Body Swap

Part 2 of 2

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When we last saw Smash Mansion, R.O.B had swapped Samus' mind into Peach's body and vise versa. Master Hand got OVER 9,000 e-mails threatening his life, Zelda was confused, we found out that the green plumber of epicness had died fighting Tabuu, and that Samus had slept with Patches (Xiahou Dun aka Yuanreng). Now for the kind of thrilling, kind of depressing, kind of funny, kind of serious conclusion.

Master Hand looked in shock at the descriptive ways he was going to be killed. "Hey, bro! Wassup!" asked the other Hand, Crazy Hand. "Nothing, just apparently going to get my picture posted on an ex-serial killer dating site for people 50 and older... Wow, she really does want to kill me." The Right Hand said. "Cool story, bro. Can I barrow that teleporting doohickey?" asked Crazy Hand. "Did you take your medication?" asked Master Hand. The idea of Crazy Hand going down stairs without taking his medication scared almost every Smasher, those who weren't were already dead. "Hypothetically let's say I did." Crazy Hand said, looking around the room. "No." Master Hand said. "Hey, bro, remember High School?" asked Crazy Hand to his clearly enraged brother. "Don't even think about saying..." Master Hand began. "You were in debate, right? So would that make you a Master Debater?" asked Crazy hand, running away laughing a laugh who's psychopathic sound rivaled that of Smash Mansions only cross dresser, Link. Master Hand rolled his eyes (if he had them) and heard a knock at the door. "Enter." Master Hand said, filling out some paper work. "I WANT MY BODY BACK!" Peach (Samus) and Samus (Peach) yelled at the Hand.

Meanwhile, Zelda was strolling though the park with her other friends, Lucas and Meta Knight. "Milady, what is wrong?" Meta Knight asked. She looked down at the purple Star Warrior, and smiled. "I'm fine, Meta Knight. I was just thinking." she said, now looking at the sky. "Had Luigi not taken that hit for you?" asked Lucas. "Yes, would he mourn me as I do him?" she asked, a small tear rolling down he face. "Tis better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all, milady." Meta Knight said, looking to the sky as well. Lucas looked at the Star Warrior and asked "What's that supposed to mean?" Meta Knight chuckled his reply of "Love is a gift we have the pleasure of experiencing our entire lives, but when those bonds deepen, it is truly beautiful the results. But, when torn from our loved ones, we must remember that all things happen for a reason, my young friend. The universe is cruel like that..." Meta Knight said, looking at his sword. "I think I understand now. Zelda, I fought alongside Luigi in Subspace, he really did love you." Lucas said, trying to comfort his friend. Zelda was now balling her eyes out, hugging the two fellow Smashers. "Milady, he was also my friend, Mario's brother, Lucas' friend, and most importantly, your lover. We all feel the pain." Meta Knight said, stroking her hair like her father. "I... I know..." she said between sobs.

Master Hand had a wonderful time finding R.O.B, who was working on a Bouncing Betty atom mine. Dragging the robot back to him office and set the two girls up for the mind transfer. As he worked, Master Hand noticed how something seemed horribly a miss. "It's probable that it's only last night's dinner." He told himself. When the two girls were back in there own bodies, they looked evilly at him. "I probably am going to die now." Master Hand predicted, the two girls looked at each other, nodded and said "Nah." and walked off. Master hand then hit a few buttons on his computer and a dense, light blue sphere. He quickly drew the mind out of the sphere and put Luigi's mind into the reader, putting the mind of the man into the body of the closest thing they'd seen to a god. As the orb began to pulse, Master Hand held his breath, if it failed, he had just released a monster onto the world. It took the form of a man, about 5 foot 6 inches, a cap, mustache, gloves, and the like beginning to form. "Waaaah!" the man screamed, now looking like he had before he had been killed. "M-Master Hand?" asked to man. "Luigi Mario. Welcome back online." R.O.B said. "Hello-a R.O.B." Luigi said, making sure he wasn't dreaming. "We've done it!" Master Hand cheered "Luigi, stay here until dinner. Everyone will be so happy, maybe not Link, but he's a narcissist." Master Hand ordered, floating away.

Dinner couldn't come quick enough for Zelda, Meta Knight, Lucas, and Mario. Earlier, Master Hand said he had an announcement. "I wonder what it is..." Peach said, Master Hand has asked everyone be in their formal wear and Peach was in a strapless pink dress, Mario was in his black tuxedo with a red bowtie, Zelda wore a black dress that looked more like she was going to a funeral, Lucas wore a suit with a black tie, and Meta Knight had changed his shoes, out on a suit coat exchanged for his shoulder guards, and had a bow tie on his mask. "As we all know, 4 months ago, we beat Tabuu." Master Hand explained, seeing Zelda, Lucas, and Mario begin to tear up. "But, thanks to R.O.B," Master Hand motioned to the black tie wearing robot "we have reason to bring life back to your lives. As we know, the only casualty in the Subspace Incident, was Luigi Mario, younger brother of our field marshal, Mario Mario. Recently, there was a break though in our technology. A "Body Swap" per say." Master Hand explained, looking at Samus and Peach. Samus was in a tuxedo of coarse. "Now, as we also know, we managed to force Tabuu into a stasis of sorts. Using this technology, we have a person I'd like you all to meet." Master Hand said, gesturing to the man in a back tuxedo and a green bowtie.

Mario stood up in shock, there was no way he should be alive. As for Zelda and Lucas, Lucas was in shock whereas Zelda ran up and hugged the man. "Luigi!" she sobbed into his shoulder, holding the once deceased man now in the body of their old enemy. "Hello-a, Princess." Luigi said, patting her back. Meta Knight stood and clapped, soon, everyone fallowed suit, save Link, who was to busy cutting some pork and being a narcissist.

He dined with his friends, all of them questioning what happened. "I don't-a understand it myself-a. It's just-a good to be back-a." Luigi said, enjoying the food at the table. Everything seemed perfect, like he had died and come back to life... Wait, he did die and then come back to life.

Luigi tried to sleep that night, but nothing seemed to be working. When he closed his eyes, that, scene played.

Luigi ran into Tabuu's chamber with his squad. "We're here to end-a you, Tabuu!" Luigi challenged. The blue deity laughed, looking at the group and laughed. "You are the ones who wish to fight me?" he asked. "Yes! You have terrorized the land long enough!" Zelda said, firing a spell at him, but it did nearly nothing. "Weak. Humanity's desires are my desires. Why do you try to make humanity suffer?" asked Tabuu. "You idiot!" Marth said, flicking his fringe "We're trying to save the world!" Marth said, raising his sword. Lucario looked at Tabuu with pure disgust in his eyes. "You want nothing more then to destroy." Lucario stated. Tabuu chuckled as the battle began. After about 5 hours of nothing but battling, the group of Smashers were getting tired. The others had joined them, but the battle wasn't going any better. Tabuu took aim with an axe made of darkness and swung it at Zelda. Luigi saw it and jumping into the blade of death and could feel his life force being drain out of him. He saw Zelda holding him before his world went into total darkness.

The next day was a day he spent with Zelda, the two were sitting in the Castle Ruins, an ancient castle that was said to have been a stronghold against many of the warlords from some time ago. "Luigi, what's it like?" she asked as the two sat in the west tower. "It's-a very painful. I could-a see everything. From the mountains in-a Mordor to the Central Plains our friends from Koei fight for." Luigi said, looking down at his hands. "I just-a can't believe that the hands that killed me would be my hands." He said. The sun soon began to set, Zelda looked at him and said "I'm just glad you're back." She said, kissing him.

Fin... Or is it?

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