, and it took a lot longer than expected. I had to contain my screams. One of my hands held her while the other grasped the shattered stub where my leg normally was. I don't think she heard my struggle. Her eyes stayed closed the entire time Carlisle tried to piece her together. She screamed every time he placed in another shard. Her arm hadn't exactly cut cleanly, and there were arm fragments surrounding us, microscopic at the smallest. It took him nearly two days to find every piece of her, and the bigger the got, to more pain she was in. She was still considered a newborn. Because she had no control over her body, she couldn't hold in the screams or pain as much as I could. I knew she shouldn't worry about me when she was like that, so I didn't mention the injuries of my own, though my father knew I had them, until Bella was well.

She didn't heal very fast. The bigger the piece that he reattached, the more she screamed. One piece was severely painful. To the paint where she started to not only cry, but vomit as well. It just spiraled me into worry. I practically killed Carlisle for causing her pain. He was already knee's deep in stress and worry. I'd have to apologize later. Finally the only piece left was the actual arm. The biggest piece. We had to count to three before attaching it, and it just made her back out.

I was lucky to only have two large pieces, since the do bit it cleanly off, instead of jabbing me and breaking the bone. My surgery, we could call it, was much faster. I screamed and might've vomited myself, but it was no where's near as bad. She could argue that the little pieces didn't hurt as much, as she had, but I knew that the longer she waited for the next portion to be attached, the more it hurt.

So here we were, in bed, not really doing anything.

"Are you really okay? He didn't hurt you that badly?" She asked, worried about everyone other than herself as usual.

"I'm fine, Bella," I murmured, kissing the top of her head.

She was leaning on me, he head just under my chin, and good elbow propped up on my chest.

"But Carlisle said-"

"He worries too much, and so do you!" I laughed.

"Look who's talking! You over react about everything!"

We laughed together.

"You're sure you're fine?" She asked again, "If you aren't and it turns out you were lying to me, I'll hurt you myself."

"Ooh, feisty." I growled.

"As long as we're in bed…"

I started to kiss her. He were getting pretty deep and I ignored the shooting pain it caused me. It would be worth it for just a quick round…

My phone rang.

"What, Alice?" I sighed, irritated. Of course she had to pick now of all times to call me.

"Don't even think about it, you two. You're supposed to be resting not making a 69! My god! That is the worst vision I've ever gotten in my life!"

"Well it's the best image I can picture," I winked at Bella.

For a second, and I knew it was silly, I pictured our life together in a hundred years. I pictured Bella and I married, living together in a house with EJ. I imagined Proposing to her and spinning her around when she said yes. I imagined our wedding day, freesias and roses everywhere. I even pictured our honeymoon on Isle Esme and her laughter for thousands of years to come. Suddenly, I wanted that. I was no Alice, but it had to happen. Soon. Now. I had my mother's ring in the closet underneath a pile of cloths in the old house at Forks.

The phone was silent on the other end. I was worried for a bit, deliberating whether to hang up or not.

"Edward?" Alice said excitedly after a moment of waiting, "That is a brilliant idea! Not now of course, since it wouldn't exactly be romantic if you fell over while spinning her around because of your bum leg… But it could work in a few days…"

She started yammering.

"Alice! Hold on a second! I was just thinking… it wasn't a decision yet, I was just, you know, daydreaming a little. I don't think she even wants that yet… It's only been a few months…"

"Oh, lighten up. She'll say yes. Never bet against me, remember?"


"I'll go get if for you, okay? When you're ready, I am. It'll be waiting for you on the top shelf of my main closet."

I still thought it was ridiculous that she had multiple closets. Her biggest was a walk-in the size of a master bedroom complete with Gucci and coach purses, stiletto heels, designer collections from Michael Kors to even genuine Coco Chanel's she bought in the 1920's, And if you forget about the many designer hair accessories, you are mistaking. She went all out, even though she didn't have much hair to begin with…

My train of thought was lost when Bella started to seductively bite my neck.

"Say goodbye, so I can say hello," she murmured, biting down on my ear. I almost dropped the phone and moaned.

"Edward? Are you even listening to me? Edward?"

"Yeah, yeah. No sex ,rest, top shelf, closet. Got it. Bye."


"That first one isn't happening."

I hung up and decided to break a rule or two… and maybe another headboard.

So Edward's thinking About marriage huh? Hmmm….