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Daryl was sitting on the porch steps, holding Lillian while he stared into her face. He had his hands under her arms. He was using the thumb of his left hand to hold her head up. At six weeks old, she could hold it up for a few minutes at a time but he didn't want it to fall to the side. She was staring back at him. Little by little, over the past few weeks since her birth, she had been maintaining eye contact longer and longer. He loved it when she stared at him.

" What are you starin at, Baby?" Daryl asked her as he squinted at her.

Lillian drew in a shaky breath and brought her right hand to his hand. She was opening and closing it against him. Her eyes were becoming a lighter, brighter blue every week. They were matching his eyes. Her personality was starting to show too. She didn't get upset often but when she did, her temper could match Daryl's. When she decided she was hungry, she wanted to eat right away and would let them know it. When she needed her diaper changed, there was no doubt what she wanted and at bath time, she would get so upset, her body would turn red from her crying. She would clutch her little fists while squeezing her eyes shut. The only thing that calmed her down while Layla or Carol washed her, was Daryl stroking her head and talking to her.

" She's really starting to change in her looks." Carol said as she walked outside. Daryl glanced at her then back at Lillian. Lillian's eyes drifted over to the woman when she sat down beside Daryl, on his left. Carol smiled at her. " Hi, Lillie." Most the group called her Lillie. Daryl called her baby or Lillian when he wanted her attention.

" She looks like Layla." Daryl muttered. At his voice, Lillian's eyes went back to his face.

" She stares at you a lot." Carol said, sweeping her hand over the baby's hat covered head.

" Think she knows who I am?" Daryl heard himself asking.

He wanted her to knowledge him as her daddy but he didn't want anyone else to know how much it meant to him. He wanted her to look for and at him. He wanted her attention at all times. He wanted to feel important to her, like he was the only thing in her world, besides Layla. He held her as much as he could, wanting to commit his face to her memory more and more.

" Oh I think she does." Carol said. " Yes, you do, huh?" Carol's voice went high and soft as she talked. " You know your daddy, don't you?"

Lillian sighed but didn't look from Daryl's face. He bend his knees and let her come to rest against his lap, her back against his legs. He moved her legs so they were against his stomach. Slowly she started to draw her legs up though. He helped guide her head back to be against his legs. He was gentle and slow when it came to handling her. She grunted as her hands came to rest on her legs.

" What I tell you bout that gruntin?" Daryl scolded. Lillian offered him up a small, brief smile, making him grin and Carol laugh. She was starting to smile more and more. Behind him the door to the house opened then closed. Lillian looked past his head and her legs shot out, telling him who was standing behind him.

" Hey there, Lillian." Layla said as she knelt down behind Daryl. She reached across him and touched the baby's cheek at the same time she brought her mouth to his right ear. " I'm completely healed up. She's six weeks old today so everything is fine." She whispered. Daryl's eyes shifted to Carol but the woman was smiling at the baby. " And I'm tired of begging you for sex so you are giving it up tonight." He looked at her. Layla smiled and kissed his cheek before she looked at their baby. " Who's got you, Bug?"

Daryl shook his head and looked back at their daughter. Layla had been trying for two weeks to get him on top of her but he had been worried about hurting her. It seemed like their entire relationship he had spent worrying about hurting her during sex. He couldn't say he didn't want her, but the birth had been tough and she had been in some pain afterwards for a while so he didn't want to cause her more.

" Think you want your diaper changed?" Layla asked as she stroked the baby's cheek.

" I'll do it." Carol said.

" Are you sure?" Layla asked, pulling her arm back. She placed her hands on Daryl's shoulders.

" Yeah, she's going to want to eat soon and Daryl's going to head out into the woods. You two should spend sometime together beforehand." The woman said. Lillian had done wonders for Carol, everyone had noticed.

Carol reached out and Daryl let her take the baby from him. She was chatting quietly to Lillian as she disappeared into the house. Daryl had a second to think before Layla planted herself directly on his lap. She smiled and hooked her arms around his neck. His hands came to rest against the outside of her knees. She squeezed her legs against his sides and moved so she was completely against his chest. Daryl's hands started to slid up her legs until they reached her ass. She pressed her lips against the right side of his neck.

" Ain't like I ain't been givin you nothin." He said, dropping his voice as his eyes shut.

