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Monday morning comes and it is just another day at work. I get to work a few minutes before nine and grab Jack his morning coffee as soon as I arrive so I don't have to go in his office twice and have an awkward creepy talk with him. After I say good morning I then head off into my little office next to Jacks' to begin my work for the day. As i am reading one of the manuscripts I hear my email ping I check it as soon as I can since it could be Jack or something else work related. But no it was not anything to do with work. It was Christian Grey. Christian wrote me an email. Oh my god before I click it I wonder do I really want to know? With a shaky hand and my altered breathing I go and click on his message.

Dear Ms. Steele.

I hope your new job is going well. I remember you telling me that your friend Jose had an art show is on wednesday I was wondering if you needed a ride. I was unsure if you have been able to buy a car yet.. so I would like to offer you a ride? Let me know

Christian Grey

Oh My God was all I could think .. Shit i forgot about Jose's show he told me about it a few months back and I had asked Christian to come with me and of course he remembered. How is he so perfect without actually being perfect! .. ugh but he is right I haven't had my chance to get a car yet since I am been too busy wallowing in my sorrows oh and kissing Ethan my subconscious says with a smile and some pride .. although he will never have to know about that. I roll my eyes just thinking what he would do if he ever found that out.

Do I want to see him? Of course you want to see him my subconscious yells at me. She is always right and I do. I do want to see him. Bad

Dear Mr. Grey

Work is going well thank you I never got to thank you for the flowers you sent a few weeks ago.. so Thank you... and yes I would love a ride thank you very much for the offer.

Anastasia Steele

Within an instant I receive his reply

Miss Steele

Your welcome Miss Steele .. they were very well deserved I'm sure.

Good. I will pick you up at your work around 5pm since the show is around 8 and it is a long drive . See you Wednesday.

Christian Grey

Oh my formal little Christian I think while shaking my head with a smirk on my face.

Dear Mr. Grey

I will see you wednesday . Thank you again.

Anastasia Steele

Wow I am really going to see Christian tomorrow .. I don't know how to feel what if he is just dropping me off he mentioned he would give me a ride but never did he mention if he was coming himself. I should think he was though and I want him to.I need to see him. Either way I will look my absolute best on Wednesday just incase he does happen to come with me.

I get out of work around 530 with this huge grin on my face .. probably the most genuine smile i have smiled in a long while it seems. Without even seeing him he puts a huge smile on my face and gives my stomach butterflies.

I get home and Ethan is there just reading one of his books about Psychology.. he is going into a psychology program soon so he is trying to study and learn as much as possible.

"Hey Ethan how are you?" i ask much brighter than usual

"Hey I'm good just brushing up on some Developmental Psychology today." he answers without hesitation or looking up from his book.

"Sounds fun I was going to make some dinner did you have anything in mind?" I say with a little laugh

"Yea not so much .. kind of depressing and no thank you I just had some pizza on my way back here."

hmm thats strange he is acting kind of cold towards me not mean just very distant and so unlike Ethan. I don't think I did anything wrong or at least I hope i didn't. Ethan has always been a good friend I would hate to ruin that.

"Is everything okay?" I want to know hopefully he doesn't hate me . I was in such a good mood five minutes ago .. and now i just feel so bad thinking that he is acting cold towards me for something that I have done.

"Yea I am just really into this book.. sorry if I made you thought otherwise.. but I think I am just going to go into Kate's room and finish up if you don't mind." he tries to sound all calm cool and collected with a fake smile plastered on his face but I can see it in his eyes that that is just not the way he feels. but I let it go for now considering he has already walked away and I won't go bombarding him with questions when he is clearly trying to read.

After I eat my dinner all by myself I decide to just go and rest on the couch and get curled up with my blanket and read one of my new books that I have picked up.

I hear Ethan's door knob slowly turn and open slightly but I it stops there then shuts it suddenly than the same thing repeats until finally Ethan steps out of the room looking very confused and just stares at me for the longest time. I get this feeling that he definitely was not okay when I asked if he was so I took the initiative to talk first since it did not seem like he was ready to speak up at any time soon.

"Ethan what's wrong.. obviously it is not nothing like you said it was. You look really upset just tell me .. " i say in the softest voice I could possible manage to screech out.

