(-Author Interrupt: Before the start of the next chapter, I would like to say-

Viridi: No one cares!

Pit: Actually, they do.

Palutena: Pit, you shouldn't correct goddesses. It's rude.

Viridi: Yeah, It is!

Palutena: Unless it's Viridi, In that case, count me in.

Viridi: Very funny.

Pit: That was very funny.

Viridi: I don't know what I see in you, your such a kiss-up!-)

Pit was desperately tapping his goddess' shoulder,

"Come on, Lady Palutena!"

"You have to wake up!"

Palutena turned on her side and mumbled something that sounded like: "Five more minutes." Pit gave up and lay down beside her. She woke up abruptly,


"Yes, Lady Palutena?"

Pit answered sitting up.

"Oh, It was only a dream."

Her eyes met his, then pulled away.

"What was the dream about?"

He asked,

"A nightmare?"

"No, no, in fact it was the opposite."

"Like a eramthgin?"

"Very funny."

They both got up and left the matress store. As they were walking along the side-walk, a car drove up,

"Come on."

Viridi said.

(-Author Interrupt:...

Hades: Come on what?

Pit: Shut up!-)

Pit and Palutena smiled, Viridi had actually come to help them! As they came towards the car Viridi said:

"Just Pit."

"Excuse me?"

Palutena said, her eyes getting big,

"I said, Just Pit. Come on."

"Do you think I'd abandon my goddess, just to get to go back?"

Pit challenged,

"What kind of person do you think I am?"

"A good person."

Palutena said. Viridi sneered, she got out of the car, and slapped Palutena across the face! Pit was shocked! He had no idea what caused her to do that. Palutena was a deer caught in the headlights. Viridi was about to punch her when,


Pit cried,

"What are you doing?"

Palutena snapped out of it, and slapped Viridi! Pit was even more shocked at this, his own Goddess, slapping Viridi!

"Ok, Palutena, why don't you drive us all home, and I'll sit next to you and Viridi."

He tried to reason, and for some reason, it worked. The car was really a Blue Truck, with a three-seat row in the front. Pit got in, and sat in the middle, Palutena In the driver's seat, and Viridi on his other side. 'Great, now I have two crazy mad ladies on either side of me in a confined space!' Pit thought to himself.

"Do you think I would hurt you?"

Palutena Questioned.

Pit then remembered that his goddess heard his thoughts.


He answered,

"Its just,"

'I understand.'

Palutena told him telepathically. Viridi was ignoring them, and massaging her cheek. 'I wonder why Viridi did that' He thought.

'Because, she has a thing for you.'

Palutena telepathically explained. Pit then realized that Viridi had scooted into him. Uncomfortable, he scooted himself into Palutena accidentally. Taking this as some kind of sign, she nuzzled into him. Viridi had scooted into him once again, and lay her head on his shoulder. Pit was very concerned now, He had two women who apparently loved him, and hated each other, on either side of him in a confined space. To his relief they had just arrived at the mansion. They all got out and entered the huge building. Viridi quietly snuck them into Will's room.

"Wait, you can't have them here! I'll get in trouble!"

(-Author Interrupt: Not if i can help it! (hugs Will)

Will: uuuuuh,

Author: It's fun hugging myself. It doesn't make me gay!

Will: I guess...-)


Viridi started,

"you have to."

Will sighed, he wasn't going to argue.


Phosphora was putting make-up on when Viridi said:

"Phosphora, I have a job for you."

"Really? What kind of job?"

Phosphora asked cheerfully.

(-Author Interrupt:...

Hades: Yeah Viridi, what kind of job?


"I need help getting rid of Palutena."

Viridi smirked devilishly, Phosphora gasped.


Palutena and Pit were sitting with Will playing Monopoly, since they had nothing better to do.

Will rolled the dice, one was a five and the other two. He moved his peice seven spaces and landed on Palutena's property that had four hotels on it! He was bank-rupt, The game was over, since Pit had done the exact kind of thing last turn.


Palutena said,

"What should we play now?"

"How about truth or dare?"

Interrupted Phosphora who had just snuck in.

"Ok, as long as we don't have to eat worms or anything like that."

Pit piped in.


Phosphora answered.

They sat in a circle,

"Pit, why don't you go first?"

Will said.


Pit accepted,

"Phosphora, Truth or Dare?"

"Hmmmm, Truth."

"Have you dated Arlon?"

"No. I haven't."

"Ok, Will, Your turn."


Will started,

"Pit, Truth or Dare?"


He said excited,

"Just no eating funky things!"

"Don't worry,"

Will answered,

"I dare you to say: 'I am a ring, put me on.' "

"That's not funny, we all know I actually was a ring!"

"Say it."

Will pressured.

Pit sighed,

"I'm a ring, put me on."

Palutena and Phosphora giggled.

"What's so funny?"

"Ok, my turn,"

Phosphora said,

"Palutena, Truth or Dare?"

"I'm feeling somewhat daring."

She replied.

"Ok, Kiss Pit."


Pit asked, very concerned.

"I said, Kiss Pit."

"You shouldn't dare me to do something you wouldn't do yourself."

Palutena challenged.


Then Phosphora grabbed Pit and pulled him into a kiss! Everyone's jaw dropped, Pit's would have, had he not bean kissing Phosphora. 'Say, He's actually kinda cute when he's embarressed.' Phosphora thought. Pulling away, Pit's eyes were huge.

"Now, Kiss him."

Phosphora said with a smirk.

Palutena was blushing just from the thought, and Pit was slowly backing out of the circle along with Will. Palutena got up, and told Pit:

"Come on, just sit down."

"You'll be out if you don't!"

Pit protested.

"It's just a game."

Something inside Palutena caused her to rethink this. She was willing, just embarressed. Then again, this time, she had a good excuse. She pulled Pit into a Kiss! It lasted for a while, then, ended as someone pulled Pit away into another Kiss! It was Viridi. She had entered the room without anyone noticing. Will was very concerned. As was Pit, because now, all three girls were pulling him away, one after another. As a hand pulled him into it's owner, this time being Palutena, Pit fainted. He hadn't bean able to breath with All three of them tugging on him at once.

(-Author Interrupt: Well, I haven't written anything like THAT before.

Pit: So wait, I'm unconcious in a room with three girls, ALL Goddesses, that ALL have feelings for me, That All hate each other, And I have no one to protect me but Will?

Will: Don't worry, I'm here! (hugs Pit)

Pit: You're weird.

Author: But NOT gay!-)

-End of Chapter 3-