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3 years later:

" Pease, Daddy!"

" No."

" Pease!"

" No."

" Daddy!" Lillian stomped her little leg as she frowned up at Daryl. Her hands were in fists and resting against her hip. Daryl was staring down at her with squinted eyes. He was trying not to smile and laugh at her as she glared at him with his own expression.

" Daddy said no." He said calmly.

Although Lillian had a temper that matched Daryl's own anger, whenever he dealt with her he was calm. He always spoke softly to her. If she was crying or trying to yell, Daryl would only have to raise his voice once to bark her name and she would quiet down right away. She would look up at him with big tears in her eyes while he put his fingers to his lips. Sometimes her chin would quiver but she wouldn't yell anymore. Daryl would pick her up and ask her to tell him what was wrong.

Daryl could see her temper starting to raise and his own annoyance starting as well but in a surprise more, Lillian's expression changed. She tilted her head, her eyes soften and a very Layla expression came over her that melted him down right away. She wrapped her arms around his left leg as she stared up at him with her chin resting against him.

" Daddy, pease. I just love it." She said quietly. Daryl groaned and shook his head but both knew he was going to cave to her. She sat down on his foot and wrapped her legs around him, crossing her ankles together. She nestled her cheek against him. " Daddy." He brought his right hand to his eyes and started to rub them.

" Go and get your Uncle Rick." He said. She squealed and jumped up, clapping her hands together.

" Yeah, Daddy!" She said as she raced up the porch steps.

" And it's Please, not Pease!" He called out.

" Where are you going, Bug?" Daryl heard Layla ask.

" Daddy and Uncle Rick are gonna race again!" Lillian called out as she ran back into the farmhouse. Daryl dropped his hand and turned as Layla smiled and started towards him. Their one year old boy was in her arms.

" She got you again." Layla said. " You need to be stronger with her. She just runs you right over."

" Yeah, her and her mama seem to have same power over me." Daryl muttered as he reached out to take his boy.

" I don't run you over." Layla commented.

" You own me and you know it." Daryl said. He held the boy up in the air and over his head. Sean started to chew his fingers as he grinned. One of Layla's hands came to Daryl's lower back.

" We have to be careful for the next week. I'm ovulating, I can feel it." She said. Daryl brought the baby down to his mouth and blew raspberries into his neck, making the baby laugh.

" Mama don't want another one of you." Daryl said.

" No, I don't. I love them but labor hurts like a bitch." She said. Daryl settled the baby on his hip and looked down at Layla.

" You handle labor like a man would. You don't whine like a bitch or cry much. You just plowed through and did what you had to, to bring out these babies. Both labors made me proud of you." He said.

Layla couldn't stop the big smile she gave him. Daryl had been more helpful through Sean's labor. He coached her, rubbed her back and helped hold her legs. He didn't have the fear he had with Lillian's birth. He still understood that death could happen to both his woman and his baby but he pushed past that fear to be there for Layla. He ordered her to push. He snapped at her to not give up and she delivered their son in the middle of the day after only six hours of labor. Sean Dale Dixon joined their little family as a healthy, screaming baby.

" Uncle Rick's comin!" Lillian yelled as she ran out of the house. The parents turned and looked up the porch stairs. Lillian stopped running and threw her hands on her hips. " Daddy, you ain't got to hold him so much. You can't run with him." Like any sibling, Lillian was not fond of her brother. She didn't like it when Daryl held the baby or paid him any more attention.

" Don't say ain't. Daddy don't like that." Daryl said with a frown. " You talk like your mama, not me. And hold the railin when you come down the stairs." Lillian took a hold of the railing as Rick and Lori came outside. Lillian took the steps one at a time.

" You want to tell me why we started racing for her in the first place?" Rick asked.

" Cause it's fun, Uncle Rick!" Lillian called out. The hunter and the ex-cop shook their heads at each other.

" You know what's going to happen, Lillie. I'm going to win." Rick said as he followed after her.

" No, Daddy will win!" Lillian called out.

Layla took Sean back then started back towards the house, passing Lillian and Rick as she walked. Lillian's long, dark hair was pulled up into braided pigtails and were flying behind her as she ran to Daryl. He smiled and swept her up when she reached him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her head into his neck.

" You think Daddy can do anything, don't you?" Daryl asked her. Lillian pulled away and smiled at him.

" You can do anything, Daddy." She said. " Cause you're so strong." He grinned which made her smile widen. She pressed her lips to his cheek hard. " I love you, Daddy." She said. He squeezed her.

" I love you, too." He whispered to her.

" Let's get this race done and over with." Rick said, coming to their sides. He pointed to his cheek. "You got a good luck kiss for your Uncle?" Lillian smiled and reached out to him. Rick took the little girl and hugged her as she kissed him. He slipped her back down to the ground then looked at Daryl.

" You ready for this, Cop?" Daryl asked.

" As ready as I was yesterday when we did this." Rick said. " Maybe this time you could let me win though."

" No way. I can't look bad in front of my kid." Lori, Layla and Lillian sat down on the steps. Lillian was clapping her hands which was making the baby clap his.

" Ready, Daddy?" She called out.

" Da!" Sean yelled.

" We're ready." Daryl said as he and Rick took their running stance.

" Set!" Lillian called. " Go!" She yelled.

Daryl and Rick took off running. The girls started cheering and clapping. Lillian came off the steps and was jumping up and down as she yelled out for Daryl. Sean was clapping and yelling even though he had no idea what was going on. The men ran down to the pre-mark line. Daryl hit it first. He whipped around and started racing back towards the house. Lillian was clapping and cheering more then ever. Rick was hot on Daryl's heels but the hunter reached the little girl first. He swept Lillian up into the air.

" You won!" She squealed. Rick was smiling as he came to a stop. He bent over and placed his hands on his knees as he struggled to caught his breath.

" I'm getting to old for this shit." Rick said. Lillian hugged Daryl who was all grins.

" You're so fast, Daddy!" She explained.


Lillian rubbed her eyes and yawned as Daryl pulled the blankets up to her chin. Maggie and Glenn had moved into the other farmhouse with the other group members so Lillian had her old room on the second level of the house. It had taken Daryl a long time to agree to let her have her own room. He hadn't been comfortable with her being so far away from him at first.

" Daddy. I want a story." She said.

" You always want a story." He said.

Layla was standing outside the door, listening as Daryl retold Lillian's favorite story, Red Riding Hood. Her favorite part had always been when the hunter bust into the grandma's house and saved the little girl from the wolf but she hardly ever made it through the entire story. That tonight was no different. Daryl would either sit beside the bed or lay in it with one hand behind his head and his other one around Lillian while she curled up against him. As Daryl's voice trailed off, Layla knew their little girl was sleeping.

" She sleeping, Daddy?" Layla asked when Daryl walked out.

" Out like a light. The boy?" He asked.

" Out too." He put his hands on her hips and pushed her across the hallway. He kissed her hard and fast. It only took a minute before he started to grind against her.

" Remember what I said about being careful." She whispered against his mouth.

" There's lot of shit we can do that won't get you pregnant." Daryl muttered.

" Oh yeah? Care to show me?" Layla asked with her arms around his neck.

" All night long, Woman. You be quiet this time. Last time you woke the boy up and I almost got blue balls waitin for him to fall back to sleep." He said before he threw her over his shoulder and started down to their room.