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The Reflection

映像 (Eizō)


Naruto had spend most of the previous year sleeping and eating, too tired and distracted to pay attention to his surroundings, completely content to be able to snooze all day long without a care in the world. Sure, he had noticed that something wasn't quite right, like the presence of two women in his life that both his mind and heart acknowledged as his mommy, even though they were completely different people.

There were new people in his life too, like man who never smiled (daddy?) and a boy who was nice to him and made him giggle for some reason. He liked the big boy a lot, but he wasn't sure how he felt about the raven haired baby.

Many, many nights, Naruto woke up by the high-pitched sounds of a crying baby and it really made him upset because he ended up crying too. The baby slept right next to him, which was weird because he was a big boy and big boys don't sleep with babies! Not only that, but he ate next the baby too (both of them making a huge mess with their food) and they stayed together in the same baby park, surrounded by pillows and huge toys. Naruto knew that the baby shouldn't be so big, but he was! Actually, when mama put them next to each other, they seemed to be the same height.

By the time Naruto was able to stay awake enough time to notice things, he saw the baby move away from him when they were together and he even slapped him in the face when Naruto tried to touch his hair. Angry and in tears, he didn't hesitate to hit him right back and the two ended up crying their eyes out.

Now, there was another thing that didn't make sense… his voice was too high, just like the baby's, and he couldn't speak no matter how hard he tried. The only words that came out of his mouth were gibberish and, if he tried to speak normally, he usually felt so frustrated that it made him bawl until mommy came to cuddle him. Shortly after, Naruto realized he had no teeth, which really freaked him out.

Little by little, he started to put together the many things that didn't make sense. Not only he couldn't speak and had no teeth, but he also couldn't stand or go the bathroom. It took him months to realize that he had to wear plastic panties all the time, because he couldn't hold his pee or his poop like he used to. It was horrible to wake up with that mess under his bottom, because it was really smelly, cold and it itched. He had to cry very loud so his black haired mommy would come and clean him. The first few times, he had felt terribly embarrassed and his face would blush like a tomato before he burst into tears of shame. However, as time went by, he felt less and less self-conscious and more relieved every time it happened. Eventually, he stopped feeling embarrassed at all.

One day, after his butt was all red and hurting, he stayed awake and paid attention to mommy while she cleaned him with a wet cloth and sprinkled baby powder all over his bottom and crotch. Naruto's eyes had widened with realization the moment she lifted his legs and effortlessly taped a clean, blue diaper around his chubby, little hips.

He was a baby. He was a baby again! That was why he couldn't talk, walk or do the things he used to do before. But he didn't want to be a baby! He didn't! He didn't!

It was too much emotion for Naruto's baby mind to handle, so he frowned and started crying, his little fists reaching for his new mama. After minutes of rocking him back and forth, Naruto finally fell asleep; too exhausted to cry any longer.

Sometimes, he was so busy sleeping, eating and playing that he forgot that he wasn't supposed to be a baby, but when he did, he would stop on his tracks, look at his tiny hands and burst into tears of fear and confusion. Mommy had taken him to a lady dressed in white several times when he freaked out, but he always ended up going home.

"Izana…" his mommy whispered softly, holding him close to her chest with tears of alarm on her black eyes. "It's going to be okay. You're not going to be sick anymore, Izana."

Despite the fact the he couldn't understand what she was saying, Naruto found himself turn to his mother when she said Izana. Even unconsciously, he immediately responded to that word because he knew they meant him. He remembered that his name was Naruto but, as time went by, he started to relate both words to his identity.

He thought it was strange that no one called him Naruto anymore and he tried to ignore being called Izana to no avail. Soon, in his young mind, he instinctively responded to the word Izana as his name as well as the new environment where he lived now and his new family.

At the age of six months, the other baby successfully called his mama and papa and everyone acted like it was a big deal. The nice older boy had picked the raven baby up and his mommy and daddy were all over him while he stayed on his crib. He didn't like being ignored. He didn't like that the other baby got all the attention, so he started moaning and crying until someone looked at him. It took him a while to realize that he was jealous.

