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Paranormal Minds

"Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends."

John 15:13

Chapter 1


Two high school cheerleaders were walking home from a home game. The first girl, Paulina Sanchez, was a Latina girl who just started her sophomore year in high school. She had teal eyes and a pink hair clip in her long black hair. Paulina was the most popular girl at Casper High School in Amity Park, Pennsylvania. Her best friend, Star Lightman, had turquoise eyes with an orange flower hair clip in her blonde hair. Both girls were talking and giggling about the football game.

"Did you see the way the team trampled the mascot again?" asked Paulina.

"That never gets old," Star giggled. "Did that Fenton loser fill in for the mascot again?"

"Yeah, he did," Paulina confirmed. "I don't know why he thinks we'd talk to him. No one talks to the mascot."

"Didn't his sister talk him into filling in again?" asked Star.

"That's what I heard."

"When will he give up trying to ask you out?"

"Probably when he starts dating that loser Goth girl," Paulina guessed. Both girls laughed.

"Excuse me, my dears," a man interrupted. Both girls turned and saw a pale young man who appeared to be in his late teens or early twenties. The way he was dressed made him look like a peasant from the Middle Ages.

Paulina grimaced. "Ew! The Renaissance Faire was three months ago."

"Can we help you?" Star asked irritably.

"I only wish for a moment of your time," said the stranger.

Paulina sniffed. "Sorry, but we don't speak to losers who dress up like that."

"Let's get out of here," Star told Paulina. "He's kind of freaking me out."

The stranger's eyes narrowed at the girls. "You girls obviously know no respect for others. That's why you'll come with me."

Paulina and Star began to freak out.

"Get away from us, freak," Star said in alarm. The stranger grabbed Star by the wrist. She screamed in fright. "Let me go or I'll scream! I swear I will!"

"You heard her," said Paulina. "Let her go or the Ghost Boy will make you let her go!"

The stranger's eyes flashed red. "So you're both acquainted with the Peasant Ghost Boy who stole my bride?" He slapped a bracelet on Star's wrist. The green gem on the bracelet morphed into a shape of a skull. The bracelet lit up. The stranger then advanced toward Paulina. "You're next."

Paulina screamed and ran. Light flashed behind her and when Paulina turned both Star and the stranger were gone.

"No! Star? Star!" Paulina screamed.

"What's going on?" a voice asked.

Paulina turned and a boy her age flew down in front of her. He was known as Danny Phantom but Paulina always knew him as the Ghost Boy. Phantom wore a black jumpsuit with white gloves, boots, belt, collar, and a DP insignia on his chest. His messy white hair and neon green eyes made him stick out in the night.

Paulina burst into tears. "Ghost Boy! Some loser freak took Star!"

"So that's what I sensed earlier," Phantom muttered. "That must have been a ghost that took her."

"What should I do?" sobbed Paulina.

"Uh, maybe you should go home," Phantom suggested. "I'll find your friend."

Paulina sniffed. "Thank you, Ghost Boy. Can you fly me home?"


Phantom picked her up and flew her to her house and left her on her front door step. As soon as Paulina was inside, Phantom pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number.

"Hey Danny. How's patrol going?" asked a female voice.

"Hey Sam," Phantom said. "Things were going great until Star was abducted."

"Another abduction?" asked the voice called Sam. "That's the third one this month. First Valerie, then that Ashley girl from the beauty pageant, now Star. Why didn't this guy take Paulina instead? School would be so much better without her."

"Not helping," said Phantom. "How did this guy abduct Valerie who is armed to the bone with weapons?"

"Your guess is as good as mine," said Sam. "Get a good look at the guy?"

"Only that he's a ghost. He vanished before I got a chance to get a good look," said Phantom. "We better catch this ghost before this gets big."

Unfortunately, it did get big. A couple hundred miles away from the city of Amity Park was FBI headquarters in Quantico, Virginia. In the Behavioral Analysis Unit, a team of FBI agents gathered in a meeting room to be briefed on their latest case.

Special Agent David Rossi entered the meeting room and sat down. Special Agents Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan were discussing horror movies while Special Agents Jennifer Jareau and Emily Prentiss were trying desperately to tone them out.

"…and I'm saying that 'The Grudge' is way scarier than 'The Ring," Morgan argued. "A bloody, croaking woman who can climb down a flight of stairs with a kid that meows totally tops an insomniac girl that can climb out of a TV."

"I disagree," said Reid. "Seeing someone literally climb out of someone's TV is completely original in my opinion."

"I've seen it done on TV shows more than once," Morgan retorted.

"Cartoons, yes. But not in movies like this," Reid replied. Morgan, not knowing how to respond to that, shut up.

"JJ, what's the score for them?" asked Emily.

"It's now a tie," said JJ. Rossi chuckled.

Special Agent Aaron Hotchner (also known as "Hotch" by his coworkers) entered a room holding a folder in his hands. "We're needed in Amity Park, Pennsylvania," he started. "Three high school girls have been abducted this month. The local PD is begging for our help."

The name of the city caught Reid's attention. "Amity Park? The most haunted city in America?" he asked.

"That's the town's reputation. Believed to be haunted by actual ghosts, believe it or not," Hotch said skeptically.

Rossi looked at Reid. "What do you know about Amity Park? The town has the lowest rate of tourism in the country."

"Actually, the town has gotten a little bit of attention lately," Reid argued. "These so-called ghosts are hunted by a teenage vigilante. He has the appearance of a white-haired teenager wearing a black jumpsuit. He seems to be the only one competent enough to actually catch these creatures. Personally, I think the locals just call the criminals there ghosts to make them sound less intimidating."

Morgan gave Reid a look. "And you know this how?"

"Garcia has been trying to keep me in touch with this century's modern culture," Reid explained.

"So why hasn't this vigilante been stopping these abductions?" asked JJ.

"These abductions occur at night, usually after an event like a high school football game or school play," Hotch explained. "This vigilante has been seen at every abduction site so either it's bad timing or there's more to him than meets the eye."

"Think the vigilante is behind the abductions?" asked Prentiss.

"That's what we have to find out," said Hotch.

"What about the girls?" asked Prentiss. "Are there any connections with these girls?"

A picture of a dark-skinned girl with wavy black hair appeared on the TV monitor on the wall. "Our first girl, Valerie Gray, 15, was abducted while coming home from the supermarket. Mother is out of the picture. Father was once head of R&D at Axiom Labs but was demoted to a lowly security guard after a teenager and his dog destroyed the lab," Hotch explained.

"Our second girl, Ashley Turner, 16. Not much on this girl only that she participated in the high school beauty contest.

"Our most recent girl, Star Lightman, 15, was abducted last night after a football game. Only one witness, Paulina Sanchez, also 15."

"And our vigilante was seen at all abduction sites?" asked Rossi.

"Yes. Police think the vigilante is behind the abductions but the general public feels differently," said Hotch.

"What did the witness say?" asked Morgan.

"She and Star were walking home from the game when they were stopped by a young man. He appeared to be in his late teens, early 20s. He was dressed like he was from the Middle Ages," said Hotch.

"Sounds like the unsub is role-playing," Reid assumed. "We could be dealing with someone with schizophrenia or borderline personality disorder."

"Any bodies yet?" asked Morgan.

"None so far," said Hotch. "That's why we're needed there to make sure that doesn't happen and to prevent another abduction."

"Road trip," said Prentiss.

"Should I bring the Lord of the Rings trilogy on tape to listen to on the way there?" asked Reid as the group filed out of the room.

"After hearing that stupid debate between you and Morgan, I'll listen to anything," JJ answered.

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