He just looks at me for a few moments before he finally speaks up.

"Your right Ana it's not nothing.. it's definitely something.. it's um yo- you."

"What do you mean?" I ask

"I am so sorry Ana i can't just forget that kiss never happened. I can't and I won't." Again I'm shocked I totally thought that everything was okay in that department between us. I am just standing there probably looking like a fool.

"I am so sorry Ethan." i say while I bite my lip .. it's sort of a nervous habit and a sexual habit ...

"Don't be sorry Ana." And their it was he came at me lips push forward eyes sealed shut and he kissed me ... again .. I don't know why but I completely get lost in him no thinking about anything or anyone else. At that moment it was just me and him. It was all mouth to mouth . Tongue to Tongue and hands moving abruptly everywhere.

He pulled off my shirt and I thankfully had on my new white lace push up bra. He cupped and kissed each breast with care and want. My breathe was starting to hitch and accelerate as did his. He then pulled off his own shirt and with curiosity reached out to touch his bare chest and he did not say anything which was nice for a change to be able to touch all over him without being reprimanded I touched his back. his arms. everywhere. I than decided to grip his growing erection from out of his jeans. I unzipped as fast as I could as saw that he was indeed a big boy. He started groaning "Damn Ana" when I gripped my hand around him. He then proceeded to get off my jeans as quickly as he could .. tearing them off like he was a animal he started to touch me and I started moaning.. this is the feeling I knew well and it felt so good .. regardless who was doing it. He slipped a finger in and smiled when he was I was ready for him he than slipped in two fingers and kissed me even more fiercely. We were just about ready to get to the nitty gritty when it came to me. This did not feel right. It didn't feel wrong but it didn't feel right. Tears started to leak from my eyes and I pushed Ethan off gently. He backed off quickly and gently in return.

"Ana? What's wrong?" he noticed me crying and has now pulled me into a hug.

"I am so sorry Ethan i just can't do this. I am still in love with Christian and I can't do this .. I like you a lot as a friend and when I am with you sometimes more but i can't pretend I don't love Christian he may not be the perfect person to anyone else but he is to me with all of his flaws. I wish sometimes i wish it could be you that I loved" I say with a bigger sob when I said those lost words. "But i just can't do this. I am so sorry" I say with a tearful whisper.

"Ana it's okay really. I wish it was me too but it's not.. and it is obvious your heart lies with Christian and i will do nothing to stop that I do hope things work out for you guys and he better treat you right."

He sounds hurt but very genuine . This is the guy I know such an amazing person and it is better this way we make great friends but he's right my heart lies with Christian and it probably will forever.

"Hey Ana I'll just stay by Paul's for the next few days to give you your time. If you need ANYTHING just call me. I'll be here for you. I may not have you as the woman who stole my heart but i still have you as one of my friends right?"

"Of course always and also you don't have to stay there .. it is no problem."

"I think it is best if I stay there to give us some time to cool off and go back to the way things were. But seriously call me if you need anything. okay?" I nod and he gives me a kiss on the cheek grabs a bag probably filled with some clothes and is on his way.

Wow i can't believe that all just happened. What am I going to do ? Should I even tell Kate. What will Christian do if he finds out. Oh god I think I'll be dead oh and Ethan and Kate and probably their parents for even bringing him into this world. Well he'll never have to know .. ever. I do admit I miss Christian so much just thinking about him makes my heart beat quicker than ever before. i miss his smell .. his laugh .. the way he makes my belly do all sorts of flops or the way he bites my lip. Just then I am interrupted by a knock at the door. I pat down my hair to attempt to fix my "almost fucked" hair and go to answer the door.

"Who is it?" I call out before I answer it

"It's Christian." I hear him say back...

Oh my God its Christian. He's here at my house .. This is so unlike him to just show up here un-annouced .. well I guess not if he could show up to Georgia he could show up to my house a few miles away. I unlock the door and their he is looking as delicious as ever in an all grey well tailored suit his glowing grey eyes and of course his gorgeous floppy copper hair and he's holding a bouquet of rose's in his hand. Oh my beautiful fifty .