The nice older boy, whose face looked rather familiar for some reason, picked him up and took him outside. He rocked the baby until his cries became faint sobs and talked gently to him, while letting him hold his fingers and pull them into his toothless mouth.

"You know, Izana?" the boy said and the baby looked up at the mention of his name. "Kaa-san is always worried about you. She's afraid you'll get sick again, that's why she keeps checking on you and doesn't as much time with Sasuke. He misses her, so… try to be nice to him, alright? Sasuke just said his first words; he deserves to be praised by our parents."

Though the infant couldn't understand his older brother, there was a word that stuck in his brain, bringing a rush of thoughts and emotions from his past right back into his underdeveloped mind. He knew who Sasuke was.

Sasuke was a boy with dark hair, dark eyes and a brooding expression. Sasuke could be very mean, but he could also be nice. Sasuke was someone he had thought about for a long, long time. Sasuke was someone very special.

In the months that followed, he paid attention to the Sasuke word. He would turn around to the person who said it and watch him or her attentively. That's when he saw the raven baby being picked up when they said Sasuke or answer to his parents when they called that name. He noticed the black hair was growing spikier each day and the black eyes on his pouting face.

Shortly after they celebrated their first birthday, he crawled everywhere the raven baby went and tried to stay close to him even though he kept pushing him away and hit his head the nearest toy. When the raven fell asleep, he'd usually curl up against him and hold him tight, something his mother thought was endearing but made the raven baby slap and kick him when he woke up.

One day, after pushing him away as usual, the raven baby crawled as far away as he could from him and sat with his toys. They were in the leaving room, playing in the rug under mommy's watchful eye while she was cooking lunch. The raven clearly loved his older brother and his parents, but he clearly didn't like his twin. Maybe it was jealously or typical sibling rivalry, the point was that he didn't want the other baby around and liked to play either alone or with Itachi.

As he crawled in the raven's direction, the other baby turned to him.

"NO!" the raven cried out, slapping his hands on the ground. "No! No! No!"

He stopped and moaned sadly, but the raven kept repeating "No" until he finally gave up and sat on the rug. The raven's vocabulary was very good for a one year old, while he hadn't been able to say a single word so far.

"Baahh… Gah!" he gurgled, but the raven ignored him and continued playing with his toys, trying to bite off on one the plush dinosaur's eye. Suddenly, the raven's eyes widened and he started wheezing with panic, his face growing redder and redder.

The baby that had been Naruto knew something bad was going on, just like he knew the raven was hurting but he didn't know what he could do to help him. His own scream rose in throat and he started crying with all his might.

"Aaaawuu…eeeh… saaahwuueeh… sawukeh! Sawuke! Sasuke! Sasuke! Sasuke!"

Mikoto dropped the plate she was holding and ran to her children. She immediately picked up Sasuke and hit his back until he finally coughed the dinosaur's eye. She held him as he cried and made sure he was alright before staring at the other baby who was pulling her skirt, barely standing up.

Izana's first word had been Sasuke's name.

Later at night, when Mikoto tucked Sasuke in his crib, Izana stretched his arms in his direction and called his name again. Thus, she picked up her youngest boy and put him in Sasuke's crib, hoping the latter wouldn't push him away like usual. Instead, Sasuke stared at his twin and didn't move when he curled up against him. When Mikoto returned to wake them up in the morning, she saw her boys hugging each other.

Sasuke still didn't like to play with his twin during the day, but he couldn't sleep if Izana wasn't in his crib. Even if his brother was already sleeping, Sasuke would wriggle and fuss until his mother or Itachi came, then he would stretch his arms in the air and call for "Zana". If Itachi didn't know any better, he would say Sasuke was playing tough by not letting his brother know that he needed him.

As for Naruto, or Izana, he kept following Sasuke wherever he went. He didn't have his whole memories yet, but he knew that Sasuke was very important to him and the thought of him leaving gave him shivers. Sasuke still didn't like having him around but he stopped pushing him when he got closer and allowed him to play next to him as long as he didn't take one of his toys.

Since their behavior had improved, mommy started bathing them at the same time with Itachi's help. One day, when she finished dressing Sasuke and him handed over to Itachi, Mikoto took her youngest son to another room so she could dress him with the new baby clothes she had bought. Unlike Sasuke, he hated being still and crawled away from the futon as soon as he could.