" Oh you have been giving me something, that's for sure." Layla's breath went across his skin. " And why I love our heavy petting and mouth play, I'm more then ready to have you inside me." She moved to the left side of his neck and licked a line up to his ear lode before she nipped it. He grunted and shifted his hips, making her laugh softly. " You're ready to be inside me too, don't try and deny it, Daryl. I can feel that you are."

" Ain't denyin shit." He grunted. She started to work her hips slowly so she was rubbing against his erection. " Stop it." Layla brought her face to his.

" No." She started to trace the outline of his lips with her tongue. " Feels good, doesn't it?" Daryl's hands tighten against her ass. " Remember how good it is between us? We haven't had sex since a week before Lillie was born, we need it."

" Keep it up and I ain't gonna be able to wait til night." He said.

" Hey, Daryl...stop it!" They heard Glenn said. Layla started to laugh but stopped grinding against him. She smiled behind Daryl at Glenn from where he stood behind the screen door. It was Daryl's turn to bring his mouth to her neck.

" What do you want, kid?" He asked before he sucked her pulse point into his mouth.

" I guess I'm going out with you and Rick today and I'm not a kid. I'm 24. I'm only seven years younger than Layla." Glenn whined. Daryl pulled away from Layla but turned them so he could look at Glenn.

" You comin huntin?" He asked. Glenn nodded. " You gonna have to gut shit than." Layla snuggled into Daryl as Glenn's face paled.

" Yeah, I know." He said.

" I can't gonna do it for you." Daryl said. " And neither is Rick."

" I got it." Glenn said.

" Well alright. You best get out of here now. Leave me be to spend time with my woman 'fore we head out." Daryl said, turning them back around so Glenn was at his back. He brought his mouth back to Layla's neck. Glenn made a face but walked away.

" So tonight, I'll give the Bug a bath because you know how tired that makes her, feed her then put her to bed early. We will have two hours before she wakes up to eat again." Layla said.

" You gonna let her sleep in that crib Hershel gave us?" Daryl asked. Sitting across their room was a small basinet that Hershel and his wife had used for their babies. Sometimes the baby slept in that, sometimes in the bed with Daryl and Layla.

" Yeah, if you're going to give it up to me than yeah." Layla said as she rested her head against the side of his as he kissed her neck.

" Ain't I supposed to be beggin you for sex?" Daryl muttered against her skin.

" I have no idea because I have spent our entire relationship begging you." She said.

" You ain't yet but I aim to make you beg for me." He said before he bit down into her. Layla gasped loudly and tighten her hold on his neck. He opened his mouth and trailed his lips up her neck, her chin, and to her mouth. " You know I'm gonna take care of you, right? You know I'm gonna protect you." Layla smiled against his lips.

" I love you too." She whispered.

Daryl squeezed her, making her grin. His left hand moved up her body and went right into her hair. He forced her head to tilt to the side then plunged his tongue deep into her mouth. Layla moaned and started to grind against him again. He grunted then groaned while they twisted around each other. He loved her, she knew he did. He had said the three words a few times to her when he thought she was sleeping. He had come into her back, pushed the hair over her shoulder, kissed the back of her neck and whispered it. There had even been some times during the heat of the moment right before he came all over her hand or in her mouth that he muttered it with his eyes shut tight.

" I can't wait until tonight." She whispered. Her voice was breathless. He swept her bottom lip into his mouth and sucked it a second before he bit it.

" You tell me if it hurts. Starts to hurt we stop." He said.

" And if you're close to cumming you think you are going to be able to stop?" Layla asked. Daryl pulled away and frowned at her.

" You got a dirty mouth for a girl." He snapped. She smiled then started to laugh before she hugged him tightly.

" I guess you better teach me how to use it right than." Daryl's arms were around her and he squeezed her until it hurt. She cried out then started laughing. She yanked on the hair at the back of his neck.

" That fucking hurt, Dick." She said. When she pulled away he was smiling.


" How long are we going to watch them and wait?" Whined the man hiding with Merle. They were watching the house with binoculars.

" As long as it takes for us to snatch up the woman and the baby." Merle muttered.

" We have been watching them for almost two months now."

" And we'll watch for two more months if that's what it takes now stop bitchin like a woman!" Merle snapped hard.