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Summary: Steve finds out that Danny likes deep sea fishing and used to go yearly off Long Island, NY with his father. For Danny's birthday, Steve charters a local sport fishing boat off Kona which is attacked by drug traffickers. Whump and fun ensues!

NOTES: So okay, this Epilogue wrote itself. I had fancied maybe a Steve-Cano altercation, yadda yadda. I didn't mean to change the story status to 'complete' and then post this.

But truthfully, I more really wanted to bring back the whole fishing thing again.

So, again I hope you like it! And I hope it rounds out the story. My apologies to those who expected/wanted a Steve/Cano "meeting" or a Benji-resurfacing. If things go well, maybe that will happen in a sequel. Especially if Benji decides to try and up his ante by taking Hito's place in the hierarchy.

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EPILOGUE – A Birthday to Remember

Just three days later, Danny was now almost equally going stir-crazy in his new apartment. Puttering around alone, he alternated between arranging and then rearranging his framed pictures for the hundredth time, making Grace's spare room more than perfect, and inanely channel hopping on TV. Looking at the clock, it was only one in the afternoon and he had almost three additional hours to go before Rachel dropped Gracie over for the evening.

Swinging by earlier, Kono had kindly filled the fridge and dropped off five different kid-friendly DVD's. He was ready to go and happily anxious as the afternoon hours slowly ticked by.

And having been strongly reprimanded by his own doctor for a great many transgressions at his follow-up exam, Steve was dutifully at a morning physiotherapy session for the hematoma and deep tissue damage in this shoulder.

As it buzzed, Danny snagged his cell phone off the counter and saw that it was McGarrett. "Yes Steven." He said casually and with faint amusement.

"What are you doing?" Came the blunt question without preamble. With the noise on the line, Danny could tell that he was definitely driving and with all the windows down in the truck.

"Same as before, Steven. But I may move on to polishing my knife collection. Were you a good boy for the therapist?" he asked slyly in mock insult, as he wandered around the small living room. And he smiled to himself as he heard the mild indignation in Steve's voice.

"Physical therapist. Say it like it is, Danno."

Still pushing the envelope, Danny was starting to chuckle quietly at Steve's expense. "Always do, big guy."

"You're completely hysterical. Listen to me laugh." And Danny laughed out loud as he got dead air in his ear.

Five minutes later, Steve was at his front door brandishing a fairly large bag of food. "Lunch?" Walking to the counter, he started unpacking a wide selection of sandwiches, chips and salads. "I didn't know what you'd be in the mood for, so I got a little of everything."

Eyebrows raised at the growing pile that slowly littered the entire counter, Danny snorted. "So I see. Ummm. Thank you?" But leaning forward, Danny was actually hungry and fished through the pile to finally select a thick roast beef sandwich and a bag of chips.

Finishing the meal, Danny contentedly relaxed on his sofa and closed his eyes. "Good timing. Thanks." He felt ready for a quick nap in the quiet and comfortable apartment.

Nodding, Steve agreed as he swallowed and then pointed to Danny's baggy t-shirt and jeans. "Hmm. You've lost too much weight buddy. Gotta fix that."

Snorting, Danny didn't reply. He was simply content enough to lean back and do nothing. The ceiling fan was on overhead and the refrigerator hummed quietly in the kitchen. With Gracie spending the evening, he was blessedly happy as he nearly dozed.

Peaceful, he asked Steve an honest question. "So, when are we going out again, huh? Chin definitely wants to tag along and Kono may too. Of course both of our arms have to heal and I have to kick this cough."

But with his eyes closed, he didn't see Steve freeze in shock. His face grew cold and almost dark. Carefully, he quietly prompted Danny. "Go out? You don't mean what I think you do."

Still sitting calmly and with his eyes shut, Danny nodded and smiled. "We had a great time, didn't we? And while that sailfish was amazing, I still want to try for a marlin. I think Royce is officially retired though, so we have to find another charter." His chatter was friendly and soft, but Steve was stunned nonetheless.

Rising from where he sat, Steve was almost stammering. "But Danny. With everything that's happened …I never thought … " And he trailed off as Danny looked at him expectantly.

"Yes, I'd go again and I want to go again." Getting up from the sofa, Danny stood in front of Steve. "Hey. That was still hands-down the best day I've had here and the best birthday present a guy could ask for. I said that then, and I'm saying it now."

Perplexed, Steve ran his hands through his hair. Frankly, he hadn't even thought of fishing – their trip seemed like it happened years ago. In his mind, the terrible aftermath with the Yakuza and hijacking had eclipsed all else.

Quietly Danny hesitated. "You would go again, right? Because you know - both Chin and Kono would love to try it out. And then Chin said that Malia might tag along too."

"You already asked them?" Steve was still confused as he considered Danny's strength and perseverance.

"Sure did. I had a hell of a time and by the way, Kono found your camera on The Cleo. She had prints made up already. I have your set in an envelope."

And then Steve finally noticed the framed pictures on the end table. Assuming they were the ones from when Danny first moved in, he hadn't paid them any mind.

But looking now, he saw that all of them were of him and Danny on the Charter. Astonished, he looked at each and every one where they were captured forever – both wind-swept, tanned and beaming from ear to ear.

"Wow, Danny. These are great." He muttered quietly. Nodding slowly, a broad smile finally plastered his face. And it fully matched the one on Danny's own.

Steve laughed. "Yeah, yeah. Let's do it. I owe you that marlin."