"Izana! Come here" Mikoto called, which made the baby laugh as he crawled naked towards the chiffonier and the full length mirror. He stopped when he saw Sasuke staring back at him with a huge smile on his face.

Happy, he crawled on Sasuke's direction so they could play together but when he reached him, his head bumped into something hard and cold.

"Oh, honey!" Mikoto said, rushing towards the whimpering baby. "There…There… it's alright. It's just a bump. Look! Look at the mirror, Izana. Look at you!"

The baby boy followed her pointed arm and looked at the mirror. He frowned as he saw Sasuke in mommy's arms, because he was in mommy's arms and he couldn't see Sasuke anywhere. When she leaned forward, he reached in Sasuke's direction and saw him do the same. However, instead of touching him, his hand crushed into a cold wall.

He saw mommy waving in the cold wall and stroking Sasuke's spiky black hair, but he also felt her warm hand stroking his own hair at the same time. When he touched the cold surface and saw his own breathing fog up the other raven's confused face, his eyes widened in pure shock as he remembered what he was looking at.

A mirror. He was staring at a mirror. A mirror reflected things. A mirror reflected his face. This wasn't his face.

He remembered his face. He knew he had three whisker marks on both cheeks, his eyes were blue like the sky and his hair was yellow like the sun. Now his hair and eyes were black, just like Sasuke's.

He looked just like Sasuke. He wasn't himself anymore. He wasn't Naruto.

Trembling, Izana moved away from the mirror and screamed.


Chiyo had returned home after a long, hard day of fishing with her brother. It was still hilarious how he believed that she was dead every single time! Tricking him always made her day.

It had been a while since she had woken up and realized that she was alive again. At first, she had felt crossed and thought it had been another Edo Tensei. Couldn't they let an old woman rest in peace? However, after a heated fight with Ebizō, in which she thought she was either being tricked in a genjutsu, hallucinating or finally gone senile, Chiyo realized that she was somehow alive again and in the past.

Obviously, she wanted to rectify the many mistakes she had done in the past, the first one being the sealing of the One-Tailed Shukaku on unborn Gaara. Unfortunately, none of her arguments stopped the Fourth Kazekage from repeating the sealing, turning his son into a Jinchuuriki and being unable to save his wife.

Since there wasn't much she could do, the old lady decided to watch over her village and somehow use her knowledge of the future to her advantage, but nothing relevant happened for a long, long time until she was awoken by a faint noise in her house.

Despite her old age, Chiyo was as alert as any young Jōnin, and she leaped out of bed silently and armed. She wondered who would dare breaking into her house and felt sorry for his imminent death as she opened the door.

Her heart skipped a beat.

The intruder had lit a candle in her basement and was staring at two of her puppets, Mother and Father. As soon as he felt her presence, he pulled his hood and his red hair shone with the candle's dim light.

"What are you doing here?" Chiyo asked, ready to attack at any moment regardless of her shock.

"I don't know" Sasori answered, still with his back to her.

"You're a missing-nin. The last place you should be is in the village you betrayed."

Sasori turned around and looked at his grandmother with his inexpressive eyes. "I don't have anywhere else to go."

"What about your Akatsuki comrades?" Chiyo asked with an angry frown.

"Things… changed" Sasori said. "I thought I could achieve my dream of immortality through their means, but I understand now that wasn't answer I was searching for."

Still suspicious, Chiyo didn't drop her kunai. "What is your answer then?"

Slowly, Sasori looked at the puppets he made of his parents. "I already had it, but I didn't know it. It's embarrassing that a boy fifteen years younger than me was able to figure it out."

Chiyo sighed and lowered her weapons. "You better make sure I don't regret this. If you try something, I'll kill you."

"Understood, Chiyo-Baa."

I honestly hope the narration wasn't too complicated. Naruto is still Naruto in the inside, but he's growing up as Izana as well. He will have to deal with the fact that it's still him but inside another body and name, which is hard since Naruto deeply values his name and his former identity.

PS: Izana and Sasuke are one year old and they're starting to walk, but they still crawl a lot.